Warlord achievement in Age of Empires: Castle Siege (Win 8)


Win 2000 Crowns in Multiplayer Battles

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How to unlock the Warlord achievement

  • Filthy RaiderFilthy Raider91,428
    27 Dec 2014 27 Dec 2014 26 Apr 2015
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    Edited 26/4/15 as I kept putting the wrong hero!!!

    I found one easy way to build on this. and it was down to some tool (with over a 1000 crowns) who kept attacking me - wiping me out almost 100% to be honest each time, and then I developed a fool proof way to destroy his keep every time. Belisarius as a hero had the ability to undermine walls, and despite being the first Byzantine hero is worth having. Throw in Edward the Black Prince of England with his Strike ability and you have a pretty good team - Oh! Of course that means you need to upgrade to TWO hero slots through research.

    I usually attacked this one guy with rams as a decoy then sent Belisarius in - upgraded he can hit two walls - and this generally opened the way to the Keep. Edward the Black Prince - again Two Strikes if you upgrade - can Strike the keep and reduce the 'health' then it was a matter of sending in as many troops as you have to hit the Keep.

    I was winning even on under 10% but getting 40+ crowns each time, so I was quite happy for the same guy to keep attacking!

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    Jsrc1990I won this achievement right now, and i used to use to Edward the Black Prince and belisarius because I realized that rurik not hit the bastion, level two for both.
    Posted by Jsrc1990 on 27 Apr 15 at 18:59
    THE DEADLY DOGNo longer works. You can revenge attack someone once and then it becomes locked out.
    Posted by THE DEADLY DOG on 06 May 17 at 14:27
    Filthy RaiderSorry about that Deadly Dog, but the solution is now two years old.
    Posted by Filthy Raider on 07 May 17 at 05:52
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  • DeaconFrost2kDeaconFrost2k471,351
    28 Mar 2017 28 Mar 2017 28 Mar 2017
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    Guide when your in Late Ages (6+) wave

    Extreme Castle Rush -> 30 - 60 and more Crowns per Attack
    External image

    In later Areas (VI up) it is very hard to beat the castles, but there is a easy way to get them down every attack.

    A Castle Rush with Conrad the Elder and many Siege Rams.
    0. build your team
    0.1 normal troops as scouts and cleaner
    0.2 many Siege Rams
    External image

    0.3 main hero Conrad the Elder (red circle)
    0.4 second "keep troops away hero" (blue circle)
    External image

    1. Rematch a Strong Attacker (1000 crowns upwards) or search for a Strong Battle Enemy (100 crowns upwards)
    2. lets play
    2.1 use Scouts to activate possible traps
    2.2 use 2nd Heroes to get Defence Troops away
    2.3 place all your siege rams and Conrad
    2.4 activate Conrads Special (rams are faster and unbeatable as long they blink)
    2.5 rush to castle and destroy it (i doesn't loose any match with this way)
    2.6 clean up with resuming troops as much you can

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    the conrad method works really well, i have been playing this game casually for the past couple of years but only in the past couple months put in overtime to finish it and this has helped. it took me over a year to earn 1000 crowns and i am only one good battle away from finishing as of this writing and i've earned the other thousand in over two weeks
    Posted on 04 Jun 17 at 22:55
  • SurerABESurerABE474,014
    16 Nov 2015 16 Nov 2015
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    The way I,m working on this is same as filthy raiders solution using Belisarius to break the two walls and Edward black prince to strike keep he normally destroys it. Also while waiting for black prince to recuperate. You can use belisarius to break the two walls then rush the keep with your army ignoring everything.

    Also as losing crowns doesn't affect this achievement I taken to using any two other heroes to raid pennants from any castle that keeps the two pennant producing buildings behind walls. This will help you upgrade your civ specialised units.
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