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Chestful of Cobblestone

Mine 1,728 Cobblestone and place it in a chest.

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  • Foxy GrayFoxy Gray275,976
    06 Sep 2014 05 Sep 2014 06 Sep 2014
    75 4 11
    This achievement is for filling a chest full of cobblestone you mined. It should come naturally with strip mining or long caving trips just make a single chest dedicated to all your cobble

    Chest has 27 slots, 27 x 64 = 1,728

    Edit: added a video by Skycaptin5
  • Noodles JrNoodles Jr826,820
    07 Sep 2014 07 Sep 2014 09 Sep 2015
    19 2 0
    YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE THE ONE WHO MINES THE COBBLESTONE! As long as you place 27 stacks of cobblestone into a chest, you will get the achievement. This means that if you get 2 or more people strip mining, you can get 1728 cobblestone in no time. Give all the cobblestone to one person, then they put all the cobblestone in a chest. Then the other person takes all the cobblestone out and puts it back in. Repeat for all players.
  • lifebringer23lifebringer231,104,288
    08 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014
    15 4 4
    Like most achievements in the game the tutorial is great for this. Skip then with b and get some wood. Build a crafting table next a chest. Now take the first pick axe out of the chest and mine the iron. Now make about 6 iron pick axes and now the majority of the castle ground and structure is cobblestone. Now get mining. There is far more stone than needed so have fun.
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3907,303
    02 Jan 2015 13 Jul 2017
    3 1 0
    Difficulty: Easy, though takes a while to get.
    Requirements: Pickaxes, a lot of them (preferably good ones) and a chest.
    What to do: A chest is easy to get (create from 8 wooden planks at a crafting table). Start mining cobblestone. YOU have to mine at least 1728 cobblestone yourself. You can check your progress in the leaderboards. Then place the cobblestone in a chest and unlock the achievement. The actual mining can take a while, so it is best to decrease the amount of time needed by getting better (golden or diamond) pickaxes. If you've already mined 1728 cobblestone but don't have that amount stored, simply join a friend and remove and replace one stack of 64 cobblestone.
  • MCmichaelDMCmichaelD343,510
    07 Nov 2019 07 Nov 2019
    0 0 0 New
    I'd rather take 5 minutes setting up a cobblestone generator than mindlessly walk around farming cobblestone for 30 minutes. Very easy

  • awesomeninja832awesomeninja83214,596
    31 May 2018 31 May 2018
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    The super simple and fast way is to go into a tutorial world on Peaceful. Find an area with a lot of stone and start using a pickaxe. Make sure to build multiple pickaxes in advance since a lot of them will break. I found an area right next to a village and mined forward. Once you run out of picks, head to the chest, place your stacks, make new picks, and then repeat.
  • MyLittleGermanMyLittleGerman332,914
    09 Sep 2014 26 Sep 2017
    1 1 3
    I used the tutorial world so I could get an enchanted diamond pick ace and a hopper. Just make a simple cobblestone generator with a hopper and chest under the cobblestone. Look straight at the stone and tape down the right trigger. After like 30 minutes you'll have a fill chest. Just remove a stack and replace it for the achievement to pop.

    I find this to be more efficient than going out and mining the side of a cliff.
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