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Road Trip with Friends

Complete 10 Road Trips with Friends this month.

10 Aug 2014 until 30 Oct 2014

Road Trip with Friends
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Challenge Guide for Road Trip with Friends

  • WarEagleRunWarEagleRun468,992
    14 Oct 2014 13 Oct 2014
    130 0 14
    For those still having issues with this, you can simply get this just by adding people to your friend list as you are doing the online road trips. They do not have to have you on theirs for this to work. Instead of driving to the location between races I would add 2 people each time (any longer idle in the room seemed to want to kick you from room, but you don't have to make it to destination as it will take you there if timer runs up) You do have to complete the 4 events within a road trip for it to count. Beware as this achievement is a little touchy. It would sometimes not count until I did a hard reset, but this only happen 2 times for me.
  • gsoriagsoria49,666
    27 Oct 2014 09 Oct 2014
    46 2 1
    I was looking for some help on this challenge and found two posts on forum that I think will work as a solution. All credit goes to Hieronymus1967.

    "In order to trigger the achievement, you have to complete all four events at ten separate online road trips with friends from your list, not just their drivatars."

    "Road trips online are basically a single championship, the lobby picks a destination by voting and heads there to do four different race/playground events. Once complete, the lobby can vote on the next destination to take up the four events there. Each destination comprises a Road Trip for the purposes of the achievement"

  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity492,604
    30 Oct 2014 30 Oct 2014 30 Oct 2014
    22 0 2
    So I am doing this on the last day, with less than 24 hours left. For those of you in a quick rush, this is for you.

    We were lagging out and our games were sending us to the home screen and such, and we were looking for a fast way to do this challenge.

    What we found was that, when you start an in game party, all you have to do is

    1. Drive to the "start" of an event. So that it says like event 1/4 or whatever.
    2. As soon as it says, "Get," "Ready," "Go!", hit start and choose quit (all of you need to do this).
    3. Do step 1.
    4. Rinse and repeat until you start event #4.
    5. Complete Event #4 and you will gain progress towards your challenge once you are getting the championship exp, that is when your challenge will go up by 10%.

    Saves time because you do not have to complete Event #1, 2, and 3. And if your partner gets to a finish line first, at any time, you do not finish at all, that is fine too. It still counts. You do not need to pass a finish line. Just have to be in there from the beginning to the end.

    Hope this helps guys, less than 24 hours left until this goes away.

    Here are 2 videos from the Twitch stream that I did, they show you that you do not need to complete the race, and when to quit, and that all you need to do is start the event.
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