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The Renaissance achievement in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (WP)

The Renaissance

Advance to the Eighth Age

The Renaissance0
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How to unlock the The Renaissance achievement

  • Shel2theburneShel2theburne
    18 Jun 2015 23 Apr 2015 23 Apr 2015
    This will most likely be the third or second to last achievement you will get in the game.

    Each age is represented by what level your Keep is which is the main Castle looking building. With each upgrade in Age, more buildings and upgrades will become available to you.

    In the current build of the game I believe the max your Keep can go is Age 9. To upgrade the Keep you will tap the building and choose upgrade like all the other buildings. For the Keep to be upgraded, you require a certain amount of Wood for each Age and it becomes a greater amount the higher you go. Below you will find the current requirements for upgrading your Keep throughout the ages.

    *Note* These amounts can change at anytime with content updates. If you see anything different on your game please feel free to leave a comment and I will update.

    Age 1 - "Free" This is when you build the Keep.
    Age 2 - 400 Wood
    Age 3 - 2,750 Wood
    Age 4 - 6,000 Wood
    Age 5 - 20,000 Wood
    Age 6 - 65,000 Wood
    Age 7 - 265,000 Wood
    Age 8 - 825,000 Wood
    Age 9 - 1,300,000 Wood

    There is no trick, cheat, or glitch to get to Age 8. Just time. Lots of time. I've been actively playing this game for 6 or so months now I think (4/23/15 currently) and I am on Age 7. My best advice is to upgrade your resources first when you reach a new age and then move to upgrade your defenses and other buildings. You do not want to just upgrade your resources and then upgrade your Keep. If you do that, your defenses will be weak. You'll constantly be hammered by other players and will never be able to save up your resources. What I have done to stay alive is google base defenses and copy what the top players do for their bases.

    To get more resources you will have to start attacking others. You'' never know exactly what you'll run into when selecting a target but you can cycle through different players as much as you want at the cost of food until you find a weak base with a decent amount of resources up for grabs. I tend to switch up my troops from time to time depending on if I just want resources or if I want to take down the base for crowns. It'll take practice to get good at attacking and being good at analyzing situations and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of buildings and troops. After all, this is a strategy game.

    If you have any other tips, please feel free to share.

    I hope this guide has been somewhat helpful to you for at least providing you some info on how far you have to go to obtain this achievement. Best of luck!
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    MulekAtentadoI'm going to level 9 now, the 8 same level unlocked the achievement for me on Win 8 cry
    Posted by MulekAtentado on 19 Jun 15 at 17:23
    ProjectSixJust a heads up.. for the Win 10 version, this does not seem to unlock if you speed it up with gold. I used about 200 gold to rush the last 8 hours or something and it didn't pop. It did pop when I loaded the Windows Phone version that syncs up and I'm sure all my Win10 achievements will pop on the Win8 version.

    Someone on the Castle Siege forums had the same exact issue on Win10 and confirmed that they used gold to rush it as well so it's very likely the issue that causes it to not unlock.

    It's possible it's isolated to the Win10 version but it's likely to happen on Win8 or Windows Phone as well if that's what you use to rush it. So once you buy this upgrade, let it finish on its own.
    Posted by ProjectSix on 16 Aug 16 at 12:59
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