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Megastar in CastleStorm – Definitive Edition

Megastar156 (20)

Earn all the stars of the Viking Elites campaign.

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First of all, play through the entire campaign on Casual, you'll need to upgrade stuff that unlocks at later levels to five star early levels. Kinda irritating, but will also give you a good idea of what you're up against.

Secondly, like most other solutions on this game, the real key to success is grinding out a whole heap of gold to upgrade your gear. You can accomplish this by playing either Frenzy Showdown! in the Viking campaign, or Frenzy Battle! in the Kingdom campaign. Both only take a short amount of time (about 10 seconds) to complete using bombs/grenades, and will net you 5000+ gold per game (up to 10k if you upgrade your Treasury and leave troops alive for your upgraded Prison).

If at any point you're having trouble with a level, simply duck back, farm a bit more gold, then upgrade the skill suggested.

Finally, keeping your accuracy above 80% can sometimes be a challenge, but there are a few ways to game this a little. Keep in mind that using your ranged attacks while playing a hero counts towards your accuracy, so where possible using your bow point-blank with a fully upgraded hero not only kills plenty of enemies, but boosts your accuracy. Another way (in levels where opponents have castles) is to just pump special ammo (Cannonballs, Bombardment, etc) into the enemy castle when you're not firing on troops. Otherwise, wherever possible DON'T EVEN FIRE YOUR BALLISTA. Many levels can be completed purely with spells and troops, if you don't fire a single shot it counts as 100% accuracy.

Stage 1: Prison Break
Don't worry about any of these missions until you've had a chance to upgrade Freia, I had her upgraded to level 15 when I went back for these

Fairly easy once you've upgraded Freia, just make sure to aim high with your axes to gain the 10 headshots.

As long as Freia is upgraded, this is fairly easy too. You can wait at the far left of the map with your shield up at the start and eventually 3 Vikings will bunch up for the x3 multikill (use your B attack). Other than that Thorvard walks slowly but as long as you keep an eye on him should be just fine.

Captain Power
Finishing this level within the time limit means protecting pretty much all the escapees (I think I lost one). Just guard the right hand spawn point with Thorvard, and watch out for any red exclamation points that indicate enemies spawning from behind. Should only take one or two tries.

Stage 2: Liberation

Unexpected Visitors
Rack up your ballista kills first (I used the Golem shot), then move in for the flag. Alternatively, feel free to destroy the castle if you think it's quicker, it still wins you the game.

Resistance Rising
Fairly simple, just use upgraded Golem Shot, Explosives and Meteors. All mine were about level 10 and demolishing the castle took about 2 minutes.

Village Siege
Use the same method as Resistance Rising, fairly simple.

This will depend mostly on what you've upgraded, but I personally spammed Thorvard summons (all his kills count as troop kills) then deployed as many dragons as I could. Both Thorvard and the dragons were about level 10. Once you reach 30 kills you can jump in with Freia and drop some spells to mop up.

Stage 3: Proving Grounds

99 Red Hammers
Easy to finish with an upgraded Freia, just be sure to kill all the regular Hammer Throwers before killing the Chief. This level requires 100 kills and there are exactly 100 enemies, so as long as you leave the Chief to last you'll be all good.

Flag Bowl Challenge
Very easy, just make sure you get your x7 kill streak on your way to the right hand side of the map. Then just camp the spawn and wait for your flag to catch up.

Chieftain's Trial
Can be quite challenging, you can only use ranged axes and you can't let any of the enemies hit you. The x33 kill streak also means kill streaking the entire round, so if you lose your streak at any point just restart. Like Outpost Under Attack in the Kingsguard campaign, this mission is mostly about stretching out the gaps between your kills while keeping your killstreak. If you've just killed an enemy and another spawns, try and wait until the last second to continue your streak. This gives more enemies time to spawn. This will take practice, and is probably the second-most annoying 5 star in the entire campaign.

Stage 4: Vikings Landing

Enemy Of My Enemy
The level says you need to keep the Knights in the centre alive for five minutes, but the enemy ballista will chip away at their health faster than that. Deploy some troops (dragons are always effective), summon Thorvard then set to work destroying the enemy fortress with Explosives, Golems and Meteors. You should be able to kill the enemy castle before any of the knights die.

Border Invasion
Deploy some troops (again, dragons for preference), summon a couple of Thorvards then wait until you've hit the 25 troop kill mark. Chip away at the enemy castle at the beginning, then finish it off once you've made the bonus objective. Not too hard.

Road To South
You'll have to be quick on this map, so be sure to bring the usual upgraded Golems, Explosives and Meteors along. You need to destroy the opposing castle before they destroy 3 of your rooms. Keep an eye out for Cannon troops, they can end up doing almost as much damage as the enemy ballista. Deploy dragons to help you our with the troops when you can, and focus on knocking down the enemy castle.

I should also point out if you're having trouble with this mission, you can custom build a new castle that just has 3 rooms buried behind a heap of walls. Takes a bit of time, but if you're not having any luck in your attempts, it's something to keep in mind.

Angry Beards
I hadn't upgraded my Hammer Chiefs in this campaign, but if you just spawn them until they gain one kill, then don't use any other troops (including Thorvard, unfortunately) that counts as Troop of the Day. Apart from the bonus objective, this is actually a fairly easy mission to complete with just heros and spells. Upgrade Ball Lightning to level 8 or higher and it will do great work in this level.

Stage 5: Save The King

We Come In Peace

Another easy stage, just make sure to kill off 50 enemy troops before destroying the castle with the usual accoutrement.

Royal Bounty
Making Edgar Troop of the Day means letting a couple of enemy troops catch up with him, having him kill them, and then relying purely on heros, spells and your ballista. Might take a few attempts, but as long as your spells and heros are upgraded you should get it. This is another level where Ball Lightning can do excellent work.

Not too tough: Golems, Explosives and Meteors, the usual should manage to get you inside the time limit.

Siege By Night
Ball Lightning will rack you up 10 magic kills quite easily, then you just need to mop up. Troops, spells and heros should mean you can do this level without using your ballista.

Codename Swordfish
Welcome to the biggest pain in the butt the campaign has to offer. Not only is the Swordfish fairly crappy ordinance, the requirement to get above 80% accuracy AND land more than 25 headshots is absolutely punishing. I tried it a few different ways, but in the end it was eliminating enemies at the spawn point at the top of the hill that proved most effective. The technique here is when you shoot a swordfish to IMMEDIATELY press 'A' again to accelerate it. This shoots them almost in a straight line from the ballista. It might take a little finesse (remember you can finetune your aim with the D-pad), but for the first minute and a half of this round I was just shooting around head-height directly into the enemy spawn point. You'll have to adjust your view slightly to the left so you know when a target has spawned.

Be ready to try this level again and again and again. You can survive and not land enough headshots. You can get all the headshots in the world and have one little sprinting swordsman reach your gate. It's frustrating, but you'll just need to replay it over and over until you get it down pat (or just get lucky).

Boar Invasion
Pretty simple, dragons, heros and spells should keep the boars away fairly easily. I spawned multiple Thorvards and they took care of most of the boars. You probably won't lose any, but also remember that the bonus objective here is to not lose more than 3 or your VIP troops, so if one or two die it's no trouble.

Stage 6: Justice for All

Golem Problem

Ball Lightning and heros, toss a few Golem shots down the bridge should finish off the enemy golems quite quickly.

Falling Stones
I grinded out the headshots with Freia then set to work on the castle. Not too tough.

Last Man Standing
Freia again for 15 hero kills, then knock down the castle

Stage 7: Ice And Fire

First Line Of Defense

Again I mostly used Freia to rack up the headshot kills. Get it out of the way early, that way you can start deploying dragons and the usual spells. You have to survive for five minutes in this level, but once you have your dragons out you shouldn't be too concerned, it's the headshots that might be the most difficult part.

The Beauty And The Beast
As long as Freia is upgraded to about level 15 you shouldn't have to worry about damage in this mission, it's mostly just the time limit you'll have to watch. Using your axes you need to hit the monster in the glowing yellow spot under it's chin to make it retreat (aim for it's teeth in it's usual position should get you on target) then cross to the other side of the lavaflow once it's down. Once it comes back up, you'll need to hit one of the three small yellow spots on it's spine to do damage. Repeat this process three times to complete the level, and keep an eye out for the few enemies the game will spawn once the monster has retreated. You should be able to kill it inside the four minute objective once you realise what you're supposed to be aiming at.

It's also possible to have the monster do it's vulnerable attack either first or second attack, so if you need to shave a few seconds off your time, just restart the level until he does his charge attack early.

Protect Thorvard while he racks up his 15 kills. Kill any Hammer Throwers that turn up kill personally, Thorvard won't enter their range and they're a pain. Once the bonus objective is complete, just wait for Ramhorn to show up. Shouldn't prove much of a problem with an upgraded Freia


Any suggested improvements just comment below, I'm happy to add stuff to the solution :)
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