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The End achievement in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

The End

Kill the Enderdragon.

The End0
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How to unlock the The End achievement

  • SuperSonicDeluxSuperSonicDelux
    06 Sep 2014 06 Sep 2014 07 Dec 2014
    To get this achievement you must kill the Enderdragon, a hard task. I'm guessing a lot of did it in the 360 version. If you did, I got some good news. first import a 360 minecraft level that has the Enderdragon beaten. Now go to your end portal, doing this will also get you an achievement. Now go to the portal that takes you to the credits and... boom you get the achievement for beating the Enderdragon.

    The reason this happens is the only way to leave the end is die, or kill the Enderdragon. When you kill the Enderdragon a portal opens up to leave the end. So if you go into the portal on a previous save, the game thinks you killed the Enderdragon.

    (Note) the save can not have been saved in creative mode or the achievement does not unlock.

    you can create a creative world with the same seed as your survival seed that you are trying to find the end on and instead of wasting Ender Eyes trying to find the Stronghold in survival you can go on the creative mode version of your seed and find the coordinates of the Stronghold then go to the same coordinates on your survival world. This saves Eyes of Ender that may be lost while trying to locate the Stronghold.

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    HmBhStill need someone to help me with this and the wither achievements :(
    Posted by HmBh On 29 Mar 17 at 07:52
    Project TortureHmBh is my old account, no one's ever offered to help, everyone I've asked declined like a snob. So, I'm working on getting a word set up for all of the Dragon and Wither achievements so I can help everyone else out since it seems like I'm the only one who doesn't have a stick in my ass. Add me on this account on Xbox if you need help with something. I'll let you know if I'm set up yet/available either way. And if not. I'll give you updates.
    Posted by Project Torture On 09 Feb 18 at 08:36
    Addy201082I have entered the End Portal and it has not worked at all. There are like 5 or so achievements that I have successfully obtained.
    Posted by Addy201082 On 19 Aug 20 at 18:44
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  • TheTrollinNooBTheTrollinNooB
    06 Sep 2014 06 Sep 2014 16 Sep 2014
    One important detail, Play on PEACEFUL otherwise there will be a endless amounts on Enderman in The End.

    To get to the End you will need:
    -12 Ender Pearls
    -12 Blaze rods
    -1 Crafting table
    Firstly make blaze powder using the blaze rod. Next combine the Ender Pearl and the Blaze powder together to make the Eye of Ender.

    Once you've made 12 or more Eye's of Ender hit LT and follow where the Eye goes, it should eventually lead you to a spot where the Eye just flies towards the ground. Dig straight down until you reach whats know as a Stronghold, follow the maze of hallways until you reach the portal, now place each Eye in a holder then jump in. Once inside keep walking until you reach multiple pilliars, start stacking blocks to the top to destroy the crystals. Once all crystals are destroyed start attacking the dragon, i recommend using a Diamond sword and waiting till he stops in the center. When you've finally kill the dragon jump in the portal that is created upon his death and the achievement will unlock.

    Or for a Much more simply method you can join a game that the dragon has previously been killed in so when you make your way to the End you want have to deal with him at all, Once again just jump in the portal and the achievement will unlock.

    Note: As pointed out by JTman4556, you can make a world on the same seed as the world you've collected the Eye of Ender on in creative and find the portal so you know where to go on your actual world.
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    VyzieTaurThanks for the tip on joining a game where the dragon has already been killed, super fast (if cheating) way to get this! :)
    Posted by VyzieTaur On 19 Apr 15 at 16:51
    TwiggyUKanyone got a seed good for this?
    Posted by TwiggyUK On 07 Jul 15 at 20:07
    JohnnyInterfnkQuick note -- you only need six Blaze Rods. Each rod makes two Blaze Powders, and one Blaze Powder and one Ender Pearl make one Eye of Ender.
    Posted by JohnnyInterfnk On 25 Jul 15 at 19:57
  • TendedFatbackTendedFatback
    17 Oct 2014 20 Oct 2014 11 Jan 2017
    The achievement is pretty simple. Just find the ender portal and have 12 eyes of ender and place them in and you will be taken to the ender dragon. Now take out the cubes that give him health and the kill him. OR JUST SEND ME A MESSAGE ON XBOX ONE AND YOU CAN JOIN MY WORLD AND GET THE ACHIEVEMENT. Still helping . So far i have helped 20 people

    UPDATE I recently messed up my save I am looking for people to help me rebuild it so I can help others with the achievement
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    Obi JaseHi TendedFatback. I know its been a while since that last post but are you still helping people with this?
    Posted by Obi Jase On 02 Dec 15 at 15:53
    TendedFatbackYes I am just message me on Xbox one
    Posted by TendedFatback On 17 May 16 at 17:51
    TendedFatbackYes I am just message me on Xbox one
    Posted by TendedFatback On 17 May 16 at 17:52
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