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Completist achievement in Sneak King


Achieve an 'A' Rank for all Challenges in entire game

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How to unlock the Completist achievement

  • SmurfquakeSmurfquakeThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    10 Aug 2010 10 Aug 2010
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    I want to outline the hardest mission in the game a little more in detail then the other guy did in his solution. Him and others are right in saying that the key ingredient to Cul-De-Sac Mission 15 is pure luck, BUT I can tell you the way I got it. I restarted the mission until I got one of the two girls talking near the starting point, then I crossed the street and *luckily* got the the next two spawns to be the guy wandering around near the treehouse and the girl next to the back of that house.

    After that I was lucky enough to get the guy by the tree to the right of the starting point and the lady inside the house, I finished in a little less then 56 seconds.

    The key to this (and most of the game) is patience and practice. Also, luck is again the main ingredient of success in this mission and not many else.

    If anyone needs help on another specific mission in the game just PM me or send me a message on Live, I'd be happy to help with anything.

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    Fire Hawk DYeah, it's strange how the game pulls that specific set of spawns so rarely. Definitely stresses the patience needed for this.
    Posted by Fire Hawk D on 25 Oct 13 at 17:41
    JaredT84the guy was a cheat
    Posted by JaredT84 on 10 Jul 14 at 04:27
    OnzaWhat guy?
    Posted by Onza on 01 Oct 14 at 16:38
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  • Silver SalvoSilver Salvo810,702
    02 Jun 2012 13 May 2012
  • FrawstfeverFrawstfever622,206
    17 Oct 2014 11 Oct 2014 17 Oct 2014
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    **This solution is mostly complete Ive finished the game but will go back and fill in the blanks**

    Saw Mill 07 ~ ( 5 Deliveries = 175,000 pts) Completed in 3:13
    ~ B-line it for the back of the truck next to the sawhorse (2 guys cutting 1 piece of wood) wait for the mark to walk by should net you 12,000 pts, next make your way to the big red truck and hid under the box @ 1:39 jump out and you can net a 40k delivery, next there are 3 boxes near a ramp across the compound i got a 72k delivery , next is the back of the other small truck and you "can" get the next 2 out of this, though i only got 24k from the first one, the 2nd one i got 150k, you might even be able to skip the first one and just wait on the 2nd and then just go and get a regular delivery somewhere

    Saw Mill 8 ~ ( 7 Deliveries in 2 mins = 100,000 pts) Time Left 0:25
    ~ Big Trick here is not losing your chain, I got my 100k @ delivery 6, no hiding necessary, just make sure in the last 4 deliveries you are as close as possible Range 3 if you can, I find range is what makes or breaks me half the time.

    Saw Mill 11 ~ (1 surprise flourish = 16,000 pts) Completed in 0:22
    ~ As soon as the mission starts B-line it toward the truck in front of you, squeeze between the mark and the truck, quickly hid in the back of the truck and as soon as you see the cn_A button hit it, *** note you will need a lvl 3 flourish ***

    Saw Mill 12 ~ (Hid in 10 Different Hiding Spots within 2:10) Completed in 1:57
    ~ Make use of the run feature if you havent found this yet, you can run by pulling cn_RT

    Saw Mill 13 ~ (2 Surprise Flourishes = 30,000 pts) Completed in 1:17
    ~ No real trick here just hamg out in 2 different places and wait for someone hungry to walk by

    Saw Mill 14 ~ (1 Delivery worth 5,000 pts in 0:20s) Comopleted in 0:15
    ~ Super simple there should be a green circle inside a doorway right in front of you, make your way to the door, hid inside said door, and as soon as possible delivery the package make sure to get a full flourish meter, I completed this with a 6k delivery.

    Saw Mill 16 ~ (1 Delivery worth 50,000 pts within 2:30) Completed in 1:08
    ~ Feed the first 3-4 people as soon as you can building up your chain, the next person do a surprise delivery and you will get the requirements for the mission but likely will get the achievement for a single delivery being worth 100k

    ~ Saw Mill 17 ~ ( 5 Deliveries = 55,000 pts) Completed with 0:07 left
    ~ First 3 deliveries get as quick as possible to build up your chain the last 2 make sure you can get as many multipliers as possible, and don't get seen

    Saw Mill 18 ~ (3 lvl 3 flourishes = 55,000 pts) ~ Completed in 1:10
    ~ 1st delivery should start off in a building there is a Dirt Pile (in which you can hid in) to the right of the mark, hid in it till he gets to you he should be a 5th level hungry by then, surprise him with a lvl 3 flourish and will net you 30,000 pts now just go get 2 more lvl 3 flourishes.

    Saw Mill 20 ~ ( Feed EVERYONE = 500,000 pts)
    ~ There is no time limit here, so wait until your marks are super hungry or wait in a hiding spot if you know their route. I reached 500k @ delivery 14 and 1 thing to note dont worry about losing your chain to feed a person you might lose, you wont fail if you are spotted.

    Cul de Sac 1 ~ ( 3 deliveries = 31,000 pts) ~ Completed in 1:01
    ~ Pretty Simple just deliver 3 meals with as many multipliers as possible

    Cul de Sac 12 ~ (3 Deliveries = 23,000 pts) ~ Completed in 1:29
    ~ You need to do 3 levels of flourishes in acending order just make sure to max out multipliers and no need to hid

    Cul de Sac 13 ~ (6 Surprise = 52,000 pts) ~ Completed in 6:43
    ~ No real trick here just do your best not to lose your chain and u should have it by the 4th delivery

    Cul de Sac 14 ~ (5,000 pts in 1:00) ~ Completed in 0:28
    ~ Again no real challange did mine in 3 deliveries and had time for a 4th

    Cul de Sac 15 ~ (5 Backyard Deliveries in 1:00)
    ~ Keep restarting until you get 1 of the 3 to your left and from there cross your fingers, rub your horseshoe and grasp your four leaf clover cause this mission is ALL about luck

    Cul de Sac 16 ~ (5 deliveries @ hunger level 3) Completed in 1:35
    ~ Pretty simple you only need 5,000 pts

    Cul de Sac 17 ~ (5 Deliveries = 54,000 pts w/o being seen) Completed in 1:33 w/ 138,000
    ~ Nothing you cant handle at this point

    Cul de Sac 18 ~ (6 Deliveries within 2 mins = 20,000 pts and not being seen) Completed in 1:21
    ~ Again with a chain of 5 or 6 even the smallest hunger will net you big points

    Cul de Sac 19 ~ (2 mins Chain count of 7)

    Cul de Sac 20 ~ (750,000 pts and not be seen)
    ~ Try and get a surprise delivery when you can i got one at 6 and 20 and had over a million points at the end.

    Construction Site 1 ~ (8 deliveries in 5:00 = 150,000)
    ~ Build up your chain with the first 3 or 4 quick and then try to get a few surprise deliveries after that

    Construction Site 2 ~ (9 Deliveries = 150,000 pts)
    ~ Just take your time and you will be fine

    Construction Site 3 ~ (Be seen by everyone in 3 Mins)
    ~ The thing that you need to know is how to access all areas.
    1) The tall pipe standing on end gives you access to the upper construction
    2) The pipe on the upper construction gives access to 1 worker
    3) The pipe on its side by the trench gives access to 1 worker
    *** The only thing to mention really the worker up on the yellow ladder wont see you if you dont run around.

    Construction Site 4 ~ (3 Deliveries in 2:00 = 25,000 pts)
    ~ You should get a surprise delivery the 2nd or 3rd delivery to make this mission

    Construction Site 5 ~ (5 Deliveries in 2:00 with flourishes = 30,000 pts)
    ~ Did it without any surprises, all i did was used the first 2 to build up my chain and the next 3 i made sure they were better deliveries

    Construction Site 6 ~ (3 Surprise Deliveries in 3:00 = 50,000 pts)
    ~ Nothing to worry about there are so many places to hid in this area

    Construction Site 7 ~ (Feed at all 5 Hunger levels within 1:30)
    ~ Gonna need a lil luck here and get hunger level 1 as quick as you can its easier to chase a 5 or 4 at the end then trying to nab a 1.

    Construction Site 8 ~ (5 deliveries in 1:30 without being seen)
    ~ Had no problem with this and either should you

    Construction Site 9 ~ (Be seen by 10 workers in :50)
    ~ Not a huge problem, just when the mission starts get the closest worker and then cross the pipe bridge, if you get the 2nd workers over there you will wait a bit to be able to cross the bridge

    Construction Site 10 ~ (7 Deliveries = 1,000 pts)
    ~ Really you want us to be bad....okay so a few tips
    1) I like hanging out by the 2 chicks who dont move
    2) Make sure to lose your chain after each delivery
    3) Spam cn_A when you make a delivery so you dont get flourish X 2
    4) no time limit so just be patient

    Construction Site 11 ~ (4 lvl 4 flourish delivers in 1:30)
    ~ Shouldn't be a problem, I finished mine in less than 30 sec, just stay on the ground floor

    Construction Site 13 ~ ( Feed 3 meals at hunger level 1 within 2:00)
    ~ I just hung around the area with the 2 workers talking and waited

    Construction Site 14 ~ ( Deliver 5 means in 1:00 without being seen or heard)
    ~ They all flow together not hard at all, shouldn't even be writing this down

    Construction Site 15 ~ (Be seen by 6 workers in 0:22)
    ~ Really no problem at all here

    Construction Site 16 ~ (5 Deliveries in 5:00 = 200,000 pts)
    ~ Had some trouble with this one, got a chain of 3 then hid in the barrel between the 2 chicks talking came down to the wire but lucked out.

    Construction Site 17 ~ (5 Deliveries from a hiding spot to all 5 Hunger levels)
    ~ You know those 2 girls and a barrel i keep talking about.........go there

    Construction Site 18 ~ ( Feed 5 workers with gloves in 3:00 = 50,000 pts)
    ~ Very simple the 3rd delivery was a surprise (1 of the 2 talking around a barrel) got 60k from it , no real challenge for a sneak like you

    Downtown 1 ~ ( 4 deliveries in 1:00)
    ~ Not hard at all

    Downtown 2 ~ ( 8 Deliveries min in 3:00)
    ~ Just dont get caught and youll be fine

    Downtown 3 ~ (2 Deliveries in 0:30)
    ~ Use those kingly calves of yours, just run

    Downtown 4 ~ ( 2 deliveries within 0:30 to those who use the subway)
    ~ A lil misleading here basically anyone in a suit will do

    Downtown 5 ~ (5 deliveries without being seen = 50,000 pts)
    ~ For the last level so far nothing really to write about

    Downtown 6 ~ (Chain X 5 in 1:10)
    ~ No points needed just get in and get out

    Downtown 7 ~ (9 Deliveries in 4:10 to those who go in/out of buildings)
    ~ Had no problem with this dont even need to worry about being seen

    Downtown 8 ~ (300,000 pts in 3:30)
    ~ Just don't get caught and you will be fine

    Downtown 9 ~ (4 Deliveries in 1:40)
    ~ Run Run as fast as you can, cant catch me im the ...... wait wrong rhyme, just dont worry about being seen by the non-hungries.

    Downtown 10 ~ (3 Deliveries in ascending flourish order in 0:40)
    ~ Will take a few tries but for the most part its just luck, no need to sweat it

    Downtown 11 ~ (10 deliveries in 2:00 =2,000)
    ~ Okay sometimes its not that easy playing bad, reset your chain (if possible) after every delivery, you only want 100 and 200 point deliveries, near the end you can risk a possible 300 or 400 but I wouldnt in the beginning, I finished it with 1,200 pts.

    Downtown 12 ~ (200,000 pts in 10 deliveries or less)
    ~ Just get the most that you can out of each delivery and you will be fine oh and dont be seen

    Downtown 13 ~ (5 Flourish deliveries in 1:15)
    ~ Keep restarting till you get a customer that is near by then just use those king calves and dont worry about being seen.

    Downtown 14 ~ (3 lvl 3 flourishes in 0:40)
    ~ Again not a problem the only thing I was able to do to help was keep restarting till the first delivery was in front of you

    Downtown 15 ~ (3 lvl 3 flourish to lvl 5 hungries)
    ~ Just be patient and try every random start you get

    Downtown 16 ~ (5 Deliveries @ lvl 1 hunger = 13,000)
    ~ As long as your deliveries are solid no need for surprise deliveries

    Downtown 17 ~ (4 Surprise deliveries = 50,000)
    ~ Just be patient and you will get it, no time limit here

    Downtown 18 ~ (4 Surprise flourish deliveries in 2:00)
    ~ Same pattern every time for me, didnt ahve to leave the corner of the map I started in.

    Downtown 19 ~ (Feed Everyone = 1,000,000)
    ~ With these challenges my strategy is to wait till the most opportune time to deliver, and then when I deliver the next one, If I could of delivered it sooner for a surprise delivery I will lose pts on a regular delivery to make a ton more on a surprise one. ie ( I will delivery meal 2 early so when I get to the 3rd customer it can be a surprise delivery)

    Downtown 20 ~ (Feed everyone without being seen in 5:30)
    ~ Not to bad, you pretty much need to run as much as you can, it will be the same pattern every time so you just need to learn the pattern.

    If you feel the need to leave negitive feedback please msg me and I will do my best to fix the problem
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    NickHawkeyeBest solution on here so far, thanks for putting the information down somewhere, find alot of them that only outline one or two missions or just list the requirements for A but never the tips on how to get them.
    Posted by NickHawkeye on 18 Apr 16 at 14:48
    TheTraderGuyGlenn you magnificent bastard. This is gold.
    Posted by TheTraderGuy on 29 Nov 17 at 13:37
    NBA Kirkland2 things to add even though this game is way old.

    1. Downtown 4. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere including the TA walkthrough which has a solution that did not work at all for me. You can simply go straight to get the first guy coming out of the subway. And then press Y to pass through the subway and appear near the 2nd guy. Easy, one try, with seconds to spare.

    2. Cul de sac 15. Lots of luck needed. Took me hundreds of tries like others have said. I noticed that hungry folks never spawn near you. You need to be 50-70 feet away at least. So I started heading immediately to the street which makes sense in that you need to feed the backyard people. Restart immediately if the first 2 spawns (10 seconds in) are not favorable. It Took maybe 100 tries this way (not at all conclusive that it is better). Eventually I got the window clearer guy first, treehouse guy second, backyard porch gal third and finished up with the 2 gals chatting. 56 seconds.
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 07 Mar 18 at 18:55
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