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Icons of History achievement in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (WP)

Icons of History

Unlock any 6 heroes

Icons of History0
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How to unlock the Icons of History achievement

  • Bears Scare MeBears Scare Me
    23 Sep 2014 23 Sep 2014 24 Sep 2014
    You need to build a Hall of Heros to unlock the various heroes. There are 3 heroes for each civilization and 6 civs. I believe that you can use any combination to get this achievement. To unlock the heroes you need to acquire flags of each civilization. The only way to get flags of other civs is to attack them and destroy their universities and cathedrals. For each of the level 1 heroes you need 100 flags from each civ. I found Saracens the hardest to come by as it seemed no one was using them. Level 2 heroes cost 750 flags each. Thanks to WinMo Kirby for pointing this out
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    WinMo KirbyYou can see what the tier 2 heroes cost by clicking on them, you just can't purchase it until you level up your Hall of Heroes. This is true for everything you can buy in the game, so you always know what you might need.

    Any way, it's 750 flags for tier 2 heroes, 3,500 for tier 3.
    Posted by WinMo Kirby on 24 Sep 14 at 05:11
    ADaughenI got this by building the hall and buying all the tier 1 heroes.

    The flag buildings are big, so they usually aren't guarded inside the castle. Just find one flush with flags, raid and surrender. Keep an eye on which ones you need and if it is the wrong type, move on to another castle.
    Posted by ADaughen on 26 Sep 14 at 12:19
    Lamar RomneyThis may be glitched. I unlocked the achievement on Windows 8, but it won't pop here.
    Posted by Lamar Romney on 30 Sep 14 at 16:27
    Bears Scare MeI had some delay with TA showing the achievements but it always fixed itself after an hour or so.
    Posted by Bears Scare Me on 30 Sep 14 at 16:27
    Lamar RomneyOh I should re-phrase. I got the achievement in Windows, but it does not show I completed it in the Age of Empires app itself on Windows Phone. By 'here' I meant the WP version of the game, not TA.
    Posted by Lamar Romney on 30 Sep 14 at 17:45
    Bears Scare MeOh gottcha, yea they have sync issues between the win 8 version and WP. They have mentioned in the forum that they are aware of the issues and are working on it
    Posted by Bears Scare Me on 30 Sep 14 at 18:14
    PRELUDEcrisyou can also purchase gold and buy the heroes with gold if that's your sort of thing. I just want to add that, as with any F2P game you can buy gold and unlock practically anything with it.
    Posted by PRELUDEcris on 01 Oct 14 at 22:33
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3About the syncing issue, shutting down the app on the other device and restarting it works for me.
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 06 Oct 14 at 11:06
    TaeglinI've been wondering, the game gives you the option to change civs. Does doing so reset anything? If not, why not get all of the things for your chosen civ, then move to another one so that your buildings are producing flags for the race you need?
    Posted by Taeglin on 21 Jul 15 at 17:17
    Bears Scare MeYou get flags so quickly from battle it is not really necessary. I honestly don't know if you lose anything from switching civs. I don't think you lose anything other than the 500 gold it costs.
    Posted by Bears Scare Me on 21 Jul 15 at 17:21
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