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Zombie Doctor achievement in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

Zombie Doctor

Cure a zombie villager.

Zombie Doctor0
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How to unlock the Zombie Doctor achievement

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    Here's some extra info on how to find the required ingredients in the tutorial level:

    Glass bottle - In the chest next to the brewing stand
    Water - Next to the chest mentioned above
    Spider eye - Randomly collected when killing a spider at night
    Sugar - Collect sugar canes which are tall green plants found near water usually. Next create sugar from the sugar canes on a crafting table.
    Brown mushrooms - Found easily in grassy areas, the game specifies them as simply "mushrooms" not "brown mushrooms".
    Redstone - Found in a chest just before the castle in an underground passage
    Gunpowder - Kill a creeper at night, it must not explode otherwise it won't drop any gunpowder. Kill it with arrows ideally.
    Apple - A random drop from trees, "mine" the leaves on green trees to find an apple. Alternatively go to X -176, Y 66, Z 121 to find some apples in a chest (credit to SilentlyForgot).
    Gold - There are a few blocks of gold at X -281, Y 74, Z 243. You need some form of explosives to obtain these. Also near this temple in the desert is another temple where 4 chests are found by mining beneath it. The co-ords for this are -310, 66, 105 (credit to W1LLYMAN). You have to avoid the blue block in this area between the chests as it explodes.

    Also, play on "normal" as zombie villagers are more likely to spawn (50% chance on normal and 100% on hard). Alternatively you can lure some zombies to villagers to "infect" them.

    UPDATE: At the moment I have a game world with the 2 finished items (splash potion of weakness + golden apple) available along with some trapped zombie villagers. If you want to boost this please add & message me on Xbox One (not on the TA website).

    I no longer have this world available. Thanks to everyone who joined and left feedback.

    In total I helped 118 people in getting this achievement.

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    Shadow 00 FoxHas to be the specific apple.. from what I recall. I tried one apple and it didn't work, had to do the specific apple. :-(
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 10 Apr 16 at 18:34
    JooeehAnyone have this in your world this is the only Cheevo i need? Shoot me a message on here Thanks
    Posted by Jooeeh on 07 Jul 16 at 12:40
    IRL Games XUse third guide fastest solution!
    Posted by IRL Games X on 22 Apr at 18:18
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  • TonySkiTonySki1,374,512
    05 Sep 2014 05 Sep 2014 29 Sep 2014
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    Easiest way to do this is to load up the tutorial level. To the right in the massive structure is the brewing stand and down some stairs there is redstone.

    What you want to do is make 2 things. A Splash Potion of Weakness (I recommend Weakness+ for the extra time to be safe) and a golden apple.

    Raw materials you need are
    Crafting Table
    Brewing Stand
    Glass bottle
    Spider Eye
    Brown Mushroom
    Redstone (recommended for the Weakness+)
    8 golden nuggets (get this from one gold bar)

    With the glass bottle, add water to turn into a Water Bottle.

    Combine the Spider Eye, Sugar and Brown Mushroom to make a Fermented Spider Eye.

    Brew the Fermented Spider Eye with the Glass Bottle to get a Potion of Weakness.

    Brew the Redstone with Potion of Weakness to get Potion of Weakness+.

    Brew the Gunpowder with Potion of Weakness+ to make Splash Potion of Weakness+

    When you have an apple and 8 nuggets combine them in the food crafting menu to make a Golden apple.

    Now the hard part. Finding a zombie villager. Just outside the fortress there are 2 villages. just look at the surrounding area around them and take a look at the zeds closely. Zombie Villagers have skinnier heads but still camouflage fairly well as regular zombies. Once you find one take out all other enemy mobs around you just so that you don't get killed trying to help this villager. Once it's one on one toss the splash potion at the zombie villager. Aim higher as the potions have a deep arc. Once the splash has hit run up to it and start hitting left trigger with a Golden Apple equipped and he should start giving off purple smoke signals and go docile towards you. Then you get the achievement and feel happy before heading off to bed.
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    PaddyBaptisteAlso.. The zombie villager has a bigger nose than a standard zombie... I set it to hard and ran around in a desert biome so they where easier to spot. One spawned about 30 seconds after dusk..
    Posted by PaddyBaptiste on 09 Jun 15 at 18:35
    Ereaser NLI ran into a tiny zombie villager, which I could cure (really annoying to LT it with the apple though) and it stayed normal. It did give me the achievement however.
    Posted by Ereaser NL on 17 Jan 17 at 12:04
    IRL Games XUse the third guide fastest solution
    Posted by IRL Games X on 22 Apr at 18:17
  • SFK GenusSFK Genus828,901
    14 Jun 2017 15 Jun 2017 07 Nov 2017
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    This solution will take about 90 seconds to two minutes to complete. And is far easier than anything listed above. No brewing, no crafting.

    *Edit* for some players it can take up five minutes for the zombie villager to be cured, if you are worried that it isn't working just make a cup of tea and wait for a bit 😊 thanks to all those in the comments who highlighted this.

    With igloos now naturally spawning as buildings you just need to load up a spawn which has one in location and has spawned with a basement. I used the following, but there are plenty listed on the minecraft forums.

    Seed: -2788760844838102142 ( not my discovery, posted on minecraftforums.net)

    *Edit* If you bring up your map it will be at co-ordinates x21, y69, z36.

    1) In the trees no further than 50 meters from the spawn is an unusual looking pile of snow. This is the igloo.

    2) Dig into it and then dig up the carpet until you find a trapdoor, open it and go down the ladder. This igloo spawns with a basement so everything you need will be at the bottom.

    3) In front of you you will see a normal villager and a zombie villager in cages.

    4) Open the chest to retrieve a golden apple and open the brewing stand to get the required potion.

    5) Mine the top half of he iron bars in front of the zombie villager until they break.

    6) Do it at an angle so as not to hit them as they have died instantly on me a couple of times.

    7) Throw the potion, force feed them the apple and achievement unlocked.

    Any questions or feedback please let me know.
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    IRL Games XStill works thank you so so much got this 04/22/20 since updates are done I think this will stay clap
    Posted by IRL Games X on 22 Apr at 18:17
    enderkid753Amazing Solution!!! It worked perfectly!
    Posted by enderkid753 on 25 May at 23:10
    SFK GenusNo worries glad it still works
    Posted by SFK Genus on 26 May at 03:21
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