Rosenthal Pack achievement in ARMORED CORE4

Rosenthal Pack

Awarded for completing the "NDP-E001 ROS-OME" data pack

Rosenthal Pack0
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How to unlock the Rosenthal Pack achievement

  • FailedSeppukuFailedSeppuku1,132,500
    29 May 2011 29 May 2011
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    Head, Arms and Core: SALAUX
    Legs: 047AN04
    FCS: INBLUE (max Lock On speed)
    Generator: GAN01-SS-GL
    Weapons: Hands: (anything), Back: OGOTO Grenade Launchers, Shoulder EUPHORIA PA Moulder (improves defense).

    Capacity: Enough on Load to bring your mech out of Weight Alert (should be 24), EN Output MAX, EN Capacity MAX, Lock Speed MAX. Then the rest can go on Horiz. Thrust or KP Output. Or anything you feel you want.

    Data Packs are found in ACSIS, under Simulation, they're unlocked from Chapter 3 and you need to beat 2-4 enemies a pack to unlcok the achievement. You'll also get emblems, schematics and sometimes a part.

    Generally you'll need to float above the enemy NEXT and bombard it, then if you miss you'll still do Splash Damage. Use the small green level 2nd from bottom, it has a floating cross in the centre of which you'll start at the top and offers plenty of simple tactical options. Most enemies you'll want to keep up top, but some are better fought at ground level and some under the structure.

    I use Regulations 1.6. (Except on Jan in ALD-MEL Pack i use 1.0)

    NDP-E001 ROS-OME
    Leonhardt - Small EM Rifles does 500damage a shot, didn't use anything else. Easily beaten.
    Palmette - Fights at distance with missiles. Doesn't do much damage and was easily dealt with.
    Michael - Fast and agile, have to fly above and bombard him for best results. You'll find him hard to hit on same level.
    Mido - CQB fighter with missiles. Drop to bottom and go under the cross, boost backwards whilst firing in a 1-2 rather than together.

    You'll get a Machine Gun for completing this Pack.
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  • Duke Of DirgeDuke Of Dirge60,485
    12 Apr 2007 31 Mar 2010
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    The trick to making this all much easier is not to build for speed or balance but fire power and armor. A heavy Mech with good fire power and armor destroys all. You'll be able to take damage while dishing out greater damage.

    First stay away from energy weapons the sap power which could end ugly if you’re flying high and blasting away. Why? Because it uses the only energy source Use your genator to power your AC not your weapons in other word don't be cheap.

    Second I like cannon type weapons they may not be accurate but the damage ratios is vast little speeders will never escape it all.

    Third always have a fast fire machine or chain gun. That way while your fire your power loads you can chip away at them keeping a constant flow of damage

    Now for the back weapons I chose one cannon and a multi missile launcher witch in combining with shoulder fire unit that fires alongside missiles will rain a hellfire no one has seen.

    The last note when building this monster chooses the two legged human legs with the heaviest load cap.
    STAY AWAY FROM TANK AND HUVER LEGS they just make you an easy mark.
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