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Enchanter achievement in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition


Construct an Enchantment Table.

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How to unlock the Enchanter achievement

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    This achievement is very easy to get with the NEW TUTORIAL WORLD

    First, skip through the tutorial and make your way to the beacon. Open the chest and grab the 5 pieces of iron. Chop down some trees to make some planks. Make a pickaxe with the planks by turning them into sticks, then head to the docks. Grab two boats and head under the bridge and keep going straight until you see the desert village. Walk past the village and place your second boat in the water. Then take a slight right and keep going till you see a huge pirate ship. There will be a building directly behind it. Sail around the front of the ship and make your way to a set of ladders.

    Go up to the first floor and enter on you right. When you enter, there will be a sign that says "Library" next to a door on your left. Go into the library and hit the lever on the floor to the left of the fire place. You will find a room with a diamond block in it. Mine the diamond block with your iron pickaxe and knock down some of the bookshelves to get a book. Now find a room that says transport room and take the rail there. You will end up in a room that has everything you need to make potions. Convert the diamond block into 9 diamonds, then make a diamond pickaxe. On one of the walls there is a painting. Knock down the painting, and you will enter into a room that has rows of bookshelves. Simply look up, and mine the roof, which is made out of obsidian. Get four pieces of obsidian. Simply combine the obsidian, your diamonds, and the book using a crafting table and make an enchantment table. Viola!!!

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    WyyvernTutorial has been updated, this doesn't work anymore.
    Posted by Wyyvern on 01 Feb 16 at 20:46
    SquiggleBucketDo you have the coordinates for the pirate ship? I can't find it :(
    Posted by SquiggleBucket on 10 Apr 16 at 21:03
    DrOp ShOtKiNg24Doesn't work anymore
    Posted by DrOp ShOtKiNg24 on 04 Mar 17 at 03:11
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  • xTGExTGE315,217
    05 Sep 2014 05 Sep 2014
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    To create an enchantment table you will need:

    3 x Sugarcane
    1x Leather
    1x A book
    2x diamonds (5x if you don't have a pickaxe)
    4x obsidian

    A diamond pickaxe.

    First step is making a book which will require sugarcane & leather. Sugarcane are usually green in Colour (without texture pack) and will be found on sand and look like three bamboo sticks side by side. You can grow them if you only find one by having it beside water on a sand block. You will then need to hunt down a cow and aquire some leather.
    Once you have both these items make your way to a CT and go to the last tab and craft paper. Left of the paper you will now be able to craft a book.

    Second step is to find diamond, if you don't have a diamond pickaxe you will need to mine for some. They can usually be found on the deeper levels of the world underground or around deeper pockets of lava.
    You will need a iron pickaxe to mine diamond.

    Third step is to get obsidian, now you can make an obsidian generator or you can go find a lake of lava which won't be hard and pour a bucket of water over the lava causing it to turn into obsidian and mining it with a diamond pickaxe afterwards should take 45-60 seconds each piece.

    Once you have your items find a CT and on the first tab scroll over to the CT (Left of the sandstone) and push down on the thumb stick twice and once made the achievement will unlock!
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    PohxeAny diamonds just on display in the tutorial level like the iron block?
    Posted by Pohxe on 06 Sep 14 at 16:03
    CheneyHeadshotGood that you've gone with more than just 'look in the tutorial level.' +1
    Posted by CheneyHeadshot on 10 Sep 14 at 14:18
  • Shadowfang TCShadowfang TC169,727
    16 Mar 2018 16 Mar 2018 17 Mar 2018
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    The tutorial map was updated as many of you are probably aware. However, it doesn't mean you can't still use it to get this done.

    Step 1: Create/Load/Import Tutorial map (The latter if you are using the new Minecraft, as it doesn't have a tutorial world.)

    Step 2: Skip/complete tutorial and walk up the stairs. There's an optional chest to the right that has cooked beef. I recommend taking them, especially if you are like me and hate waiting to find a good way around a cliff. Anyways, grab the crafting table.

    Step 3: Move across the bridge and to the building just to the right of the beacon. Grab one of the books hanging on the item frames marking the building. Inside there's a chest. Take the stone pickaxe from it. I'd recommend taking the shovel too, as you will need some blocks.

    Step 4: Make your way back out of the building. Near the beacon there should be some logs. Grab one, and turn it into sticks.

    Step 5: There will be a set of stairs near you with a couple of iron blocks. Move up there, and open the chest. Grab a few iron blocks. Either use the crafting table in your inventory, or the one just down the stairs to make an iron pickaxe and at least two buckets.

    Step 6: Move towards the giant floating Elytra (wings) statue in the sky. Beneath it, you will notice a diamond block on a pillar. Mine it with your iron pickaxe, and craft a diamond pickaxe.

    Step 7: Spin around until you see a ring made out of Emerald blocks. Head that direction. At some point pick up some water with one of your buckets. You'll reach a chasm pretty quickly.

    Step 8: By now you'll have seen a few lavafalls. You only need 4 pieces of obsidian. There's plenty of lava around this area to get that. Mine some blocks if you haven't already, and get around to converting the lava source blocks into obsidian. Once you've mined 4, place your crafting table down and craft the Enchantment table.

    Congratulations on your achievement :)

    Here's a video in case you get lost.

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