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Passing the Time

Play for 100 days.

Passing the Time0
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  • LordFightALotLordFightALot253,892
    11 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014
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    This achievement requires you to play 100 in-game days (not real life days), that's going to take you about 33 hours. Sleeping will not speed up the process.

    The best and easiest way of getting this achievement is to put your Xbox on "Never Turn Off" (required) in the settings and Appear Offline (optional).

    After that you want to start a Survival game (Creative won't work) and put it on Peaceful Mode.

    I can confirm that you can turn off your Controller while doing this! There is no need for rubber banding your Controller. Hold down your Xbox Home Button for 3 seconds and press "Turn Off Controller". Next up turn off your TV (optional) and let your Xbox run when going to sleep/school/work.

    Important note: Don't leave the game on the pause screen as it will stop the timer!

    Good luck!
  • TomentosePiano3TomentosePiano3156,066
    05 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014
    54 17 17
    This description can be a little bit confusing. What this achievement consists of is playing, within the same world in Minecraft, 100 days. You do not have to play Minecraft for 100 days (3+ months) to get this achievement. Simply play through 100 in-game days and this achievement will be unlocked.

    You may obtain this achievement through play in any world where achievements are enabled. That means that creative mode worlds will not be eligible as those worlds turn off achievements.

    As pointed out in the comments, sleeping through the night does not seem to help make the in game time go by faster. This achievement takes about 33 hours of real time. You can total the time through different worlds. No need to stay in the same one if you do not want to.
  • awesomeninja832awesomeninja83214,602
    01 Jun 2018 31 May 2018
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    Open up a tutorial world on Peaceful and do not make it creative or add anything that disables achievements. All you have to do is stand around in the game for 100 in-game days. (Approx. 10 min. per day x 100 = 1000 min.) Simply turn off your controller and go do something else while the game runs in the background. Do not open the pause menu as this will stop tracking your achievement!
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