Overkill achievement in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition


Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit.

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How to unlock the Overkill achievement

  • BoardinggBoardingg203,250
    29 Dec 2014 29 Dec 2014 20 Jan 2018
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    Title Update 19 Tutorial World Compatible
    Updated damage information - 11/06/2015

    Start up a new tutorial word and skip the tutorial. Firstly, go over to the workshop located next to the beacon. Open up the chest next to the anvil and get the stack of experience bottles. Also get the 5 iron from the chest next to the beacon.

    Next, go to the enchanting room and get the other stack of experience bottles from the chest there, throw both stacks on the ground to get level 30. Next, make an iron sword from the iron you collected earlier.

    Disable autosave and enchant your iron sword, keep quitting the game until you get a sharpness or smite enchantment of either 4 or 5. Wait until night time and kill a mob, read the information below to see which one you can kill. You may need to critical hit a mob, which is hitting it while falling.

    We'll focus on the four main aggressive mobs in the overworld. Each heart is two points of health, so a Skeleton has 10 hearts. Sharpness does 1.25 damage per hit on any mob. Smite does 2.5 damage per hit on undead mobs. Bane of Arthropods does 2.5 damage per hit on spiders.

    Mob Health:
    Skeleton - 20
    Spider - 16
    Zombie - 20 (2 Armor Points)
    Creeper - 20

    Iron Sword - 7
    Iron Sword w/ Critical Strike - 10.5

    Enchantment Damages:
    Sharpness 4 - 10
    Sharpness 5 - 12.5
    Smite 4/Bane 4 - 20
    Smite 5/Bane 4 - 25

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    DeathDealingCatI would like to add an update/correction: I'm not sure if this is related to or caused by the recent Minecraft update, but I was not able to get to level 30 with just the two stacks of 64 experience potions. Using all 128 I was only able to get to level 24 consistently (I tried quitting and starting over several times). So, I had to manually level my character up. Unfortunately, I had to get to level 19.5 (roughly) and then use almost all the bottles to reach level 30. It's not that bad since I'm trying to gather materials to trade with villagers for emeralds anyways, so killing mobs served double purpose.

    Also, there is a diamond sword in a hidden chest in the enchantment room. When you walk in, look at the wall directly ahead. It has a window in the middle about three or four blocks up the wall. Destroy the bookshelf to the left of this window to reveal the hidden chest which contains the diamond sword.

    I would like to second Shadow's comment about Bane of Arthropods IV. I used this on my diamond sword then jump attacked a spider outside killing it in one hit and popping the achievement! I hope this helps!
    Posted by DeathDealingCat on 05 Jan 16 at 20:40
    smoli83Thanks to Biovate and DeathDealingCat - Great guide, and useful tip about the diamond sword, cheers! :)
    I got Smite 4, with Fire Aspect 2 on my iron sword, and that worked when falling and hitting a zombie :)
    Posted by smoli83 on 06 Jul 16 at 22:32
    HyperHawk20I tried to get to level 30 but in the first chest there was only 10 bottles not a stack and then second was 32 not a stack so 42 to total and that got me to level 14 in experience ?
    Posted by HyperHawk20 on 07 Mar 18 at 23:52
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  • Ad1Ad1649,681
    06 Sep 2014 06 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014
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    Start a new tutorial world, Press B to skip the tutorial on how to play and then run over to these coordinates;
    X: -302
    Y: 70
    Z: 106
    There will be a chest with a Iron sword with Smite V enchantment which increases damage to "undead" mobs (skeletons, zombies and zombie pigmen).
    Now simply wait until night and kill a zombie or skeleton with the Smite V sword!
    Extra: If your lazy like me and cant wait until night to get the achievement, there is a dungeon with a zombie spawner at these coordinates;
    X: -41
    Y: 60
    Z: 8
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    CRT JEDIMARKYou need to update this, Solution No longer Valid. There is nothing but water in those coordinates, There is a sand temple off to the right but the coordinates are -229,70,44
    Posted by CRT JEDIMARK on 05 May 15 at 05:41
    GG NasakaVoy a esas coordenadas y lo único que veo es agua...
    Posted by GG Nasaka on 22 May 15 at 00:30
    Mr Reconnoiterit might be different for everyone but i did not see chest only water. thanks anyways
    Posted by Mr Reconnoiter on 25 Aug 15 at 17:41
  • AFreakinCabbag3AFreakinCabbag31,119,305
    06 Sep 2014 06 Sep 2014 06 Sep 2014
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    Using a advanced strength potion which gives 260% Melee damage and a Diamond sword with a minor damage upgrade from the enchantment tables/books (I had sharpness II) on a monster will net you this achievement.

    To make the Strength Potion II you will need.

    2 x Blaze Rod
    3 x Sand/Glass
    3 x Cobblestone
    1 x Nether Wart
    1 x Glowstone Dust
    1 x Crafting Table
    1 x Furnace + Fuel
    1 x Water Source
    10 x Obsidian + Flint and Steel (if nether is required for materials)

    Create a Brewing Stand from the 4th box in the Structure menu by combining 3 cobblestone and a blaze rod at a crafting bench. Blaze rods can be acquired in Fortresses from blazes in the Nether (get 2 rods to save time).
    Use the 2nd blaze rod to create blaze powder from the Food tab either by pressing X or using a crafting table.
    Use 3 sand in the furnace to create glass.
    Use 3 glass to create glass bottles from the tools and weapon tab in the crafting table.
    Find a water source block and fill the glass bottles with water.

    Now return to your brewing stand. In the brewing stand menu.
    Add the Water bottle to the brewing stand.
    Add Nether Wart to a Water Bottle to create an awkward potion.
    Add Blaze Powder to the awkward potion to create a strength potion.
    Add Glowstone Dust to the Strength Potion to get a Strength Potion II

    Drink the potion, once active red bubbles should emit from the player. Simply hit an enemy (I used a monster not sure if it works for animals) with the low enchanted sword for the achievement.

    Further potions can be found here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Brewing

    If any steps are unclear, let me know I'll try and assist.
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    TH0R TDGood guide thumbs up.
    Posted by TH0R TD on 17 Sep 15 at 12:12
    MaverickMRCThanks a lot ! This guide help me ! I just kill a pig and PLOP ! Great solution \o/
    Posted by MaverickMRC on 16 Jul 16 at 18:25
    sCoRpTanKThat's what I call OVERKILL. Thanks for the guide, it helped me as well!
    Posted by sCoRpTanK on 20 Jan at 16:11
  • KungFu Monk3yKungFu Monk3y468,306
    29 Aug 2017 29 Aug 2017 29 Aug 2017
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    Here is a great video for using the Tutorial in 2017, super easy! Video is for earning trophy on PS4, so when he says hit "circle" it translates to the "B" button for us. I used the ideas from this to quickly make 5 or 6 swords until I got a couple high level ones perfect for a few different mobs, combined with the Strength 2 potions that are easy to make w/ all the ingredients waiting for you!

    Let me know if I can make this solution better. I know there are a ton of great solutions above, I just found something more relevant to me with the latest version of the tutorial world and thought I'd help others.

  • CrysserCrysser564,560
    05 Sep 2014 05 Sep 2014
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    Diamond Sword - Bane of Arthopods IV & Fire Aspect II

    I used this set-up to get the 'Overkill' achievement. All you need to do is find a spider and hit it. It'll one hit kill the spider and the achievement will pop. A normal diamond sword will do 4 hearts of damage. The Bane of Arthopods coupled with the fire aspect allowed me to do the other 5 hearts of damage.

    The best way to get this type of weapon is set up an enchanting table that is coupled with libraries. Get your level up to 30 and then save your game. The next step is to try and get a diamond sword with these abilities on the weapon (Sharpness can be beneficial but the main attribute needed is the Bane of Arthopods). Once you get a weapon with these abilites, go and find the nearest spider and you should be able to pop this achievement!

    Credit: Whaticles for creating the weapon itself and hosting the game.
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