The End? achievement in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

The End?

Enter an End Portal.

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How to unlock the The End? achievement

  • Muscat95Muscat95891,024
    06 Sep 2014 06 Sep 2014
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    In order for you to enter an End Portal you need to find it located in a Stronghold within your world you will need a maximum of 12 Eyes of Ender to open the portal but all of them may not be required. To create an Eye of Ender it is an Ender Pearl (Dropped by Endermen) Blaze Powder so you will have to kill Blazes Located in a Nether Stronghold so go prepared. If you would like to do this in you world press LT with an Eye of Ender and it will float off in the direction of your Ender Portal but this can cause the Eyes to explode and dissapear.

    On the other hand you can do it in the tutorial world where the Portal is at the co-ordinates:

    X: 20
    Y: 33
    Z: 203

    Assuming that the portal is in the same place for everyone. When you reach the portal Ender Eyes in hand place them in each of the frames. The portal will now fill in and you can jump in where you will be transported into The End.

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    TmoechampI have a world in survival can a make a new world with the same seed but have that world in creative. This would allow me to find the portal and see how many eyes of ender I need.
    Posted by Tmoechamp on 29 Mar 20 at 18:43
    ToastBubbledHope this helps. after reading the last two comments, and trying on the most recent (and most-likely last updated version of the tutorial) i have found the following :
    RKH was correct, the close village has a purple clergy which helped me get a few ender eyes.but i needed more. i found another clegry in the desert village South East of spawn. not SW. coords:x200y 76z 340. following the eyes, i found the portal at x172, y33 z109. there were no eyes in the portal, you need all 12. i was short on blaze powder so i would recommend farming that first. good luck!
    Posted by ToastBubbled on 04 May 20 at 22:34
    ToastBubbledfollowing up on my last comment, if you need blaze powder like i did, there is a pre-build nether portal at x-240y94z203. once in, i found a blaze spawner not too far away at x75y72z42. alternatively, if you are starting a new tutorial world, just farm the respawning chest at the Potion room(stops working once you leave the area). im not sure how accurate these will be for everyone else but thats what worked for me. recommend full diamond loadout with enchantments to make it easy, and plenty of snacks
    Posted by ToastBubbled on 04 May 20 at 22:56
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  • BigBurgerBigBurger174,984
    14 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014
    42 8 5
    Hello! I found out a Little trick to find a Ender Portal and i will share it with you.

    It only works when you have Texture Packs you dont own!

    Start your Map where you want to find the portal with a Texture Pack you dont bought and set it to Creative. Here starts the trick. When you choose a Texture Pack you dont own it will start in a Test Mode, so the Map won´t save. Then choose endereyes and find the Enderportal. After you found it note the Location and exit the Map. The Game will ask you if you are sure and you have to choose "Exit without Save." Then you have to start your map again in survival and you can still unlock achievements!

    I would suggest you to try it first with a New World, before doing this Trick with your Survival World.
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    John Cabooseroll
    Posted by John Caboose on 16 Sep 14 at 10:17
    Homunculus Furyyou don't need to do this with texture packs you don't own. Just take your seed number and start a new/separate save in creative mode. use the eye of ender until you find the location take note of the coordinates above ground then dig straight down until you find the end portal room. take note of those coordinates as well. then go back into your survival save and find the coordinates there. No need to mess with texture packs no need to waste eye of enders looking for the stronghold.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 17 Sep 14 at 02:22
    ArcobalenoZCan anyone help me , need like 12 edelman kills but i AM NOt getting kille :_(. GT arcobalenoz anyone plz
    Posted by ArcobalenoZ on 19 Oct 14 at 17:23
  • ItsPizzaTime69ItsPizzaTime69165,967
    04 Feb 2015 05 Feb 2015
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    For this achievement you will need to find, activate and enter the End Portal. This is the easiest way I have found to do it and will not waste any extra Eye of Ender.

    Items you will need in your inventory:

    - 12 Eye of Ender (May need less but good to have 12 just incase.)
    - 1 map
    - 2+ shovels
    - 2+ pickaxes
    - 64 torches
    - 1 sword

    First, you will need to make a Nether Portal. Then on Peaceful enter the Nether and search the for a Blaze spawner. Once you find it, make a clear and covered path to the spawner from your portal (so no other enemies will bother you later on). Once done save your game, exit, and reload preferably in Easy. Equip some armor and a good sword and follow your path to the spawner. Kill enough Blaze mobs to get 6 Blaze rods then exit the Nether and turn your 6 Blaze rods into 12 Blaze Powder (Under food tab on the crafting table).

    Next, you will need to get 12 Ender Pearls. These are obtained by killing Endermen. Wait for night and equip a good sword and some armour and head to an open grassy area (they are easier to see/kill there). Usually per night you can kill 1-4 Endermen and get about 1-2 Ender Pearls, so keep it up and eventually you will get 12, or have some friends help out. When you do have 12, take them and the 12 Blaze Powder and make 12 Eye of Enders (under Tools and Weapons tab).

    Now save your game, exit and reload. Make sure AUTO SAVE is OFF. If it is on, disable it. Head outside with the 12 Eye of Enders and a map. Throw the Eye of Enders and follow it and retrieve them if they fall back. If they break, do not worry, as long as you DON’T SAVE your game, you will get them back. Keep following the thrown eyes until they hover above one area, this means that the End Portal is below that area. A good way to make sure is to throw them from different directions and make sure they fall back down in the same area.

    Now that you found your spot, take out your map. Write down the X, Y and Z coordinates found at the top of your map and then EXIT GAME WITHOUT SAVING. Reload your save and you will be back with all 12 of your Eye of Ender (Note, if along the journey you break/lose all your eyes, mark the coordinates and exit without saving and go back to the last coordinates with all 12 eyes again and continue the search from there).

    Next, pack up some shovels, pickaxes, torches and your 12 Eye of Ender and head to the final coordinates on your map. Once you’re there, save your game. Now dig straight down until you hit the monster strong hold (Auto save off, save before digging so if you hit lava or die you can reload from the top and avoid it next time). Search the strong hold killing the Mobs and planting lots of torches until you find the room with the End Portal in it. Place an Eye of Ender in each empty slot of the portal and it will start up. Save your game BEFORE you enter the End Portal, now hop in and the achievement will unlock.

    EXTRA: It’s good to plant ladders on your way down to have a way back up your hole. Also, if planning on spending time in the End or going straight to “The End.” Achievement, it’s good to have a bow, armour, good sword, and a few 64’s of dirt before entering.
    13 Jun 2015 13 Jun 2015
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    Having a hard time find a stronghold? Well, that was my problem and here is my solution. You can write your seed down and then go to create another world.. Put the seed number in and create a duplicate world. Make sure you start the new one in creative mode. Now you have unlimited ender eyes to locate the stronghold and get the coordinates. Now just go back to your original game and find those coordinates.
  • TheFlaminBeanTheFlaminBean231,646
    21 Oct 2020 19 Oct 2020 19 Oct 2020
    7 0 1
    Just to save you trawling through the comments of the other solutions: in the current tutorial world the end portal is at X:169, Y:30, Z:111. They've pretty much stopped making this version of the game so I doubt it will ever change now, but this is as of October 2020.
  • szogyenyi1993szogyenyi1993452,376
    15 Feb 2018 14 Feb 2018 14 Feb 2018
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    In the current state, the easiest solution is to find the End Portal on the tutorial map. Coordinates are:

    X: 176, X: 30, Z: 109

    After that you just only need 12 Eyes of Ender to open the portal. Use the diamond blocks to craft yourself a full set of diamond armor and a diamon sword and you are ready to go.

    Yes, it is a PS4 tutorial, but it is working on Xbox One too. Makes easier to find the portal.
  • KDxSAKDxSA131,217
    22 Jul 2020 22 Nov 2020 22 Nov 2020
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