Flawless Raider achievement in Destiny

Flawless Raider

Complete a Raid without anyone in your fireteam dying.

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How to unlock the Flawless Raider achievement

  • qDirtyBryanpqDirtyBryanp831,520
    05 Dec 2014 10 Oct 2014 17 Feb 2015
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    Just a heads up for the people going for this. You cannot have someone join late and get the achievement only the 6 people that are in game from start to finish will get it if someone lags out or gets sent back to orbit you must re-do the raid from the beginning

    EDIT3!!!: A lot of you are mad at me because I said don't try this if you are a 29. Let me reiterate what I was trying to say. This was from my personal experiences like I said. You don't have to take what I said there to heart it was just the steps I took to ensure that I got the achievement. There was ALWAYS that one guy who couldn't stay alive and most of the time it was a level 29. (there were some 30's who couldn't make the cut as well.) Again I played elitest and only took the best of the best from each group that I played with. If I saw someone dying or playing stupid I made sure not to play with them again. That was just me. If you unlock it from grinding it out day after day after day then more power to you, but I wasn't about to do that.

    EDIT2!!!: I'm willing to help just message me on xbox but know your jumps

    EDIT!!!: Now that I have finally unlocked this achievement here are a few tips from my personal experiences...
    1. If you are not all 6 level 30 or up (and after the DLC is released there is NO REASON that you should not be level 30) do not even attempt the flawless raid I had a few level 29's play with me and they were like "I can hold my own I'm good I swear" don't listen to them it's not about being good its about the damage reduction.

    2. Be Patient on all jumping sections and go one at a time... NO EXCEPTIONS. I have had numerous occasions where someone died because they would not wait their turn on the jumping section they either bumped into someone and fell off or knocked the other person off.

    3. Lastly Find people that know what they are doing and have them prove it... I have had times where they were just clueless on every aspect of what we were trying to accomplish. Some people are just not cut out for flawless no matter how many times they try and sorry for those of you that are like that but you need to be replaced for now (maybe you will have a shot when the level cap is raised). I used to play with anybody that wanted the achievement but it just doesn't work like that, I then went to being an elitist and finding the best gamers to accomplish the task weeding out all the players that I felt could not do it and look what happened I unlocked it

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    liviaroTo complete VoG flawless you need AT LEAST a 4 person fireteam, however a full fireteam are recommended
    Posted by liviaro on 01 Jan 17 at 08:00
    EX slay3rI did this Achievement solo using only one hand. So yeah it's doable and really easy on Crota's End. Here's a video of it: https://www.bungie.net/en/Community/Detail?itemId=223104119 I'd appreciate it if someone could leave a like. :)
    Posted by EX slay3r on 15 Mar 17 at 09:41
    spades59I'm still looking to attempt this. If anyone needs an extra hit me up.
    GT: Spades59
    Posted by spades59 on 01 Aug 17 at 18:34
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  • SycomaniaaSycomaniaa267,981
    04 Nov 2014 05 Nov 2014
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    For those of you who are better at following written directions, read the solutions above. If you prefer visuals and want to see exactly what we did I'll post the link of the video. In case it doesn't show up my channel is (Brendan MaNiA). Hope you guys enjoy. We failed at the end so many times because of the BBS (Bungie BS). Good Luck :D
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    SycomaniaaThe people I played with tried for about a month before I joined them. Took us about a week but we only tried a couple times a night. I only died once on some BBS though.
    Posted by Sycomaniaa on 18 Nov 14 at 07:08
    HARD2KILL NYSampha, as long as you dont kill anything and get out right away, you do not succumb to oracles. For some reason i have only seen the teleport glitch and flawless runs only.
    Posted by HARD2KILL NY on 22 Nov 14 at 19:56
    Infamous DeobloI want this achievement BADLY! At the time of posting this, I'm a lvl 32 Warlock with the guns to handle the job. Who ever wants this achievement my gt is Infamous Deoblo
    Posted by Infamous Deoblo on 30 Dec 14 at 01:01
  • CenrailCenrail447,929
    06 Feb 2015 03 Mar 2015 24 Jun 2016
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    EDIT: With the level cap raised to 40, the implementation of the light level system and the nerf of the Gjallahorn you may now disregard whatever is listed below and in the guide when it comes to gear/level requirements.

    External image


    Flawless raider is arguably the toughest achievement in Destiny. Your own skill is not the only factor that might prevent you from earning this achievement, the quality of your companions and whether or not they are capable of coordinating as a team are equally important.

    After a lot of trial and error, tweaking the strategies and doing attempts with fireteams consisting of different individual participants i have unlocked this achievement and i have decided to share our strategy in detail with you. I am hoping this guide will be able to aid at least some among you in tackling this test of teamwork. We were able to do it on both Crota and Vault of Glass.

    I have decided to write guides for both the Vault of Glass and for Crota's end. ( See detailed guides for both raides below)

    This guide is no guarantee for success. It's no fool proof plan that cannot go wrong ; it is merely a strategy that worked for my team and lets us run these raids with the least amount of casualties. The guides may not always provide the fastest strategy or even what some could argue to be the 'best' strategy. These strategies try to cover the 'safest' strategies for the average group of destiny players. These guides shy away from trick jumps, complicated glitches and anything that is just not feasible with your average fireteam. If you find yourself blessed with an extremely gifted group of players then by all means; do your thing but if you are like me and you are what i would describe an 'average' player who has to lead other 'average' players through the raid without casualties then this is the way to go.

    Moving on...

    1. Preparation

    -Ensure that everybody in your team has a fresh set of batteries in their controller.
    -You have to finish this session with the 6 people that started the raid. People are not allowed to rejoin if they are being disconnected. If a person disconnects during the last phase of the raid it would be a waste to restart because the final sections of the raids are easily done with only 5 people. At that point you want to ensure that none of your random friends joins you so make sure that your fireteam is closed before you start.

    This is how you do that :

    Xbox One

    1.From the roster section, select the icon at the top of your Fireteam roster. This will take you to Xbox Home.

    2.Select Friends.

    3.Select My profile.

    4.On the right under JOIN IN, select Destiny.

    5.Set the third option to Require invites and not Set to joinable.


    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***


    I will probably be tweaking this guide some more over the next few weeks but in the meanwhile i am willing to answer any questions regarding this guide. Just ask them in the comments below and i will get to them as soon as possible.


    External image

    picture sources:

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    CenrailWell, one thing that pleads in favor of sunsinger could be radiant skin which makes you more or less indestructable. I will squeeze that in. Thanks for the suggestions.
    Posted by Cenrail on 10 Jun 15 at 18:15
    Darkness727420So I have done flawless on the 360 version using the crotas end. Your guide for crota is spot on, with the exception of a few typos but that is neither here nor there. I should note that I was bored this morning and what better way to pass time then read guides lol. Anyway the only thing you left out for the 1st section when soloing, is the other team members should go to the left side along the rock wall and ease their way forward after the hunter has made it to light 2 or 3. This causes the thrall to despawn around the hunter and spawn around the group lagging behind. This helps the hunter tremendously, as I was the hunter soloing, I've literally had thrall right in front of me and disappear (I was crouching but not invisible yet). The only issue with this is the laggers will have a weight of 10 constantly and have to watch out for holes, giggity. This isn't to difficult as long as people are calling out where the hole is(have a designated hole caller). Now the thrall will occasionally go after the hunter but every few seconds will despawn and go after the laggers. The only tricky part is getting to the rock at the bridge, left or right rock works as I've tried and tested both. Now I understand this method might work best with people you know, but my group was doing pretty good considering we had no chemistry. Only thing that was an issue was myself if I didn't make it on the rock, I panicked the first few times and got destroyed. I then chilled out and if I didnt make it I would first crouch behind the rock I missed until I went invisible, then moved to the tall rock next to the small less cool rock by the light. Crouched went invisible, some luck is involved when doing this. If you get to the tall rock, sometimes the thrall will know where you are sometimes they won't. Best to have all your armor into discipline to reduce blink strike cool down. Keep moving between the rocks by the bridge and the tall rock by crouching and knifing. Try to save your super until after the bridge is formed. I realized that when it says it's formed it's really not there, that's why it's best to wait a few seconds to cross when it says it formed. The ogre I honestly didn't find to be any trouble, either on the rock or not so long as you keep going invisible he won't bother you. Plus if you shoot while your invisible you'll become visible thus making the effect less effective. Hope this helps you or anyone that reads this.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 04 Sep 16 at 14:33
    Darkness727420One more thing to note, my group was only 4 people. We figured the less people the less chance of someone dying.
    Posted by Darkness727420 on 04 Sep 16 at 14:58
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