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Friends with Benefits

Earn a total of 1,000,000 Cr from Rivals.

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  • griffey95griffey95761,993
    03 Oct 2014 03 Oct 2014
    206 13 34
    You can get this in at or around 100 to 110 races. Easiest way that I found to complete this is after each race, go against your rival. Sprint races are better than circuit races with laps as they provide more credits with the loading times etc. So, find one that gives you around 10k (most I managed was 12k) credits after challenging a rival (bonus credits included from difficulty) and just keep repeating the race over and over with the cn_X button at the rival screen. You will get close to the same amount of credits win or lose, so just keep at a good one you find.

    You can also do this through the actual rivals menu if you know the track as well as class you want to play.

    A good method is also to do 1 after every race so there is not much grinding involved later on, but that is up to you.
  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead471,548
    09 Aug 2015 03 Aug 2015 23 Aug 2018
    108 1 16
    This solution is for completing laps to earn about 330,000 credits per hour.

    Press cn_start to bring up the menu. Press cn_RB to select Rivals. Select Festival Routes and press cn_A. Select Saint-Martin and press cn_A. Select Bordure Circuit Two fast straights are the highlight of this Saint-Martin track and press cn_A. Select S2 998 and press cn_A. Press cn_X to sort, and select Class from the Sort Selection menu, then press cn_LB until you get to the left end of the list. Select your favourite high performance S2 car, such as 2013 Lamborghini Veneno.

    It has been suggested that Nice Massena - Promenade Circuit is a good alternative. Keep in mind it's not about how short the lap is or how quickly you can complete it, but the average speed you can maintain because the amount of credits you get is based on the distance you travel.
    From the Rivals screen, select Difficulty. Change the following settings:
    Game Difficulty: Insane
    Driving Line: Off
    This will give you a credit bonus of +85%, which will almost halve (46%) the amount of time it takes to get this achievement. Press cn_A to Accept, then select Start Rivals Event and press cn_A.

    As you get to know the track you will be able to complete a lap in under 1 minute. Since you are not trying to beat a rival you don't have to push too hard, and it doesn't matter if you make a mistake. You will not be wasting any time rewinding. Once you have completed as many laps as you want, press cn_start and select Finish Rivals and press cn_A. You will get 5,250 credits per completed lap, so you will need to do 190 laps to get 1,000,000 credits, which will take about 3 hours.

    If you are not used to driving a Manual with Clutch you can select Automatic, but you will earn less credits per hour. If you are a VIP, then you can use a 2014 Tesla Model S. Since it only has one gear, you will never need to change gear. My best lap times in this car were 55 seconds.

    If you have the Porsche Expansion for Forza Horizon 2 remember to do 5 laps in a 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 (997) for the achievement
    Forza Horizon 2Cup CarThe Cup Car achievement in Forza Horizon 2 worth 50 pointsEarn 25,000 Credits in Rivals Mode with the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0.
  • pikblondspikblonds809,028
    18 Oct 2014 17 Oct 2014 18 Oct 2014
    92 6 2
    Hi everybody !

    Griffey95's solution is pretty good but I just want to show you that.

    Thirst thing, join a clan with a lot of members (Trueachievements is a good one, because there are members with all kind of skill playing)

    Choose the car you're good with.

    Start a circuit race, each lap slow down the much you can when the finnish line is near you (set a good time too, because if you don't, your next rival will get you 250Cr). Complete the race.

    Now press cn_X to play against your rival (don't forget to raise difficulty for more Cr) and beat it! (starting with 1.000Cr is enought it will rise up after 3/4 races).
    You win about 6.000/7.000Cr by beating a rival with 1.000Cr, beating a 5.000Cr rival will give about 16.000Cr. 16.000Cr/1min20 with loading times = 240.000Cr per 15 minutes with loading times.

    The only thing you have to do is to slow down as much as you can to beat your rival with the fewest time difference (less than 0.00.100s is the more profitable).
    I started my rivals time with 1min11s and in the last race I did in the video I was only 1min07s with about 15 rivals beaten.

    If you break too much and crossed the line after your rival, simply press cn_Y and replay the part you failed.

    (You can find shortest race with 55s a lap). wink

    Once the challenge is too difficult for you, search a new race, and repeat. (I got 890.000Cr with 3 races).

    I made a video for convenience.

    Hope it could help some of you smile , if you thumb down please explain why.

    Sorry for my english, I am not bilingual. wave
  • SilentRich69SilentRich69667,690
    17 Jun 2015 20 Oct 2014 20 Oct 2014
    49 1 1
    Okay so one thing that had me worrying about this achievement was if you had to earn the reward credits to count as you progress towards the achievement. Well thankfully this is not the case. All you really need to do is play alot of rivals events and get the credits at the end the amount can vary but they ALL count.

    So how to get this achievement and what to remember.
    1. Play Rivals events either from completing normal races or using the rivals menu when you press start.
    2. Do not worry about prioritizing the rewards I've earned 10k from 250 rewards events and it still counted towards the achievement and pushed me up 1% each time.
    3. Losing doesn't stop you from earning credits thankfully.
    4. Try to have fun, you can repeat events over and over but that could get dull real fast.

    I have a video below proving that the reward credits don't mean much. I deliberately went for a low 250CR reward and still earned 10k pushing me up another 1% towards the achievement.
  • KillrNutKillrNut124,849
    06 Nov 2014 15 Nov 2014
    36 2 3
    You can grind this out by doing laps over and over on a circuit track. Select festival routes in the rivals menu. You don't even need to win, but if you do, press cn_X to continue scoring laps. You can keep driving around as long as you want, and when you are done select "finish rivals" to end the event.

    I recommend Nice Massena, City Rapide Circuit, using an A or S1 class car. After doing 30 laps which took about 25 minutes, I would get around 88,000 CR. Which would be 211,000 CR/Hour. Your results may vary depending upon difficulty.
  • MassoodTMassoodT212,696
    16 Dec 2016 17 Dec 2016 17 Dec 2016
    23 0 3
    I unlocked this achievement, using HolyHalfDead's solution and I think it is the best and easiest approach, BUT:

    1. I think Promenade Circuit in Nice Massena is the shortest track.
    2. I believe Lamborghini Veneno is a better choice.

    Here's a video of the first and the final lap of my 1 hour grind:

    As you can see, I managed to complete 103 laps in 60 minutes, which means each lap took me only 35 seconds. I also chose Automatic Shifting, so I could completely shot my brain off and listen to the music while completing laps. I also tried Simulated Damage, and I think it doesn't worth it. After a couple of laps, your car becomes very damaged and slow. Here is my difficulty settings:

    You can try different S2 class cars, different tracks and different difficulty settings to find a combination that really suits you.
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