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Win an Event in every type of car.

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Achievement Guide for Multi-Disciplined

  • ZulghinlourZulghinlour1,153,063
    02 Oct 2014 02 Oct 2014 02 Oct 2014
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    For this achievement you need to complete one race in each of the 28 sub-groups of races. I recommend just completing the Championships along the way so you are working towards the win 25, 100, 168 Championship achievements.

    25 -
    Forza Horizon 2Horizon FanThe Horizon Fan achievement in Forza Horizon 2 worth 40 pointsComplete 25 Championships.

    100 -
    Forza Horizon 2Horizon EnthusiastThe Horizon Enthusiast achievement in Forza Horizon 2 worth 116 pointsComplete 100 Championships.

    168 -
    Forza Horizon 2All Your Race Are Belong To Us 2.0The All Your Race Are Belong To Us 2.0 achievement in Forza Horizon 2 worth 271 pointsComplete all 168 Championships.

    If you want this as fast as possible you can switch Championships at the Hub and just complete a single race in each but you will lose any progress in the current Championship you are racing when you switch.

    When you are picking a Championship you can always pull up the full list and specify the Group and Sub-Group. Here is the list of all 28 types of races you will need to complete.

    Supercars - Modern Supercars
    Supercars - Retro Supercars
    Supercars - Hypercars
    Sports Cars - Retro Saloons
    Sports Cars - JDM Icons
    Sports Cars - Sports Cars
    Sports Cars - Super Saloons
    Offroad - Extreme Offroad
    Offroad - Sports Utility Heroes
    Offroad - Offroad
    Hot Hatch - Hot Hatch
    Hot Hatch - Retro Hot Hatch
    Hot Hatch - Super Hot Hatch
    Track Toys - Track Toys
    Track Toys - Extreme Track Toys
    Classic Muscle - American Racers
    Classic Muscle - US Street Muscle
    Modern Muscle - Retro Muscle
    Modern Muscle - Modern Muscle
    Iconic Rally - 90s Rally
    Iconic Rally - Classic Rally
    Iconic Rally - Group B Monsters
    Iconic Rally - Modern Rally
    GT - GT
    GT - Super GT
    World Classics - Classic Racers
    World Classics - Cult Classics
    World Classics - Rare Classics
  • paramoreRyanparamoreRyan358,177
    12 Dec 2014
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    The other solution is fine and if you're going after all the achievements anyway then you will get this eventually, but I have created a spreadsheet that enables you to track this achievement. You can access it here:

    It looks messy on Google Docs but works perfectly if you download it and use it in Excel etc.

    It has formulas in place to calculate how many more you need for the achievement, just enter "Yes" (without the ") in each column where you have won the championship and it will automatically update and tell you how many you have left to complete (it ignores multiple wins in the same type of car so that won't affect the results).

    Any feedback is appreciated :)
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