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Multi Cultural achievement in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (WP)

Multi Cultural

Fully upgrade each civilization's unique troop

Multi Cultural0
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How to unlock the Multi Cultural achievement

  • Patriot65108Patriot65108
    Locked 27 Dec 2014 02 Feb 2015
    This is a general guide on what you should be going after when trying to get this achievement. Thanks to people's comments below and just learning experience, What I found is that you need to focus on protecting your Keep AND your storage units (Lumber yards, silos, Temple, etc.) This is important: before you upgrade your Keep to the next level, make sure ALL your Defense units are upgraded to the maximum level allowed (towers, catapults, etc). The reason why is that it will make it much harder for you to defend yourself against invaders successfully and keep them from looting your resources/flags. Typically when you go to battle, people are invading your kingdom with who are at the same level as your Keep or 1 level above or below. At Age 7 I have been invaded by players who were Age 6, Age 7, AND Age 8. Not having fully upgraded defenses means you have a pretty high chance of invaders destroying your Keep and/or storage units and making off with precious resources. What that means is that it'll be much harder for you to bank enough resources to make upgrades in the future because they'll keep getting looted.

    What I'm doing now is to build a compound in one corner of the map. Start building the walls on the very edge of the map and build a square with 2 sides on extreme edges of the map. Put your Keep in the middle along with silos, lumberyards, etc. Position your catapults and trebuchet inside on the walls so that they can hit anyone who approaches the walls around the perimeter. Place your watchtowers and balistas
    around the perimeter as well to do the same. Place the crossbow towers and the fire tower in the middle so that they can cover the storage resources inside the walls and the Keep itself. Position the fire fields in areas you feel like the weakest, and sprinkle caltrops in areas where attacking units that get slowed down are bombarded by defense towers and catapults.

    This will be the last achievement you will pop in this game. My recommendation is to focus on the winning as many MP battles by attacking other players to get the "2000 crowns" achievement. When attacking other players, you need to focus attacking the temples and lumber yards and forget everything else. You need lumber and flags to upgrade special troops. Focus on one unique troop at a time and upgrade them as quickly as possible just in case some one else may attack you and drain your lumber and flags. In other words, when attacking other players focus on attacking the SAME type (Franks for example) over and over again until you have enough flags to upgrade the special troop for that civilization. After that's done, move on to the next. This will take a REALLY long time but will hopefully still cut down a lot of frustration from loosing your resources to attackers.
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    eHeadachesThe is some really good information in this solution, however I think that advancing to the eighth age before doing this could be a disadvantage, I'm at age 5 currently and I'm unsure if I'm going to go past 6. The reason I believe is that a fully maxed out age 6 would have a much easier time beating opponents and collecting flags from them more successfully, where as I'm thinking a eight age civilization will get matched against much tougher opposition. Much in the same way that its suggested grinding out crowns at age two before advancing. I would love to hear other peoples suggestions and input on my thoughts as the really is no going back.

    I am having a hard time finding orange and purple flags as it seems those civilisations seem unpopular. I am seriously considering using the change civilization option to those so that I can produce the flags myself. Albeit expensive at 500 gold. Changing civs has no effect on your previous progress, you just continue under your new rule where you left off.

    Ignore the negative vote, that's some idiot, please leave this solution up so that we can begin discussions about this very long achievement. I'll vote you up to restore the balance.

    I'm really enjoying playing this game, I think they have done a fantastic job making this work so well on the win phone platform.
    Posted by eHeadaches on 01 Jan 15 at 22:24
    Patriot65108I'm at Age 6 and have upgraded all the special units to level II. In order to go up to level III for each special unit I will need 4,000 flags of the specific special unit's civilization you need to upgrade PLUS 375,000 lumber...however, in order to upgrade the units to level III you will need to upgrade Palace of Facets to Level 3 (costs 375,000 lumber)...but to upgrade Palace of Facets to Level 3 I need to advance to Age 7 by upgrading my keep (265,000). It would be nice to sit there and grind out attacks in MP at lower levels, however, you will not be able to upgrade any of the special units to max level until you reach at least Age 7 (or 8) anyway. I'm not sure how many total levels you have to reach for each unique troop to max either. If there are more than 5 then it sounds like you will certainly need to hit Age 8 anyway. Remember, winning battles at this point is not important, you need to attack the Cathedral and the Monastery to go for the flags and focus on going after the lumberyards to get lumber. If you loose, it's not a big deal. Leave your keep exposed and build max walls (double if you can) and max fortifications around your own Cathedral, Monastery, lumber yards, silos, and stone storehouses. The strategy is that the attacking players will go after your keep and that your Trebuchet, Catapult, and Ballistas will kill most of the attacking units without them getting to your resources.
    Posted by Patriot65108 on 02 Jan 15 at 07:00
    eHeadachesYeah after posting my comment I considered the limits on flag storage and lumber production/storage would hinder progress at lower levels making advancing through the ages necessary.

    Some good stuff here. Thanks for your inputs.
    Posted by eHeadaches on 02 Jan 15 at 23:29
    Jerith GerosLeaving the keep undefended is a terrible idea. It stores 33% (roughly) of your lootable resources.
    Posted by Jerith Geros on 30 Jan 15 at 17:31
    Patriot65108I'm finding that out the hard way. Boy, it's a lot harder at Level 7 to defend yourself successfully. I'm going to update my guide with some additional info.
    Posted by Patriot65108 on 30 Jan 15 at 22:41
    GiinceeWell I don't get attacked that often. And also when I got attacked I successfully defended my Keep most of the time. I'm at Age VI right now.
    This achievement is not that hard as you think. There are enemies with over 500 flags sometimes. So destroying their flag-producing buildings will net you all of them. Just search for a enemy with lots of flags and try to destroy the 2 remaining buildings.
    Posted by Giincee on 26 Aug 15 at 09:50
    lankyjustinNot sure if this is mentioned but after a patch in may 2015 the requirement change for this and you need to upgrade the unique troops to level 4. Level 4 required 7,500 flags (patrons) and 715,000 wood for each troop. This is a massive grind and the slowest part is the wood production. Obtaining the patrons can be done quickly if you are not interested in winning battles and you just farm for the flags. Took me from May 2015 to today to get the final achievement.
    Posted by lankyjustin on 16 Nov 15 at 08:26
    Strategy OneNegative vote since the solution doesnt state how many upgrades and how much flags each upgrade costs.
    Posted by Strategy One on 01 Jan 17 at 16:29
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