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Complete a Raid without anyone in your fireteam dying.

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  • qDirtyBryanpqDirtyBryanp599,769
    05 Dec 2014 10 Oct 2014 17 Feb 2015
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    Just a heads up for the people going for this. You cannot have someone join late and get the achievement only the 6 people that are in game from start to finish will get it if someone lags out or gets sent back to orbit you must re-do the raid from the beginning

    EDIT3!!!: A lot of you are mad at me because I said don't try this if you are a 29. Let me reiterate what I was trying to say. This was from my personal experiences like I said. You don't have to take what I said there to heart it was just the steps I took to ensure that I got the achievement. There was ALWAYS that one guy who couldn't stay alive and most of the time it was a level 29. (there were some 30's who couldn't make the cut as well.) Again I played elitest and only took the best of the best from each group that I played with. If I saw someone dying or playing stupid I made sure not to play with them again. That was just me. If you unlock it from grinding it out day after day after day then more power to you, but I wasn't about to do that.

    EDIT2!!!: I'm willing to help just message me on xbox but know your jumps

    EDIT!!!: Now that I have finally unlocked this achievement here are a few tips from my personal experiences...
    1. If you are not all 6 level 30 or up (and after the DLC is released there is NO REASON that you should not be level 30) do not even attempt the flawless raid I had a few level 29's play with me and they were like "I can hold my own I'm good I swear" don't listen to them it's not about being good its about the damage reduction.

    2. Be Patient on all jumping sections and go one at a time... NO EXCEPTIONS. I have had numerous occasions where someone died because they would not wait their turn on the jumping section they either bumped into someone and fell off or knocked the other person off.

    3. Lastly Find people that know what they are doing and have them prove it... I have had times where they were just clueless on every aspect of what we were trying to accomplish. Some people are just not cut out for flawless no matter how many times they try and sorry for those of you that are like that but you need to be replaced for now (maybe you will have a shot when the level cap is raised). I used to play with anybody that wanted the achievement but it just doesn't work like that, I then went to being an elitist and finding the best gamers to accomplish the task weeding out all the players that I felt could not do it and look what happened I unlocked it
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead468,785
    10 Jan 2015 23 Oct 2014 24 Jun 2015
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    Vault of Glass - Ishtar Sink, Venus Level 26 Raid (unlocked at Level 23)
    Crota’s End - Ocean of Storms, Moon Level 30 Raid (requires The Dark Below DLC)
    Prison of Elders - The Reef, Asteroid Belt Level 32 Arena (requires House of Wolves DLC)
    It has been confirmed by that you cannot get this achievement in Prison of Elders, even though you can get the other Raid achievements in Prison of Elders:
    DestinyRaiderThe Raider achievement in Destiny worth 44 pointsComplete a Raid.
    DestinyRaiding PartyThe Raiding Party achievement in Destiny worth 65 pointsComplete a Raid with a full fireteam consisting of only your clan members.
    Unlike the Flawless Striker achievement, you need to start and finish with the same players. If someone leaves they cannot re-join or they will ruin it for everyone, and someone else cannot join in their place. You need to complete the Raid from start to finish in one go. You cannot resume from a checkpoint, or go idle for more than a 10 minute break, otherwise you will be returned to orbit.

    Put a fresh set of batteries in your controller, or use a wired controller.

    Upgrade your armor and weapons. Upgrading you weapons will allow them to cause more damage and unlock the special abilities. In Vault of Glass, the Minotaurs and Praetorians that you will face have Void (purple) shields, so look for weapons that do Void damage. For Crota's End, Arc and Solar damage weapons are the best. Upgrading Rare, Legendary and Exotic armor will increase your Light which increases your level. A level 23 character will do a quarter of the damage with the same weapon when used by a level 26 character. At level 24 you do half damage and at level 25 you will do three-quarters damage. You can also take more hits the higher level you are, so you will have a much easier time of this if you are at level 29 or above.

    For more details on how to increase your level, refer to my Solution for Suited for War in Destiny

    You should also stock up on ammunition, which you can find in chests or buy from the Gunsmith Banshee-44 at The Tower.
    - 1 Primary Ammo Synthesis = 100 Glimmer
    - 1 Special Ammo Synthesis = 250 Glimmer
    - 1 Heavy Ammo Synthesis = 950 Glimmer
    or from Xûr
    - 5 Heavy Ammo Synthesis = 1 Strange Coin
    or from Eris Morn (requires The Dark Below DLC)
    - 1 Special Ammo Synthesis = 2 Black Wax Idol
    - 1 Heavy Ammo Synthesis = 5 Black Wax Idol
    or from Variks (requires The House of Wolves DLC)
    - 1 Special Ammo Synthesis = 100 Glimmer + 1 Ether Seeds
    - 1 Heavy Ammo Synthesis = 250 Glimmer + 1 Ether Seeds

    Don't skimp on Heavy Ammo, after all you can't be killed if all your enemies are already dead from a barrage of rockets.

    Staying Alive
    Whilst Sunsinger is the only sub-class that can come back to life if killed in the Hard Raid, that won't help you much here. However the Defender's Ward of Dawn will make not dying in the first place much easier. If you think you are about to be killed you can use the Armor of Light to create a protective shield. When protecting Sync Plates or Confluxes, 2 Defenders could take it in turns using their super, meaning you will always have a safe zone. With a fireteam of 6 Defenders you can mix it up with Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light granting overshields and increased weapon damage. Armor that increases Intelligence, Gift of the Void and Untouchable will help maximize the amount of time Ward of Dawn is active.

    Don't forget that in Vault of Glass when you pick up the Relic you can create a shield (hold cn_LB) which stops incoming damage but allows weapons to be fired through it.

    There are more ways of dying than simply being shot. In Vault of Glass there is the part with the Gorgons (white Harpy). If you have your route down you should be fine. Stick together. Make sure your heavy weapons, grenades and supers are ready so you can kill a Gorgon in case you are seen, but remember it is unlikely you will be able to kill a second one. You may want to skip the chest that is in this area this time. It will also only take one person making a mistimed jump across the ravine to end your attempt.

    Find a Good Group
    Do the normal Raid each week to find 5 other people that you get on well with. You can always repeat the Raid again that week with a different group. Even if you don't get any rewards the practice will help. Be aware of where the other players are so you do not bump into them causing them to fall of a platform, or stand in front of someone using Rockets. Don't even consider attempting this until your group can complete the Raid in about an hour. Having said that, see my next point.

    Take Your Time
    This isn't a speed run. It is better to lose a sync plate, or allow one sacrifice than die trying to protect it. Make sure everyone's super is charged before you trigger the next battle. Use the couple of minutes to grab a drink and stretch your legs.

    Practice, Practice, Practice
    Once you know how to complete the Raid and you are level 29 or above, you should not be dying in combat if you have the right group. If someone dies then I suggest finishing the Raid so you can practice all parts of it (unless you are close to the start). If there is a particular part you need to practice and you have more than one character, then swap characters to get that checkpoint on your other character. Then you can keep restarting the Raid from that point until you have perfected it.

    Nasty Little Bugs
    This game has all manner of glitches that will make this achievement particularly frustrating. The sound can mess up so that you cannot hear the enemy shooting at you, or you can only hear two people in the party even though they can all hear you. The servers can lag when busy and frequently disconnect you, sending you back to orbit for no reason. In Vault of Glass you could lose all your weapons or get stuck in an endless loop in a portal or the person with the Relic can find they cannot use the super.

    For more details on how to complete each raid, refer to my Solution for Raider in Destiny

    Good luck
  • SycomaniaaSycomaniaa229,705
    04 Nov 2014 05 Nov 2014
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    For those of you who are better at following written directions, read the solutions above. If you prefer visuals and want to see exactly what we did I'll post the link of the video. In case it doesn't show up my channel is (Brendan MaNiA). Hope you guys enjoy. We failed at the end so many times because of the BBS (Bungie BS). Good Luck :D
  • CenrailCenrail390,470
    06 Feb 2015 03 Mar 2015 24 Jun 2016
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    EDIT: With the level cap raised to 40, the implementation of the light level system and the nerf of the Gjallahorn you may now disregard whatever is listed below and in the guide when it comes to gear/level requirements.

    External image


    Flawless raider is arguably the toughest achievement in Destiny. Your own skill is not the only factor that might prevent you from earning this achievement, the quality of your companions and whether or not they are capable of coordinating as a team are equally important.

    After a lot of trial and error, tweaking the strategies and doing attempts with fireteams consisting of different individual participants i have unlocked this achievement and i have decided to share our strategy in detail with you. I am hoping this guide will be able to aid at least some among you in tackling this test of teamwork. We were able to do it on both Crota and Vault of Glass.

    I have decided to write guides for both the Vault of Glass and for Crota's end. ( See detailed guides for both raides below)

    This guide is no guarantee for success. It's no fool proof plan that cannot go wrong ; it is merely a strategy that worked for my team and lets us run these raids with the least amount of casualties. The guides may not always provide the fastest strategy or even what some could argue to be the 'best' strategy. These strategies try to cover the 'safest' strategies for the average group of destiny players. These guides shy away from trick jumps, complicated glitches and anything that is just not feasible with your average fireteam. If you find yourself blessed with an extremely gifted group of players then by all means; do your thing but if you are like me and you are what i would describe an 'average' player who has to lead other 'average' players through the raid without casualties then this is the way to go.

    Moving on...

    1. Preparation

    -Ensure that everybody in your team has a fresh set of batteries in their controller.
    -You have to finish this session with the 6 people that started the raid. People are not allowed to rejoin if they are being disconnected. If a person disconnects during the last phase of the raid it would be a waste to restart because the final sections of the raids are easily done with only 5 people. At that point you want to ensure that none of your random friends joins you so make sure that your fireteam is closed before you start.

    This is how you do that :

    Xbox One

    1.From the roster section, select the icon at the top of your Fireteam roster. This will take you to Xbox Home.

    2.Select Friends.

    3.Select My profile.

    4.On the right under JOIN IN, select Destiny.

    5.Set the third option to Require invites and not Set to joinable.


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    I will probably be tweaking this guide some more over the next few weeks but in the meanwhile i am willing to answer any questions regarding this guide. Just ask them in the comments below and i will get to them as soon as possible.


    External image

    picture sources:
    19 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014 28 Nov 2014
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    Don't be worry about the Atheon glitch.

    What you need to do if only one (or) two (people) get teleported is the one person needst to take the relic and exit through the portal ignoring all enemies including the oracles.

    So if any number of people other then 3 teleport just grab the relic and run past the enemies and exit through the portal continuing to fight Atheon.

    You will not get times Vengeance this time but you will have an attempt again for the next cycle.

    Hope this helps for the glitch ending many peoples flawless raider run-thoughs!
  • Noodle Guy 87Noodle Guy 87119,892
    04 Jan 2015 04 Jan 2015
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    Just a quick heads up for anyone who has been struggling with this. You can now obtain this very easily in Crota's End.

    First let me warn you that in a group once you pass through the light at the end of the first section some of you will hear guardian down and you will lose heavy ammo, this does not void the achievement.

    Ok so for the first section have some lamp bounce over the wall and solo this section for the whole group.

    For the bridge section there are many ways to cheese this but the safest is to all go into the room the sword bearer spawns from and up onto the ledges at the back while one person triggers the enemies to spawn and then comes and joins you. After a few seconds the enemies apart from sword bearer will despawn and then you are free to just get up high and snipe the enemies across the bridge untill you have killed the 2 ogres.

    For the long shrieker hallway, Stay near the starting door, kill the first shrieker then back right up the way you came from so the death rays that chase you cannot reach anyone. Do the same for the second one and then simply run to the end of the hallway to stop the thralls from spawning.

    Now onto Ir Yut, Probably the only risky part to this raid using so much cheese. Have 1 person run into either side to trigger the wizards to chase you now simply jump up to where the Hive knights usually spawn during the crota fight and snipe them fromup there. Now have 1 person go into each side with rockets (Preferably Gjallarhorn and shoot 1 rocket at each shrieker and return to your team up on the platforms) and simply continue to pick off the remaining enemies to reach the final encounter

    Now you have reached crota himself. The easiest and safest way to do this is to clear both left and ride sides of the crystal and then have the host disconnect once crota is downed to ensure victory since he will remain on his knees the whole time. (PLEASE NOTE Someone disconnecting will not void the achievement)

    Now simply kill the sword bearer while 1-2 people kill the top left knights and go to town on crota while he bows down before you.

    A few additional things to mention

    1 Person will have left the game (Host) so you will need to do the run twice for everyone to get the cheevo unless you cheese crota with using 2 swords or simply kill him legit

    If you use the method of the host leaving make sure he DOES NOT reload destiny until you all have killed crota or else it will automatically have him rejoin the game

    If you die from falling into the abyss at the start simply return to orbit and try again

    I would say you have very limited time to use the above methods as patches are sure to come this month to fix all this cheese

    If you use youtube you will find videos of every method i mentioned above.

    If you do not like cheese then this is not for you but after seeing a friend of mine join 20+ sessions for this cheevo and i tried for the first time ever last night and unlocked it within an hour this is without a doubt the safest method as of right now (Jan 4th 2015)
  • JetLagFoxJetLagFox193,140
    05 Jul 2015 09 Jul 2015 11 Jul 2015
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    It´s quite clear how to get the achievement with the guides already posted, but I will explain my way how to get it playing solo in Crota.

    To do it I used the hunter, in my case level 34 although it can be done also with at least level 32.

    This is the hunter subclass setup I used:

    External image

    These are the weapons I used:

    - Gjallahorn: Must have. If you don´t have it you can´t run Crota solo.
    - Icebreaker: Just to do heave weapon glitch and to kill the first ogre. (required if you want to do it).
    - No Land Beyond: Just to do heavy weapon glitch. (not necessary)
    - Swordbreaker: Used basecally with Knights.
    - Hunger of Crota: Just used when doing heavy weapon glitch (not necessary).
    - Fatebringer: Is not necessary but very recommended.
    - Black Hammer: Used basecally with Knights.

    The armor I highly recommend using is "Don´t touch me" gauntlets and one boots that allows you to carry one more rocket for the heavy weapon. Use the defender class with invisibility setup.

    I will resume the important tips you have to take into account so that you can run Crota with guarantee. This raid is divided in 5 areas: Lamps - Bridge - Howlers - Wizards/Ir Yut - Crota.

    - Lamps: With "Don´t touch me" is very easy to go through this area. I start with Fatebringer, Icebreaker (it gives you +2 of agility) and Hunger of Crota. When you activate the last lamp wait until it goes red and activate the brigde, and just jump to the rock closed to the last lamp. Once the ogre appears kill it with the Icebreaker. At this point I change the equipment to Fatebringer, Swordbreaker and Gjallahorn, also take a recharge of heavy weapon ammunition to use it with the 2 ogres at the bridge.

    - Bridge: As far as I know, we have to do this part in the normal way. We have to activate the bridge and try to kill the swordbearer as close to the activation circle as possible. Once the bridge is built we have to take the sword and run through it, giving a little jump at the finish. On the other side we kill the swordbearer and we can start killing all the little enemies we see until the two ogres appear. Each ogre needs three rockets, just be carefull with the wizards.

    - Howlers: If you have any rockets left, kill the first howler from the beginning. To kill the second one, go invisible and jump to the second rock so that enemies can´t touch you, and kill from there the second howler. At this point is recommended to do the heavy weapon glitch so that we can kill the 2 wizards and the 2 howlers in the next area (each wizard needs 2 rockets and each howler needs 1 rocket).

    - Wizards/Ir Yut: We have to be fast. I always start from the left wizard which is a bit more difficuld due to the amount of Knights. Launching two rockets to the wizard will kill her, wait until the howler appear and kill it with one rocket, and run to the right side. Use the same tactic, but when killing the second howler run to the tower. Its recommend to clear the enemies so that we can enter to kill Ir Yut easier. If we have rockets left use them with the Kights, and recharge the rockets because we will use them with Ir Yut. Wait until she starts singing to run to the center, and jump to the cornise (as in the video below). Once there launch all the rockect until she dies, and then leave the area. Now we only have to kill all the enemies, just take your time and use the black hammer to kill the Knights. You can also do the heavy weapon glitch as I did, but is not necessary because you can do it later.

    - Crota: Once we have killed all the enemies, we will prepare to do the heavy weapon glitch. We will need 4 rockets per sword to make Crota kneel down (twice per sword), but is preferable to have enough rockets. I recommend to kill the first swordbearer with the swordbreaker from the position you take the chalice, this way we will have more time to hit Crota, but depends if you are hit, don´t take unnecesary risks. With two swords you can kill Crota, if you need a
    third one ogres will appear. Be carefull because if you can´t kill Crota with more than 4 swords he will enter in fury, and you will be killed.

  • IsithrimIsithrim351,022
    28 Nov 2014 08 Dec 2014
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    Hello guys, here's our Flawless Raid played on Normal. Some tips you should know are displayed in the video, such as the correct and safe way to pass the Gorgon's Labyrinth and the Jump Puzzle.
    We never used rockets except for Atheon's fight, just to be safe

    For the final fight, versus Atheon, you should be prepared on some glitches. The most annoying are correlated to the Time Flux:
    - If NOBODY gets teleported you should do nothing, shoot Atheon and wait for next teleportation
    - If 1 player gets teleported he musts pick up the relic, avoid enemies, and suddenly get out before he succumbs to the oracles. This way nobody will die, but you will not get "Time's Vengeance" multiplier
    - If 2 players get teleported they should destroy enemies/oracles and call for a third person to come inside and help them
    - If 3 or more players get teleported they just do it normally.

    When the time travellers completed their task, they should regroup themselves near the door which they entered before in order to get cleansed.
    We NEVER went to the middle platform, because sometimes it could be glitched.
    Our suggestion is to have the relic holder continously shooting at the supplicants, helped by another player with an heavy machine gun. The other four players will shoot at Atheon with Gjallarhorn or something similar.
    Don't mind if you do not get the "Time's Vengeance" multiplier, keep shooting Atheon in order to avoid the Enrage Mode.

    If you use rockets you should keep attention to Atheon's bullets, because they will make your rockets explode in your face.

    If someone of your fireteam gets kicked to the orbit, he should NOT rejoin, otherwise it will be counted as DEATH. The remaining members of the fireteam could continue and unlock the achievements if they want.
    We suggest you to create the fireteam and then, before starting, everybody should "appear offline": doing this, if somebody gets kicked, nobody will join your fireteam.

    If you have any questions just comment below
    12 Jul 2016 07 Jan 2017 07 Jan 2017
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    We managed to do this first try and we are mostly average players so this isn't the hardest achievement to get - all it takes is a little patience and motivation. You'll want to limit the amount of players you take with you as this will heavily affect your rate of success - the less players the better. There were three of us (two Warlocks and a Hunter) and we chose to do it on Crota on normal difficulty as this is the easiest and quickest of all the raids.

    Part One - The Pit
    We all jumped down, leaving a little space as we didn't want to bounce off of each other upon landing. We all used Red Death as a primary, any weapon that had the Life Support as a secondary and machine guns in our heavy slot. For supers, we used anything that did area of effect damage so Stormtrance, Solar grenades with Sunbreakers etc. We moved as a team from lamp to lamp, making sure to cover any teammate that lagged behind and avoid all holes. We reached the end, activated the bridge and jumped on top of the rock near the lamp. We then prioritized the Ogre when it spawned then just moped up the remaining
    Thrall. We then ran across the bridge to move on to the next section.

    Part Two - The Bridge
    We all ran down the stairs (you can survive just jumping but we didn't want to take any risks) - two people ran to the Totems while the remaining player ran to the bridge-building plate. We built the bridge, killed the Swordbearer and ran across the bridge (you may need to jump the last part of the bridge as it will deconstruct), killed the Gatekeeper and sat behind the lamp thing on the left side. The other two players then jumped on to the top of the giant tower on the right side before the bridge and then jumped to the very top to despawn all the enemies below. They then switched to Icebreaker (any high impact sniper will do but Icebreaker was used for the ammo regeneration) and sniped the Ogres across the bridge and when the section was complete, fell off, being careful to jump just before they landed.

    Part Three - The Thrallway
    We all then changed our heavy to a rocket launcher - you can use any with a good blast radius but we used Gjallerhorn just to be sure, changing our primary weapon to anything we felt comfortable with and that was good for killing mobs. We Gjallerhorned the Shriekers and mopped up any Thrall that got in the way, leaving the chest and jumped down below.

    Part Four - Ir-Yut
    We chose a side to start on first and all ran as a team - two players ran immediately to the tower while the other ran into the hallway to cause the wizard to come out. The wizard was Gjallerhorned as well as the Shrieker and the process was repeated for the other side. Then, all moving together, we ran into the hallway, spraying Gjallerhorn rockets at Ir-Yut, then quickly retreated into one of the towers. Then we switched back to Icebreaker to mop up the remaining enemies. Two players then re-equipped Gjallerhorn while the other re-equipped Red Death.

    Part Five - Crota
    We all stood on the middle plate and cleared the adds on both sides. Then the two players with Gjallerhorn ran to the middle ledge while the other ran to the middle for the Chalice and to kill the Swordbearer. The players on the ledge fired rockets at the Swordbearer while the middle player sprayed at the Thrall. Once dead, the sword was picked up by the middle player who ran to the small ledge to the right of Crota's platform. The other two players then shot two Gjallerhorn rockets at Crota which took him down - the player holding the sword did three slams before retreating. The process was then repeated and Crota was killed! If Crota doesn't die, just retreated to the room with the crystal and repeat the process.

    Overall, this isn't too difficult. Although it can be frustrating at times, don't lose hope - just quit and try again another time. Being frustrated can cause silly mistakes which will ruin the run. Good luck Guardians!
  • GSC femontanhaGSC femontanha287,753
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    A video solution only with 3 players!!

  • DarzlatDarzlat121,705
    24 Apr 2015 11 Jun 2015
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    FORGET ABOUT VAULT OF GLASS AND TRY TO DO THIS ON CROTA'S END. If you have the expansion pass, try to do this on Crota's End. Vault of glass is easier but it's much longer. It takes 80 minutes to complete Vault of glass and only 20 minutes to complete Crota. Crota is approximately 1.5 times harder than vault of glass but also 4 times shorter. Before you even think about attempting this achievement, make sure you have FULLY UPGRADED weapons and gear. For this you're going to have to be at least level 31 (I was a level 31 warlock). Make sure to have lots (10-50) ammo sins of each type . Make sure to have a good sniper and a good rocket launcher (I used Atheon's apologue, the black hammer and the dragon's breath). Do not kill yourselves with the rocket launchers, it is going to make you rage!
    TALK!!! Communication is the key!

    My tips:

    For the abyss, stay together. If you split up the thralls are going to kill you. Make sure to move slowly, you're gonna fall into the holes if you're too quick.

    For the bridge part: if you can't jump across the bridge of go on the roof, do this legit (I did it legit). Make sure to jump on the little platforms and snipe the swordbearer. After you cross the bridge, kill the gatekeeper and wait for the other players. Remember one thing: this part is very easy, it just takes a long time (5-10 minutes).

    For the shreiker tunnel part: Slowly drop down. Then once you're in the tunnel, let the Titans pop a bubble (one by one) then hit the shreiker with your rocket launchers and Nova bombs and then immediately hide in the bubble. Once the 1st shreiker is dead, repeat this with the next one.

    For the deathsinger part (the hardest one), let three people go to the left and three people go to the right. As soon as you enter the room, the timer will start, so make sure to do that quickly. Before going into the deathsinger's room, make sure to kill all the Knights and all the Wizards. Then enter the room from both sides (3 people from one side and three people from the other side). Use the strategy they I've mentioned before in order to kill the shreikers. Once both of them are dead, shoot your rockets on the deathsinger. The rockets are gonna kill it quickly. Keep in mind that you're running on a timer. So do this quickly!!!

    For Crota, after you summon it, kill all the enemies, kill the swordbearer, make sure one of you picks up the sword and the chalice and then hide back into the room. Shoot your rockets at Crota and let she swordbearer take out as much health as possible from Crota. If Crota goes on the other side of the map or if ogres spawn, go in the room underneath the black crystal, kill the ogres and shoot some bullets on the swordbearer (do not kill him, leave him 5% of his life). After this Crota should come back at the point where he spawns. Then just kill the swordbearer let one of you grab the sword and then go back into the room with the crystal. shoot your rockets at Crota and let the swordbearer take out as much health as possible from Crota. 2-3 swords should be enough. After you kill him, watch your achievement pop and there you go, you've unlocked the hardest achievement in the game!!!
  • flatline334flatline33484,222
    26 Mar 2015 22 Jun 2015
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    Crota's end is by far the easiest way to get this achievement. I three manned it with two of my friends and it took us three attempts. Just take your time and communicate. The bridge can be tricky to three man, get one guy across legit and the other two get above the map to despawn everything. The shrieker hallway can ruin a run so be careful in there. Ir yut and crota are a joke so once you get there just play it safe and you are home free. For double points make sure everybody is in your clan.
  • oO Link X007 OooO Link X007 Oo252,132 252,132 GamerScore
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    Suggested team: All 30-32, don't even bother trying with anyone lower than that it is just a waste of time and you will be carrying them the whole way.
    Have 2 titans with weapons of light unlocked. As mentioned by Runner eGirl , you might want everyone to appear offline so no one can jump into your session accidentally, since they will spawn in dead and thus voiding the achievement.

    Pre-Game: Choose a host, this person will be disconnecting from the raid at the very end and will not be joining back. So to be fair you might have to run the session twice for everyone to get the achievement. Designated roles through out the process listed below. IE who is running the lantern maze, who will be triggering the wizards, killing shriekers, ETC. A little time spent here will pay off in the end. Once everyone knows their roles take that long jump down. Take your time with these sections. The raid is very short in comparison to Vault of Glass and less random deaths will occur, but you still might get some odd bungie bug.


    Long Jump down: Spawn the bridge by standing on the plate. wait till the bridge has spawned fully before crossing. Now some people have problems not dying at the bottom so as a suggestion I would recommend spacing out your falls. Secondly triggering your second jump, boosters, or floating right after it says spawning disabled. This will cause the least amount of damage possible (My hunter would just scrap by at this point at level 31).

    Lanterns section: One person lantern jumps from second lantern. Follow around on path till you get to the bridge spawn, jump on some rocks to kill off ogre. The guy messes up in the video at this part, because he fails to jump over the shots fired by ogre, plus he is level 27.
    Video for help:

    IMPORTANT; IF YOU HEAR GUARDIAN DOWN AFTER TRANSITION TO NEW AREA DON'T PANIC. IT WILL STILL WORK. You might even see a hit x to revive on your screen (don't touch it just in case). But you should all be fine. Mind you please check to see that there are no people down before going to the next area.

    Bridge Section: Go to the back where Sword Knight spawns hide on stacks in the back for 5-15 seconds, this will despawn all enemies except Sword Knight. Hop on your favourite raised area outside and start killing across bridge. Take out the wizard and two ogres before spawning and crossing the bridge.
    Video for help:

    Shriekers section: Gally the first one, titan put up a shield to block purple. move up slowly killing, Gally the second after titan has shield ready to block purple. Move forward killing the remaining enemies. Don't even bother with any chests in this run, its not worth rushing to get to the door at the end of this hallway.

    PreCrota section: (Hardest part of the raid). Split up into two groups, one left one right. Jump onto the boomer spawns on opposite sides of the map. DO NOT SHOOT AT OR TRY NOT TO TOUCH ANY KNIGHTS YET. Once everyone is in position have someone on each side activate the wizards. Kill off the wizards with your snipers. Once they are down or shot at sometimes the Deathsinger's song will start. You need to be quick as you have about 3 minutes once the song starts to kill the Deathsinger. Have one person on each side ready to go and Gally the Shriekers inside. Drop weapons of light from titans and go kill the Deathsinger. Once its dead, mop up the rest of the enemies and get ready for Crota.
    Video for help:

    Crota: Disconnects still work. Reminder the host should be disconnecting and not coming back in. First bit, stand on the crystal. Next branch off left and right take out enemies, titans should drop shields if needed. Meet in the middle under the tower (this way you avoid all the snipers). Titan with weapons of light and person doing the sword will be the only ones outside. Now the fun part. Drop Crota to his knees, and host disconnects. See below for details how to do this. If done right this should keep him down. Next drop the sword barer knight. Once he is dead the sword carrier (pref level 32) and titan go out. Use weapons of light around Crota and have the sword barer start swinging. If you can't drop him in one go, rally back at the middle under the tower (have the sword runner grab chalice if need be). Kill off ogre's before venturing outside. Locate new sword barer, kill him and repeat the above steps with Crota.
    Video for Help:

    Achievement should pop in game, if not goto orbit and swap out characters.

    Instructions how to make Crota Kneel.

    Everyone except the host should be ready with rockets (Gally or Hezen pref) and one person (to be safe) with an assault rifle (don't matter what, just a good enough clip size). Everyone fires rockets at Crota while the rifle person fires at Crota to keep shield going down between rocket reloads. Once Crota falls to his Knees the host will dissconect completely from the game.

    The host before the onslaught will hit the guide button cn_guide, hit the start/menu button cn_start and move down to and hover on QUIT. When Crota is dropped to his knees the host should hit quit. This will mess up the server and trap Crota. So someone in the party needs to direct the host when to quit out.

    Sorry lot s of writing, but it is fairly straight forward once you know what you are doing. Don't be afraid to practice sections of this raid as again this is incredibly faster than Vault of Glass.
  • DANOtheNAILERDANOtheNAILER53,163 53,163 GamerScore
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    Just some tips if you are new to Destiny and looking to attempt Flawless Raider

    - Do Crota, it's far easier to flawless than VoG

    - For the dark hallway (where weight of darkness affects you), send one person (who can solo it easily) as this will minimise the chance of a death.

    - When you need to get over the bridge, if people can cheese this part, let them, as it'll reduce the amount of people getting shot at.

    - Thrallway (where you get rushed by an infinite amount of thrall) - If a Titan is on the team (with a fully upgraded Defender class) , Blessings of Light will help out here, to help take damage from the Shreikers

    It Yut (Deathsinger) - If there are Titans on the team, use Blessings if you have one, and Weapons and Blessings if you have two when you get into Ir Yut. Also, if people have the Sleeper Simulant, I would recommend that it is used as it'll kill pretty quickly.

    Crota - Preferably have someone who is an experienced Swordbearer, if no one is experienced, Hunters are the easiest class to do it on.

    Side notes

    - If someone does die, go to orbit and start fresh, no checkpoints can help unfortunately.

    - If a death occurs, you can use the time to try strategies before returning to orbit.

    - If Titans have Helm of Saint-14, then that'll help out with the Defender Subclass (which they should be running)

    - Warlocks shouldn't bother with Sunsinger, as Self-Rez will be useless (as you can't die), so I would recommend them using one of the other subclasses.

    - Use a Hunter for Swordbearer if possible, as it'll reduce the risk of them dying if they have Bladedancer fully levelled up
  • ClearestxGhostClearestxGhost278,080
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    Hello All this is my first post and more of a tip supply rather than a guide.
    This guide is for Crotas End as I (and my group) had found this easier then VoG.

    Tip 1: First you try and find a group of competent Destiny players, they should be level 32 but I don't see why a cautious group of 30's + (The sword bearer really should be 32 for extra damage resistance).

    Tip 2: Weapons, Primary isn't too important use what you feel best with, I enjoy my fatebringer but I know the Vex Mythoclast is good. You will need a black hammer or Icebreaker (I used both as only one exotic is used at a time). You should have a Gjallahorn or Hunger of Crota as they have tracer and clusters. Ghorn is a priority for killing crota, two rockets from a fully upgraded one shall down crota on normal.

    Tip 3: You should consider a small group as it lessens the probability of a death and a large fireteam is not necessary, we used four as it was rather easy for the group to split off in teams of two for Ir Ryut. It can be done solo if you are a great player and daring enough but an ideal number is three, one to sword bear and one rocket from each of the other two to down crota.

    Tip 4: Descending into the darkness - once you form the bridge do not have your whole team descend as people may die whilst falling or from impact. If you have someone to solo it, hunter is able to do with ease or titan if they use rock jump at second lamp to de-spawn enemies and clear with ease. If you must run legit take time and always call out when you move, stick tight as a squad. When at the second bridge construction to clear the path have the party members jump on the various rocks to stay away from thralls and focus fire on the ogre, if your a titan pop a bubble and hide in it, timing is key pop it at the final moment to live, if hunter use invisibility to stay out of sight, you have three invisibility options, four with special gauntlets, use special and go invisible, knife a foe and go invisible and lastly crouch till invisible.

    Tip 5: For this section have all except one player jump up on to the "de-spawn" tower through the 'glitch" spots. Have the remaining player kill the swordbearer and use the jump swing across the bridge (this shouldn't be spawned). If you dont understand search for "cheesing the bridge". Have the person who made it across crouch by one of the monoliths near the bridge so enemies forget about them. Now have the other use their snipers to pick off all enemies, you must kill the left and right ogres for all enemies to despawn and cause this stage to end.

    Tip 6: The trallway, you need to take down two shriekers a maxed Ghorn only needs one shot on them, work as a team to cover the one with the rocket from thralls to take out the shriekers and run back either out to the last stage or into the big room and pop a bubble. If you have a hunter they can go invisible and run through the hallway without thrall detection, for second shrieker jump on once of the tombs to be out of the thralls reach.

    Tip 7: For this split into two squads, go left and right, run through the room in a circle to draw out the wizard and take them both down. Then take down the shriekers within. Be cautious, stack up on the right side (left if you look from crotas P.O.V) wait for the liturgy to begin and rush in to finish off the final wizard. While waiting for the liturgy to begin kill some of the other trash in your way. Once the third is dead rush out and kill all knights and acolytes, don't kill the sword knights until nothing else spawns.

    Tip 8: Run middle strat to be extra safe, keep your back off the wall so thralls don't claw you through it. Listen to your bearer as its their call, don't rush hits, just do three strikes and down twice per sword. Share the relic if needed to keep max health. Use the heavy ammo glitch if you feel you need to at the start.

    Take breaks if you must, be patient. It will come.
    P.S Please send me feedback or comment as i'd like to improve for my future solutions. Thanks for reading.
  • EarlyEarly191,033
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    This achievement can be easily done by three level 32's with upgraded rockets pretty easily with the exploits shown in the video. The video is literally me getting carried through for the achievement this is the whole run no cuts!

  • Isaiah 53 KJVIsaiah 53 KJV105,139
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