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Raiding Party

Complete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.

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  • WilkdWilkd165,798
    17 Oct 2014 17 Oct 2014 14 Dec 2014
    140 2 15
    Just play through the raid as normal but before starting make sure you all join the same clan on

    *Everyone playing must be in the clan at the time you kill Atheon/Crota*

    After you have joined the clan, a button will appear that will allow you to set the clan as your xbox clan, everyone in your fireteam must do this for the achievement to pop.

    NOTE: With many achievements in this game, it may not pop immediately, e.g; my achievement popped the day after I actually completed the raid
  • TweakXTweakX407,649 407,649 GamerScore
    20 May 2015 22 May 2015 07 Sep 2015
    26 1 23
    Update: As of September 7th this still works. Tomorrow September 8th a new update is coming out for The Taken King that may fix this makinh it so you have to play a raid to get it.

    if its a glitch or not but me and my buddies got this just by playing through Prison of Elders on level 32. You may want to give it a shot
  • KrazyGameNerdKrazyGameNerd240,555
    18 Jun 2015 18 Jun 2015 29 Aug 2016
    5 0 4
    With the release of the House of Wolves DLC, the Raid achievements can now all be obtained in the various difficulties of Prison of Elders. This seems like a more reliable option for most people who do not have this achievement already, because a full fireteam is 3 players rather than trying to coordinate with 6.

    At minimum, if you do the level 32 Prison with a full fireteam of 3 in the same clan, upon completion you should receive this achievement as well as
    DestinyRaiderThe Raider achievement in Destiny worth 44 pointsComplete a Raid.

    Edit: It seems like the level 41 version of PoE from the April update does not unlock the achievement.
  • Adm1ral Awe5omeAdm1ral Awe5ome693,472
    12 Nov 2018 11 Nov 2018 03 Dec 2018
    1 0 4
    As stated by Wilkd in their solution, everyone in the fireteam must be in the same clan when the final boss is slain, and you need a FULL fireteam.
    When Destiny 2 got released, a lot of Destiny clans got converted to groups, and is no longer suitable for getting the achievements. Like the groups in the other solutions, sadly.
    Fear not though. I have made a new clan to help out those in need.
    The clan is called "Time to Achieve" and can be found here:

    The membership is open, so joining it shouldn't be a problem for anyone in your session.
    Of course joining my clan is not mandatory, it's simply a helping hand to those who do not wish, or do not want to go through the trouble of creating their own.

    Like some other achievements, like
    DestinyStrength of the PackThe Strength of the Pack achievement in Destiny worth 37 pointsComplete a Strike with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.
    it may not pop immediately, To get around this issue, if it didn't pop when you finished the raid and did it accordingly, press start, go to settings, hover over logout and choose Switch Profile. When connecting choose your profile and character and it should pop once you enter orbit and you'll be the proud owner of
    DestinyRaiding PartyThe Raiding Party achievement in Destiny worth 65 pointsComplete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.
    If it didn't pop for you at this point, but others got it, you might have to give it a day or two to register,

    This is not me saying I'll run people through a raid, it's meant as a helping hand to you and your session's participant to easily find a clan to join.
  • Keyser Soze0000Keyser Soze0000363,124
    20 Aug 2016 18 Aug 2016 18 Aug 2016
    0 1 1
    If your struggling to find a decent fire team, especially if you have joined late, I have set one up called "Destiny Late Starters" to hopefully create an active Clan that doesn't require a join confirmation to help with getting fire teams together with these clan related achievements in mind too.
    I have found many bigger groups/clans to be not as active.

    Make sure you set it as your Xbox account clan as well. You should see the option where you clicked request to join
  • Scarlett RoscoeScarlett Roscoe509,039
    04 Jun 2015 17 May 2015
    5 6 0
    Not a solution but for anyone who still wants these clan related achievements, I created a group to help you out, it's called Raiding Party and SOTP on Bungie, or here's the link -
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