The World at Your Feat achievement in Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - 2.0 Edition (Xbox 360)

The World at Your Feat

Complete 90 Feats.

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How to unlock the The World at Your Feat achievement

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    Unlike 1.0 where you had to deliberately grind out the Feats for the Achievement, this time around a lot of them are built into the actual gameplay. What I mean is, each Play Set and each Toy Box Game will have Feats tied to them. Such as using specific traps in the Stitch or Asgard tower defense games to defeat enemies, reaching a certain level in the Brave or Kyln Escape games, or for reaching certain points in the story in all three Play Sets as well as character specific Feats in each Play Set in ADDITION to several easy Feats in the Toy Box tied to specific actions and in the My Interior mode. In every game mode you can open the menu to see which feats are available to complete in that particular game mode.

    You'll unlock a large number of Feats along the way while doing the tutorial for the Interior mode in particular. Many of the Feats involve simple things like building a map with enough rooms. Long story short, this won't be such a tedious grind as it was before. If you only have the Toy Box Starter Pack, there's several Feats you can do in the Stitch and Brave Toy Box Games, in addition to the My Interior and Toy Box Feats. If you have the Starter Pack that came with the Avengers Play Set, Thor, Black Widow and Iron Man, you'll have an easier time of it with this Achievement because you'll have an entire Play Set full of Feats to unlock, many of which are simple "collect the collectibles" style Feats. If you have all three Play Sets, you'll have an even EASIER time of it due to the sheer number of Feats you'll unlock just playing through all three Play Sets.

    Here is a list of Feats that you can do with just the Toy Box Starter Pack.

    A Deadly Blow - Use Jasmine’s Windstorm and hit 10 targets.
    A Fighting Chance - Defeat 250 enemies.
    A Friend in Need - Bring a sidekick into the Toy Box, and then tell them to follow you.
    A Matter of Life and Death - Activate a Defeat Manager 3 times.
    A Night at the Symphony - Place 5 music objects in a Interior room.
    Adding On - Add 10 rooms to your INterior.
    Again and Again and Again - Trigger 100 reactions from other Toys, with the Repeater.
    All Over Creation - Have 3 Builders building at the same time.
    All Trapped Up - In the Toy Box Games, place 50 traps.
    And They’re Off! - Sprint on a rideable animal for 30 consecutive seconds.
    Animal Shelter - In the same room, gather 10 animals.
    Arabian Nights - Use Jasmine’s Palace View sky, and place 50 Agrabah buildings and objects in the Toy Box.
    Arcade Ace - In a single room, have 4 arcade game items.
    Art Gallery - Decorate a room with at least 8 wall hangings.
    Auto-Pilot - Stay in a flying vehicle for 60 minutes.
    Avengers Assemble - Decorate a room with Helicarrier-themed walls, ceiling, and floors. Also get 8 avengers guests into the newly decorated room.
    Battling It Out - In any Toy Box Game, defeat 50 enemies in one play session.
    Belle of the Ball - In a room with many Beauty and the Beast customizations and objects, place a guest in a Belle costume.
    Bigger Trigger - Link 100 Creativi-Toys.
    Building Friendships - Have 2 Builders building at the same time.
    Building Up - Complete all the My INterior Builder missions.
    Catching a Ride - As Hiro, ride on Baymax’s back.
    Collection Selection - With Collectible Trackers, track 100 collectibles.
    Coming Together - In a Toy Box, place toys from 5 different Play Sets into it.
    Control Freak - Link the Remote Controller to other toys 10 times.
    Count On It! - On the counters, track 100 points.
    Creating a Scene - Use a Creator 50 times.
    Creating a Stir - Use a Creator 10 times.
    Creating an Uproar - Use a Creator 100 times.
    Creation Complete - Get all sets of toys for all Creators.
    Dancing Feat - Complete 150 feats.
    Delayed Reaction - With the Time Delayer, delay 10 triggered toy reactions.
    Diving in with Both Feat - Complete 10 Feats.
    Drivin’ You Crazy - In a ground vehicle, perform 100 tricks.
    Fast On Your Feat - Complete 100 Feats.
    Fiddling Around - Before a builder’s creation is complete, modify it.
    Fighting a Winning Battle - Defeat 1,000 enemies.
    Five Can Play That Game - Create 5 different endings, with the challenge maker.
    Flight of Fancy - As Tinker Bell, fly for 10 mintues.
    Fly the Hoop - Fly through an arch.
    From Rags to Riches - With the Money Manager, spawn each of the variety Toy Box currency.
    Fully Armed and Operational - With armed or flying vehicles, defeat 50 enemies.
    Get the Ball Rolling - Have 10 townspeople dance at the same time.
    Getting Your Feat Wet - Complete 1 feat.
    Going Door-to-Door - Have a Toy Box Door that links to another Toy Box.
    Good as Gold - Change the loot in a Loot Chest 3 times, and then plunder the Loot Chests!
    Hi Ho Hiro - As Baymax, fly with Hiro on your back.
    Hulk Decorate! - Decorate a room with 3 Hulk furniture pieces, Hulk floors and Hulk walls.
    I Can See My House From Here - Place an object or a terrain piece 500 meters high.
    In Too Deep - From the Kyln or Brave Forest Siege, reach the final level and win.
    Instant Replay - Use the Replayer toy.
    It Takes Two - Defeat 2 Agrabah Guards as Aladdin.
    It’s About Time - Link a Timer to a Challenge Maker.
    Just a Fling - Launch 10 enemies with a launcher.
    Keep Your Guard Up - Complete a level without allowing your base to receive any damage.
    Landing on Both Feat - Complete 50 feats.
    Leap Frog - In a vehicle, jump over another character.
    Legions of Legions - Use the Enemy Wave Manager to spawn 20 enemy waves.
    Like Gaston - Have a guest in a Gaston costume sit in Gaston’s Chair in the same room as Gaston’s Portrait.
    Location, Location, Location - Connect 20 different Locators to other toys.
    Long Road Ahead - For 1,000 meters, place connecting tracks or street pieces.
    Look Behind You! - In reverse mode, drive 1,000 meters.
    Look Ma, No Road! - In a driving vehicle, get over 10 minutes of air time.
    Lying Low - Put a terrain piece as low as the Toy Box allows.
    Making Connections - Connect a Toy to 8 other toys.
    Maxed Out - With your Builder’s buildings hit the Toy Box’s capacity limit.
    Meet Your Maker - Use a builder.
    More of the Same - Connect a Repeater to any Generator toy.
    Now You Shall Deal With Me - With Maleficent’s Diaval’s Drive defeat 10 targets.
    Off to a Running Spark - In the Toy Box Intro, collect all the Sparks.
    Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! - With Donald Duck’s Donald’s Rage attack 5 target.
    On Camera - Assign 10 Target Cameras to different targets.
    Original Condition, New In Box - Create and save an original Toy Box.
    Perfect Princess - Complete all of the My INterior Princess missions.
    Photo Finish - Ride an animal through a race gate.
    Pirate Haven - In a single Toy Box, place 50 pirate building and pieces.
    Putting Up a Fight - Defeat 100 enemies.
    Putting Up Barrier - On a single level, place 5 barriers.
    Quick on the Trigger - With 10 Logic Connections, set off a chain.
    Raise Your Glass - On a Scalable Barrier Block, scale the size 5 times.
    Remodel Citizen - With the magic wand customise 200 times.
    Roommate Round-Up - Have 2 guests in Woody and Buzz costumes, in the same room.
    Saddle Sore - Ride any animal for over 50 kilometers.
    Score! - To the Challenge Maker, link a Scoreboard.
    Shooting for Your Own Hand - As Merida, freeze 10 targets.
    Shop-Keeping - Create a Storefront Inventory, and activate that Storefront 5 times.
    Sixteenth Birthday Surprise - In the same room as Maleficient’s Spinning Wheel, make a guest in a Maleficent costume, put another guest dressed in a sleep beauty beauty costume sleep.
    Slumber Party - At the same time, make 10 townspeople sleep at once.
    Smash Hit - As Hulk destroy 25 breakable objects.
    Springing to Your Feat - Complete 25 feats.
    Standing Tall - Get onto the top of the 1st Place Podium.
    Starter Home - Start building and save a Toy Box INterior.
    Steamroller - Roll onto 10 enemies as Stitch.
    Steep Steep Steeplechase - While riding an animal, in a single fall drop 50 meters.
    Swept Off Your Feat - Complete 200 feats.
    Switching Gears - With Packs and Tools Managers, change your Packs and Tools 5 times.
    Taking Inventory - Activate the Manager 5 times and use the Inventory Manager to change your inventory.
    Taking the Plunge - Without being knocked out, complete the 4th level or higher of Escape from the Kyln or Brave Forest Siege.
    Taking Up a Collection - For your sidekicks, collect 10 pieces of equipment.
    Teaming Up = Link Team Activators to Enemy Generators or Enemy Wave Managers 10 times.
    The Enchanted Tiki Room - In the same room, place 2 Enchanted Tiki Room objects.
    The Sky’s the Limit - Get to a height of 1,000 meters.
    The Sum of All Creation - For any Creator, get a complete set of toys.
    Three in One - Using an Asgardian Implosion Mine or an Imploding Pineapple defeat 3 enemies.
    Throw Your Create Around - Pick up and throw a Builder.
    Time’s On Your Side - Have you builder build for 60 minutes.
    To the Rescue - Complete all the My INterior Hero missions.
    Trap of All Trades - In a single play session, place 6 different types of traps.
    Trigger Happy - Link 500 Creativi-Toys.
    Trigger Twenty - Link 20 Creativi-Toys.
    Try This Five for Size - Scale trigger areas 5 times.
    Un-De-Feat-Able - Complete all feats.
    Well-Connected - Between the Victory Tracker and 5 other toys, create Logic Connections.
    Winds a Blowin’ - Use 10 Weather Vane toys.
    Wordsmith - Trigger text to appear 10 times from the Text Creator or Text Displayer.
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