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Vanguard Honor in Destiny (Xbox 360)

Vanguard Honor29 (20)

Attain Vanguard Rank 3.

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Mobius Evalon
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Mobius Evalon
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There are a few of ways to increase your Vanguard rank, most notably to accept and complete Vanguard bounties worth 50 or 100 reputation each. To accept a bounty and make it available for completion, you must visit Xander 99-40, the Tower's Bounty Tracker. This NPC is directly across the Tower's plaza area from where you spawn. Vanguard bounties range from things like killing 2 enemies with one fusion rifle shot 20 times, to gaining 9000 experience without dying, to killing specific named enemies within story missions on Herioc difficulty. If you need some pointers on a specific bounty, CTRL+F the name or scroll down about a page.

From time to time, you may also receive a message that is a Bounty Lead from Kadi 55-30, the Postmaster. Kadi is between the Tower spawn and Xander, and the Bounty Lead messages are white hexagons with the bounty symbol on them (that arrangement of 7 caltrops-looking things). When your cursor hovers over bounty leads in the messages screen, it will tell you what kind of bounty it is; sometimes it is a Crucible bounty which does nothing for your Vanguard score. I offer this nugget of information because bounty leads occupy one space in your five-slot bounty inventory even before you accept them for completion. On that note, you must take Bounty Leads from Kadi to Xander, then you can accept them for completion. Simply picking up the Bounty Lead does not accept the bounty.

The number of bounties available depends on your current level. There seems to be a small bug in the game programming, where remaining logged in through the daily reset time will allow you to repeat all of the day's bounties after dashboarding. This can be extremely beneficial to grind up the ranks fast because you can log in shortly before the reset, complete the day's bounties at your leisure, turn them all in, then dashboard to refresh the same set for completion again. Every day at 4 AM US Central the pool of available bounties is randomized again.

You can also complete patrol missions worth 10 or 25 reputation each depending on the mission. Patrolling an area is basically free-roam on any of the planets you've unlocked and the missions come in five basic types. The Strike playlist also rewards you with 10, 12, 14, or 25 Vanguard Reputation per strike depending on difficulty, in addition to awarding you Vanguard Marks, engrams, and high level equipment.

You can check your current Vanguard score by visiting your class Vanguard in the basement-like area directly across the Tower plaza from spawn, down the stairs.

Vanguard ranks unlock at:
Rank 1: 1500
Rank 2: 3500 (+2000 from rank 1)
Rank 3: 6000 (+2500 from rank 2)

I'll offer some pointers for specific challenges below. Some notes in general:
a) Bungie seems to be silently patching in anti-farming measures. Anti-camping measures seem to get triggered when you kill an entire group of enemies who all came from the same spawn a couple of times, which causes the game to stop spawning them temporarily. The only thing you can do is leave the immediate area and go kill something else indiscriminately, then check back at your farming spot to see if what you're there for has come back. For instance, at the listed Exalted Hive spot, I can only get the group to spawn 2 or 3 times before they stop appearing now, so I have to go somewhere else in the Cosmodrome and kill some Fallen to get them back. You will not run into this problem if there are other players in the area killing stuff, as it seems this anti-camping measure applies to the entire area instance and not each individual.
b) A "major" enemy has a yellow health bar and always has some kind of prefix or different name (e.g. Hallowed Knight, Reaver Vandal). There are fixed spawns for many majors on every planet, though when groups of enemies spawn, there is a small chance that any one of them could be a major. It's basically the same concept as a chubby enemy in Borderlands 2. An "ultra" enemy has a large yellow triangle with a skull in it to the left of their name, and are only bosses at the end of missions or strikes.
c) To clarify death, you are counted as "dead" the second you go down and require a revive. You cannot be revived and still get credit for a "do not die" challenge.
d) As a few people have reminded me, and what may be obvious anyway, is to combine these bounties when you can for efficiency's sake. For instance, If you have Cleansing Light and Relic Harvest - Venus, don't use my listed Mars spot for Cleansing Light; go to my listed pumice threads spot and use your supers there to get both done at once.

Exalted Hive (kill 10 Hive majors or ultras)
Hive are the ugly, shrieking, generally red enemies that you originally run into on the moon. They include thralls, acolytes, knights, ogres, and wizards (roughly in order of how difficult they are to kill).

The easiest place to find hive majors to kill is the Cosmodrome on Earth, though be aware the enemies I'll be leading you to are level 18. Select the option to Patrol the Cosmodrome and you will spawn up on a hill. Slightly to your left, you should see a red shack with a random assortment of 3 Fallen enemies just outside of it. It is 85 meters from where you spawn and there is a patrol mission right next to the building you're looking for. Head into the shack and down into the dark area, and follow the wall that runs alongside the staircase. The enemies you're looking for are two doors down on the right. You will find two Hallowed Acolytes and one Hallowed Knight.

It seems as though Bungie has tinkered with the spawn rates and enemy proximities in recent patches. These three Hive majors are still there, but for some reason, they will not respawn as long as the Fallen above you are alive. While you used to be able to simply wait by the stairs for 10-20 seconds to respawn the Hive enemies, you must now head back up the stairs and kill the Fallen idling around above you before the Hive respawn again. Fortunately, the length of time this action requires is enough to trigger the spawn of the Hive when you reach the room again.

Fallen Leaders (kill 10 Fallen majors or ultras)
Fallen are the sangheili-looking things that you encounter directly at the beginning of the game. They include shanks, dregs, vandals, and captains (in order of how difficult they are to kill).

Choose to patrol in the Cosmodrome and look right from the spawn, and you will find a large building with the text POGA on it. Go in there and continue out the other side of the building, turn right, and jump on the roof of the building here. You will notice this building has an L shape; when you first get here, a Reaver Vandal and three random buddies will be chilling out inside the nook of the L shape. When they are all dead, simply wait on the rooftop and a dropship will come by to dispense another Reaver Vandal and three more buddies approximately every 60 seconds. Camp out here as long as you need.

This is my favored spot for public event farming as well. At 15 and 45 past the hour, a Fallen Walker event spawns here.

Vex Minds (kill 10 Vex majors or ultras)
Vex are the Geth-looking enemies that you encounter on Venus. They include goblins, hobgoblins, harpies, hydras, and minotaurs (roughly in order of how difficult they are to kill, though hobgoblins are extremely talented at one-shotting you with their sniper rifle things.)

The only regularly respawning Vex majors I've located are way out in the Citadel, and they're Minotaurs. The entire Citadel area seems to have a high probability of spawning Axis Vex though, so just trawling around the area may yield majors quickly enough. The Citadel also seems to hemorrhage spirit bloom.

From the patrol spawn, head left and through the canyon to the Ember Caves. Hug the rock face on your right and take the right turn out of the area, and you'll end up in another canyon of Vex ruins before you reach the Citadel. In the opposite corner of this area from where you just entered is a conflux (one you interact with during a story mission) that has three level 13 Minotaurs standing around it, one of them being an Axis. Once you kill all three of them, you can simply wait on a column just outside of the cement area there. If you face the dark cave (where the minotaurs spawn) and turn 180 degrees, you'll see a short column that is approximately the same height as the area you're standing on with some grass on it. Wait there for the Minotaurs to come back.

If you're feeling brave or are in your light levels, there are also a pair of level 20 Axis Minotaurs at the end of the bridge overhead.

Walking Tall (complete a strike without dying)
You can access strikes either from any planet/moon in the Destination menu or by using the Vanguard strike playlist, though Vanguard strikes begin at level 18 and can be an issue if you're trying not to die.

This one is a bit tricky. Your first impulse may be to use Sepiks Prime because it's level 8, but the Fallen Walker tank halfway through the strike is very good at one-shotting you with its laser-beam missile, or getting enough hits in with the blue torrent cannon before you can run into cover. Phogoth is a clusterfuck under the best circumstances and camping in the hallway regularly spawns a Shrieker accompanied by a gaggle of Wizards and Knights. Sekrion is absurdly annoying with its rotating shield that it can fire out of and you cannot fire into, and ankle biter Vex spawn regularly to rain on your parade. Valus Ta'aurc is not only the spongiest of the bullet sponge strike bosses but he's preceded by three bullet sponge lieutenants and a god-damned tank that is as skilled at one-shotting you as the Devil Walker at Sepiks.

My recommendation is thus the Winter's Run strike on Venus. The only hairy part about this strike is when Dinklebot is ripping a door and you have to defend against three waves of enemies. This part is made much easier by simply retreating back up the cliff from whence you came after deploying Dinklebot. The only thing you have to worry about is 3 Hobgoblins that spawn out of a cave up there on the second wave. Aksor himself is a piece of cake if you remain near or on the cliff where you jump down into the area where you fight him. If someone is standing on the cliff, the whole small area down below becomes a no-boss zone (though ankle-biters like invisible Vandals and Shanks still venture in there) and Aksor will stand perfectly still just around the corner to the right.

If you have the appropriate elemental weapons and a high enough character, I actually recommend doing this on a level 22 Heroic strike if a burn is active. I've completed a bounty for not dying in a strike six times in one week by soloing the Winter's Run strike with three different characters, because it had Void Burn active and I had a very good void sniper on each character (and the Voidwalker Warlock is massively overpowered in this case, as well.)

Unstoppable (gain 9000 experience without dying)
I'd recommend not concentrating on this one and doing others at the same time. Pick up as many concurrent bounties that you can fit in your inventory at once and just forget about this one. Every time one of these 9k bounties appears, I always finish it before or at the same time as the rest of the day's bounties just by completing those.

It's All in the Head (kill 100 enemies with precision damage)
For nearly every enemy, this is a headshot. For Vex, aim for the Care Bear stare at their glowing bellies. Some enemies do not have precision damage areas that I am aware of, such as minotaurs. A yellow damage number indicates a precision hit, so obviously just aim carefully and watch for the yellow numbers.

TARGET bounties
These all correspond to enemy majors or ultras in the campaign. The level of the mission denotes the level of the enemies you face while playing it, e.g. a level 18 story mission will contain level 18 enemies. In general, If you are not the same level or higher as the mission, then I do not recommend that you attempt it. I've heard mention that a single level's difference has a 33% modifier in both directions (i.e. your weapons do 33% less damage to them, and their weapons do 33% more damage to you) so a very small gap will get you murdered.

Some of them require completion with a Heroic modifier, which raises the mission difficulty 2-4 levels above normal. To enable the Heroic modifier, select the mission you need as normal, and when you return to the Orbit screen, there will be a new box to the right of Set Destination that will say something like "Level 10: Easy". Select this box with the cursor and select your desired level of difficulty.

Overcharge (kill 2 enemies at once with a fusion rifle 20 times)
Fusion rifles have the unique ability to charge up their shots and release a volley of several rounds after a short warmup. To work on this challenge, you will need to kill a minimum of 2 enemies with the each volley of bullets.

The way this bounty works is slightly odd but entirely beneficial. What one would expect is that the game simply checks if 2 or more enemies died in one volley and would increment the counter by 1; how it actually works is that it adds the total number of enemies killed in one blast to the counter as long as you killed at least 2. For instance, if you fire a volley into a group of 10 enemies and kill all of them, you do not receive just 1 credit toward the bounty, you receive 10. More than a few times I've finished up this bounty with something like 25 kills, so I apparently get tons of enemies in just a single volley.

Courtesy of guycarb, I've personally tried his method out and it's amazing for this bounty:

Before you head out, I recommend making sure your fusion rifle ammo is full. You'll be abusing a checkpoint for this method, and you do not get your ammo back when you die. The easiest way would be getting a Special Ammo Synthesis pack at the Tower before you head out, for a price tag of 250 glimmer. The problem with these packs is that they have a 5 minute cooldown between uses so you can't just keep spamming them when in-mission, so what I usually end up doing is running out my ammo stock on the thralls and then using just one pack to get it all back, which seems to work pretty well.

Load up the Moon mission named "The Dark Beyond" (the top-most one on the map) on the easiest difficulty, level 6. This mission begins with a short cutscene and you must then reactivate an accelerator that summons a couple dozen Fallen. Once Dinklebot says you can grab your Sparrow, do so and boost past all the Pikes and continue through the area transition corridor that your objective points you to. When you reach the next area you should see a disc-shaped building ahead with your next objective in it. Stroll inside, deploy Dinklebot, then you can finally progress to the Temple of Crota where you can grind this bounty. You will get a cutscene where The Stranger is watching you scan a dead Guardian. Once the cutscene ends, whip out your fusion rifle and go nuts on the thralls that spill out. The only checkpoint after this one you want seems to be inside the temple door, so you should probably avoid going near it and attempt to keep an enemy or two alive to kill you if you need more fusion rifle kills. Don't worry too much about being overleveled; I'm Light Level 28 and the horde of level 6 enemies were killing me pretty good when I wasn't trying to survive.

I managed to complete all 20 two-fers in five minutes once I got to the temple door, so this method is super easy and amazingly fast. To avoid the beginning of this mission the next time you come back, do not complete the mission or advance the checkpoint when the bounty is done; whip out Dinklebot and return to orbit in the midst of the firefight. When you return here for the bounty the next time, you will spawn immediately outside the temple.

Cleansing Light (kill 3 or more enemies with a single super use 20 times)
This depends entirely on your subclass.
Gunslinger's super is a golden gun with exactly three shots in it (four if you have a certain exotic helmet), so you need perfect aim and must kill the enemies with a single hit each. This may be made slightly easier with the Keyhole skill (6th column, 2nd row) that makes golden gun rounds overpenetrate, and/or the Combustion skill (3rd column, 3rd row) which makes enemies that are killed with the golden gun explode and can collateral nearby enemies.

Bladedancer's super is a lightsaber that handles basically like the Casti swords in Defiance, where each melee strike locks onto the nearest enemy and makes your character slide along the ground to land the hit. All average infantry units at or below your level don't stand a chance against the lightsaber, so you can hack away at enemies with little difficulty to finish this bounty. The best advantage to this subclass is that you do not need enemies to group together nicely, you can simply chase after them wherever they hide.

Sunsinger's super is described as a buff to your character in the subclass menu, but what exactly it does is a complete mystery to me. From my experiments with this subclass, nothing seems to count toward this bounty. Shooting enemies with the buff active does nothing; meleeing them with the buff active does nothing; grenading them with the buff active does nothing. You're apparently SOL for this bounty if you're a Sunsinger.

Voidwalker's super is a large sphere that damages enemies who wander inside (or are caught in it when it deploys). Obviously the ease of using this one for the bounty depends entirely on how closely your enemies are grouped together, but it certainly isn't impossible.

Striker's super is a ground pound that has a large area of effect. Like the Warlock's Voidwalker subclass, depends entirely on how likely your enemies are to group up for it, since enemies are smart enough to avoid the area of effect after it's used.

Defender is another class that I cannot seem to get this bounty done on. The super is a bubble shield and nothing I can seem to do counts for the bounty. I tried luring enemies inside and meleeing them, and activating both Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light and killing enemies with the buff active, but nothing seems to count for this bounty.

The refresh time between super uses is approximately 5 minutes when simply sitting around idle, but each kill cuts a tiny bit of time off so you may be better off simply camping a spawn and murdering the enemies to recharge your super. The best way to get this done solo is to camp an area where two factions are duking it out, because by the time you wipe out one faction engaged in the fight, the other has already respawned. I was able to cut the super recharge time down to about 1.5 minutes this way.

My chosen location for this is The Barrens area on Mars, where level 15 Vex and Cabal are fighting each other. From the Patrol spawn, head directly forward and you have to fall right into the area. It should take 40 minutes start to finish to complete the bounty here.

Working on this when in a fireteam is probably ideal, since each time someone uses a super they poop out blue orbs that cut massive chunks of the cooldown time off when collected by others. Each time someone uses their super they reset the cooldown for someone else to use their super ad infinitum and you can grind it out really quick.

Knuckleduster (melee kill 30 enemies without dying)
Very easy if you bully enemies at a lower level than you are. I use the same location for the Cleansing Light bounty listed above. The only thing of note here is that it is fine if you soften up the enemies by other means (grenades, shooting them, whatever) as long as the killing blow is by melee.

Predator and prey (kill 20 enemies without taking damage from them)
I originally misunderstood this bounty and thought all 20 had to be killed without taking damage at all. Fortunately, not taking damage is based on each enemy. What that means is if Vex A shoots you but Vex B does not and you kill both, you receive credit for 1 enemy toward the bounty because Vex B did not hurt you. This is obviously best done at a distance since it's almost guaranteed every enemy will hit you at least once at short range. I use the same location for this as the above two bounties.

Relic Harvest (collect 200 of a thing on a specific moon/planet)
This is a basic MMO "go to location X and farm Y Z's" fetch quest. You earn the requisite collectible by killing any enemy you see at the specific moon/planet until you gather 200 of them. Almost every enemy is worth 1, and majors are worth 20. Ergo, finding a place where enemy majors spawn and camping it is the fastest and easiest way to get relic harvest bounties done.

As for where to go for these specifically, these are the locations I use:
Sensor mites (Earth, The Steppes)
Use the area described in the Exalted Hive bounty above. Each of the three enemies in the room is worth 20 mites, so you should be done with this relic harvest in minutes.

Impact shards (Moon, Archer's Line)
The best way I've found on the Moon thus far is to run between a pair of enemy major spawns. I haven't found a place to effectively camp far enough away from either area to allow the spawn to occur without completely leaving the cell, but moving from one to the other and back works well enough.

From spawn, head up the hill directly in front of you. At the crest, you should see a dome-shaped building directly ahead, past the accelerator coil. Head through and out the other side of this building, and two level 6 Hallowed Knights will be chilling out here. Kill them for their 40 impact shards, then head back the way you came. Once outside the building again, head right into the accelerator operations building at the end of the coil overhead. A Reaver Vandal always spawns inside here along with 3-4 other random enemies. Kill them for the 24-ish impact shards and head back to the Hallowed Knights. Repeat as necessary, and it should take about 8 minutes.

Pumice threads (Venus, Ishtar Commons)
From spawn, take the fork to the right. You will arrive at the edge of a city in short order, and forced to make a hard right after the first group of enemies you encounter. After taking that corner, take an immediate left and follow the building until you find a second group of enemies and can make another left up a set of stairs. You will traverse a flooded underground area and arrive in a library filled with level 10 Vex and Fallen. You can kill these if you would like/have to, but these enemies are not what we're here for. Continue out the other end of the building and you will find yourself in an exterior area again. In this area, there are a ton of level 11 Vex and Fallen going at it and their spawns are so frequent that you can never hope to have them all dead at once. Should take 20 minutes if you can get this spot to yourself. This area seems unusually popular compared to everywhere else I go to grind things out, so if there are too many people around you can head back the way you came (until the location changes back to Ishtar Academy) then go back to the Commons area, and this will sometimes give you a different server shard where you can (hopefully) be alone.

Olympus tears (Mars, Rubicon Wastes)
The only enemy major spawns on Mars I've located are past Firebase Rubicon, which isn't particularly ideal because you have to traverse the most heavily defended area on the planet to get there. If you can find enemy majors reliably closer to the patrol spawn, be sure to let me know!

From the patrol spawn, you will see tire tracks going left and right from a fork. Take the right path and follow the trail until you arrive in the Scablands. You will be in a large empty field where Cabal and Vex and usually duking it out, with a large Cabal base to your right. The path to the next area is beneath the bridge on your right, so head through there until you reach Firebase Rubicon. There are a lot of enemies here but we're still not where we're going. I take my chances and boost through them on the Sparrow, but kill these if you want/must and continue through the other end of the area into the Rubicon Wastes. Directly on your right the second you exit the Rubicon tunnel, you will see a cliff face with a large spire tower beyond. Stay left of the cliff face (you will run into 2-3 level 15 Legionaries and Phalanxes here) and you will find a cave opening on your right as you move along it. Go into the opening and directly out the other side, and a pair of level 16 Psion Operants will be waiting for you here. Once you kill them, move back outside the cave where you came from to at least where the shadow ends and wait for your radar to light up red again, which means the Psions are back.
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