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Absolute in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition

Absolute210 (40)

Research a tier X tank.

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Achievement won on 23 Sep 14
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Posted on 18 September 14 at 22:56, Edited on 28 October 14 at 02:08
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EDIT after 1.5 Patch Oct 27. Please be advised the Tier X Absolute Achievement is NOW RETROACTIVE Wargaming's 1.5 Patch has now fixed the redoing of another Tier X tech tree. Thanks to for the information!! He already had a Tier X researched months ago and all he did was patch 1.5 and he was able to pop the cheevo.

There is no quick solution on HOW TO GET A TANK to TIER X fast! The grind will take 100-200 hours to do this from Scratch, depending on your skill and experience. With a Premium account 30days for 15$ will give you 50% more xp/silver cutting the grind to half.
Remember the tips/hints are information to help speed things up and ease the pain of finding out the do's/don't the hard way, If you are going to DOWNVOTE please msg me to why, so the info can be modified. We all learn from negative criticism and different points of view

***** ROAD MAP TO 100% WORLD OF TANKS****see the end of the guide.

Some of my hints or tips may seem too complicated or too vague, I played over 15k games, playing different tank classes and sometimes it is hard for me to explain hints to a novice or a veteran WOT player without sounding, vague, condescending or something taken from "Idiots guide to WOT" Some information are taken from websites, forums and other TA users.

XP&SILVER BOOSTING METHOD at the bottom of guide
BOOSTING INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS can be done using the same method as the XP/Silver Boosting Method but you will need minimum 8 players to boost with and have the specific tanks for individual achievements.

If you do not play this game often or just play for the cheevo's I would suggest you continue from the other cheevo to get a tank to Tier VII. Read those tips/help from:
World of Tanks: Xbox 360 EditionLegendaryThe Legendary achievement in World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition worth 90 pointsResearch a tier VII tank.
I have been given negative feedback on that guide because I did not mention that the UK line was the cheapest in XP to grind to tier VII. I believe I did mention in many different achievement guides that give or take a couple of hours really doesn't make that much of a difference if you were to pick a tech line solely by the lower numbers. The UK line is the cheapest XP per tier to research but in my opinion the hardest due to vehicles you are given to grind with. As of the 1.5 Patch the Russian Heavy & USA Medium tech trees are the best choices to grind to tier X since you need to grind upto tier VI's anyways.

Please note there is a lot of grinding and dedication to the game once you get to Tier VIII so set aside some time to actually play the game and learn tank tactics and how the game is played to speed up you xp per match.

Set up an account on (simply log in using your xbl credentials)
goto the forums and read the tips and tricks on anything about the game.
IMO the best site for information on Maps, Tactics, Tank Weakspots and ratings, etc.

or you can always use google "world of tanks" tips hints tricks for specific info your require. Please note that this X360 version was originally a PC Game and most of the info may differ but you can use most of the info you find and apply it to X360 version.

I know I only have several tier X's, and someone already chirped at why I have so many games played with not as many Tier X's. When I first started, I only had 6 garage spaces and I wasted so much silver buying and selling tanks for the Connoisseur Achievements, maybe several million. I also did not follow my own advice, I would always paint my tanks and put the Canadian Flag emblem on every tank. it was for good luck!!! IF my tank was not painted i never sem to do well lol. Along with the paint job, emblems and equipment, I probably wasted 50-75 million in silver buying and selling tanks with only 6 garage spaces. That is stage one of my path to WOT poverty. Then, I smartened up and bought several garage spaces when they were 50% off. I got to stage 2 of WOT Poverty. I started my Medal Hunt and making each tank Ace Mastery starting from Tier I onwards. Not only did I have to rebuy each tank again, I had to put equipment on to be able to master them, and transferring crews back and forth was another 50-75million wasted, and yes, every tank was painted and had my flag!! I know all those Battle Hero, Stage achievements, Honorary ranks etc, Medals are pretty and having the Big M on many of my tanks are cool but it cost me tons of money and I had to mortgage the house and pimp the crew to be able to repair and buy ammo for my grinding tanks. The plus side to being poor, I was able to learn how to play all the tank classes and figure out which tanks were better than others. Which tanks made fast xp/silver, which tanks I could farm silver/free xp,and which tanks or classes I enjoyed playing. The best outcome of doing what i did, I was able to get certain XBox cheevos when they associated the medals with the cheevos automatically. I want to help others by sharing what I learned and hope you do not make the same mistakes I did, since most of TA users are here strictly for the cheevos, the info may speed things up or ease the grind. I did all above without a premium account, only had premium for the free days I was given or events, so you can see I struggled in comparison to premium players. The 30 days ago, I bought the special premium offer for 20$ which came with 30 days, a ton of silver, and consumables. I then realized, having put so much time in the game and loving it, I should have went premium from the start!!! I would have all the tier X tanks researched and in my garage now!!

How do you level up from Tier to Tier?
The obvious, you accumulate xp and silver by playing a tank until it meets the criteria to unlock the next tank in a tech tree. 2 Different types of XP are rewarded at the end of each match, regular Xp and and Free XP. Modules need to be researched before you can research the next tank. Depending on the tank, and if the tree branches off to different tanks, some modules do not need too be researched to unlock. Also, some modules when researched or purchased, may unlock for a module on a future tank or a different tank class of the same country. Ie some Turrets/Guns on Tank Destroyers/ Heavy are often the same and once unlocked, it will show as O xp needed.

Free XP is 5% of what regular XP you get. You can use the free xp on any other tank, not just the tank you are currently using. Many players can bypass researching the next tank in the tree by using their accumulate Free XP to unlock modules and tanks.

Tips/tricks on how you make xp/silver on WOT.

Getting a tank to Tier X involves both XP and Silver. Both are a painstaking task and a long grind. They both go hand in hand. The better you do per match, the more xp/silver you get.

It seems many TA players are not hardcore or an addicted WOT player and need some tips on how to make xp/silver without getting a Premium Account(1.5x silver income) . or buying "garage spaces" If you want to speed up your grind to Tier X, a 15$ investment to this Free-To-Play game would be your best purchase. You get 3000 gold for 15$, and the cost of 30 day premium is 3000 gold. The 50% more xp/silver per match will cut the grind to half it would take without premium. I would also suggest using the free gold you get from the training (650 gold) and buy garage spaces when they are on sale for 150 (reg. 300gold).

Accumulating Silver/XP and using that well earned silver/xp is one of the micro-transaction task of the game. XP/Silver not spent foolishly also helps keeps your funds balance at a reasonable level and help with the grinding to higher tier tanks. Here are some of my tips on how to save silver and make it.

What Tank should I use?

Play every tank you have in your garage at least once a day to get that 2x (or 3x-5x) daily multiplier!!!!

WOT has over 200 tanks in four different class types, anyone can make silver/xp with ANY one of the tanks. I cannot tell you which is the best tank to use because one player my make tons of silver/xp with the same tank another player constantly loses silver/xp. Some players can get through a Tier grind with one tank and others may struggle with the same tank.

The following tips on tank selection are based on personal experience. If you have do well in a particular tank, please share that info with others. If you are good at a particular class or specific tank, stick with it! Grinding any tech tree to tier X is a long a tedious process. The psychological factor also plays a role in how fast you get to tier X, even if that tree may cost or more or less xp/silver. If you like a particular tank or country's tanks(being from that country etc) you will go through any grind fast. It will take longer if you are either not good it or dislike, hate, complain about the tank you are grinding in any way.

What tanks should I have in my garage?
I am assuming everyone has 6 garage spaces as default. I suggest doing the training videos to get 650Gold and buy some garage spaces when they go on sale for 150Gold each(50%off)
Doing the Connoisseur achievements should be the first grinds. Research 5 tanks of each country(US/German/UK), read individual guides on which ones to choose first. Please note that the connoisseur cheevos are only for the the 3 countries mentioned above, and not for Russian tanks.

Once you are done with the Connoisseur Achievements and owning 3 of the Russian Heavy and the Sherman achievements, you should have free garage spaces to assign as your Tier X grind tank line and the remainder should be reserved for seal clubbing tanks.
I would suggest working the Russian and USA tech trees simultaneously. One main tank, russian heavy to work your way up the heavy tree and another tank to work up the USA Medium tree. Play both alternately. When one is destroyed do not wait for the match to end, just jump on the other, and vice versa. One should be a dedicated Arty. You will need a mid/high level Arty to get the arty cheevo, if you still did not pop Bombardier. The other should be a scout tank. The remaining 2 garage slots should be for the seal clubbing tanks. They should be any of the tanks you used to get to the russian heavy or usa medium line or any other class have done well or liked. They can also be any of the suggested tanks others have had success as seal clubbing tanks. If both main grinding tanks are in battle, use any of the seal clubbing tanks! Do not waste time waiting.

Your Tank Statistics:
Go to your profile on and scroll down to Vehicles click on the left arrow to the right of the chart to drop down all the tanks you have played with. You can sort the chart which ever way you like, I like sort them by Tier.
Analyze each individual tank by clicking once again the left arrow on each specific tank to drop down the stats for each tank. Once you expand the info for one tank, you will be able to see the medals you have earned and the stats of that particular tank.

A good indication of which tank you are good, the post game show screen, If you are one of the top 3 XP players on your team when you win the battle or top damage/spotting damage or klls.
ACE mastery level of a tank or have a "1". 1500+XP gain on most tanks usually net you a 3, 2, 1 or M rating. Ace mastery is top 1% of all players using that tank in the last week. This stat may be misleading, if there are hardly any players using that particular tank one week, you may get an easy ACE or if that tank is a new release tank, you maybe one of the first players to use the tank. Always look at the xp gained after the match.
If your Kill/Death Ratio & Damage Caused/Received is better than 1.00, it is a tank you are good at, you destroyed more tanks than being destroyed yourself.
If your Average Number of Vehicles Destroyed per Battle & Average Damage Caused per Battle is significantly better than your other tanks of the same class, you are more likely proficient at that tank. ie, playing a same tier level US Medium and Russian Medium simultaneously but one or the other does better than the other, I would use that tank. No matter what the reason is for doing better, whether the set up, the crews, or the specs. Maybe that particular tank fits your playstyle?
Having Top Gun, Pool, Radley on brawling sniping tanks or having many Scout/Patrol Duty usual mean you are not only good at your tank, you are better than most players for those matches.
Once you analyze the tanks you own or have used, you can figure out which tanks you do well in, use THAT tank as your silver/xp farmer!! A good percentage of the time, if you earn a medal, especially Top Gun or any of the Battle Hero Medals, you have made minimum 20-30k silver and a good amount of XP for that match!!
As I mentioned many times on this thread, I cannot tell you what tank to use to make silver/xp fast. It is up to you to figure out what tank fits your play style and your tank commander's personality and in turn makes you easy and fast xp/silver.

What class is the best income maker?
I feel that Heavy/TD/Medium/ Light tanks all make the same average income per match for me and Artillery tends to be my worst tank class. The sole reason arty makes far less silver and xp is due to the amount of chances you have to do damage, spot or kills and survive the battle.

How each class makes xp/silver:
Light tanks: cheap repair, damage done minimal but can spot. Low survivability.
Medium tanks: Can spot, flank, do damage with a fairly low repair cost. The jack of all trades tank.
Heavy: High repair cost due to being the brute taking most of the damage of your team, High survivability and damage dealt yielding lots of xp/silver.
Tank Destroyers: average repair cost, deals tons of damage.
Arty: low repair cost, damage done is pending on your battlefield performance and if your teammates do not let the enemy scout kill you.

Premium Tanks: Some of the TA users were able to get a few premium tanks for being in Beta (T14 & Ram II) and T1E6X. These tanks all make +30% more xp/silver automatically, just like all premium tanks. They are not the best of its tier or class but the bonuses make up for lack of stats. Using a premium tank has a two tier effect, not only do you make 30% more silver per match, you can use the tank to train perks and skills on crews which you can transfer to another tank needed to grind to Tier X with no silver penalties. Some of the premium tanks also have special matchmaking, so you can are more likely be the top tier of those matches. Premium tanks also can be bought from the tech tree or from the Specials. Premium tanks are great for crew leveling and silver farming. If you do decide to buy a premium tank, read up on which one suits your playstyle and its pros/cons, most premium tanks are NOT the best of its tier. Most of the high tier tier VIII premium will cost you roughly 40-60$ in gold depending on which tank so choose wisely before purchasing. When you have decided which tank, WAIT until that tank goes on SALE or when there is a special discount of 30-50% off gold price, Wargaming changes the selections of premium tanks monthly and offer different specials.

Seal Clubbing: (going to a lower tier I/II/III tank and pick on newbies)
If you are going to seal club, make sure it's a tank you are good at, have a decent crew and willing to accept the boredom of constantly destroying amateurs. Please note that not all seal clubbers are noobs, some are the higher tiers who happen to still own that tank or tier of tank you face and will whoop you butt!! The lower tier matches also offer the worse types of players, from squeakers, to afk ppl, idiots who get you killed or do not help, to kill stealers, trolls, being pushed off cliffs or into water, etc etc so bear with those negativity and enjoy the easy kills/silver. There are many players using their Tier II/III Premium tanks to farm silver/xp or train their crews so you may encounter many high tier experienced players at tier II/III.

Low Tier matches: Just like seal clubbing, lower tier matches (Tier IV-V) offer the same benefits of easy kills and fast xp/silver without most of the big boys and girls smacking you around. At this tier, the idiots from the seal clubbing stage either left the game or actually playing properly. Tier IV offers tanks which are a bit more forgiving when learning how to play due to more armour, better gun etc.

Tier VI-VII-VIII Tanks: One must actually be good at their individual tank and have a decent crew to consistently make silver past tier VI. You can make a decent income at this level consistently. This stage is going to be the most tedious and probably the hardest of the grinding road to tier X. You will be matched the lowestmost of the matches, but when you are top tier, you will make easy xp/silver and get easy kills.

Tier IX & X Tanks: Play with the big boys and girls, you can either make tons of cash/xp or lose a ton. Certain tank's repair and ammo cost are more than what damage you can deal. You will be top tier most of the time and have the luxury of beating up the lower tiers you face. Do not get too cocky and over confident in your tank, you still have to play smart, several low tier tanks can destroy a higher tier when they wolf pack and out flank you.

Scout Tanks: (Please note all light tanks tier V+ will be matched with tanks upto Tier X) This special matchmaking has it advantages, apart from the obvious cons of getting one shot killed by a Tier X, anything you do, either spot, spot damage and damage or kill the higher tanks will yield you more xp/silver.

Special Matchmaking: As mentioned above Tier V+ light tanks have matchmaking upto tier X. There are other tanks which are only +1 max tier tanks they will ever face. Some premium tanks only see +1 max tier tanks. A few examples:
Tier I tanks will only see upto tier II tanks and only limited to summer maps (Province/Mines/ Malinovka)
T14 Tier V USA Heavy will only be matched in Tier V/VI matches.
FCM 50 t Tier VIII tank will only be matched in Tier VIII/IX.
Soviet Tetrarch: Tier II Light will only be matched in Tier II/III.

Know your role!!
Which ever tank class you choose, play it according to it's role and you will win more matches, get more damage/kills, more spots etc.
More often than none, if you play your tank, no matter what tier or class, properly to its abilities, you will always make silver/xp.
Many matches are often lost because of the players on your team not doing their "job".
Different tank roles: Each tank has a specific job description based on its specs, equipment, crew and your abilities. All tanks can play any of the roles, if your team loses specific tanks during the battle.
When all the scouts die early and your team has many arty/td's, they are blind and will have a hard time killing what they cannot see. Mediums & Heavies or fast TD's should step up and engage the enemy more aggressively than normal to scout for the TD's/Arties.
There are some Heavy or TD's who should always lead the charge, while some of the big boys cannot brawl or be useless up front. Depending on a mediums specs, its role should be played according to its ability and capabilities.
Passive Light Scout: A light tank which advances to a specific location on the map, sits still and spots incoming enemies. Some light tanks can be used as a sniper.
Active Light Scout: A light tank which constantly stay mobile and spots enemies. Often active scouts are very efficient arty hunters.
Support/Flanking Light: A light tank which advances with the rest of the team and flanks enemies, supporting the heavies/tds/mediums. Only use the slow or heavily armoured lights to do this job safely.
Support/Flanking Medium:A medium tank which advances with the rest of the team and flanks enemies, supporting the heavies & tds.
Brawling Medium:Some mediums are really Heavy tanks in a medium's skin. Their stats are those of a heavy, big gun, lots of armour and can take a beating. These tanks can go along the real heavies and brawl in CQB(Close quarter battles)
Medium Sniper:Some medium tanks have long range view range and accurate hard hitting guns. The can get to the frontline quickly to spot and snipe. Medium Snipers must go an engage the enemy if there are no other light tanks to do so.
Passive Medium Scout: Some medium tanks are faster and have better view ranges than light tanks. A Passive Medium Sniper advances to a specific location on the map, sits still and spots incoming enemies. They can also be snipers if their guns are accurate. Only disadvantage when compared to a Light Passive Scout, mediums do not keep their camo factor when having to relocate.
Active Medium Scout: Some medium tanks are faster and have better view ranges than light tanks.A Medium Active Scout which constantly stay mobile and spots enemies. Often active scouts are very efficient arty hunters. Disadvantage when compared to a Light Passive Scout, mediums do not keep their camo factor when having to relocate.
Support/Flanking Heavy:Some Heavy tanks are not meant to be on point or brawl ahead of the rest of the team. The faster, less armoured or weaker hitting heavies should support the brawlers by flanking.
Brawling Heavy: The big brutes who are slow but heavily armoured or have a very hard hitting cannon with a slow reload. Should always advance and engage the enemy. Always have support tanks to protect your flanks and when you reload.
Heavy Sniper:
Camping Tank Destroyer (Sniper):
Brawling Tank Destroyer:The big brutes who are slow but heavily armoured or have a very hard hitting cannon with a slow reload. Should always advance and engage the enemy. Always have support tanks to protect your flanks and when you reload.
Support/Flanking Tank Destroyer: Some tank destroyers are fast, with a rotating turret can play the role as a support or flanking tank.
Defensive Arty: Arty who set up at their flag and engage enemies who are advancing or is engaging friendlies.
Offensive Arty: You set up with the advancing friendlies, and look for enemies to kill. Some arty make great one shot kill TD's.

IMPORTANT: Upgrading a module, adding specific equipment, and adding a new skill or perk. WILL CHANGE the overall specs, abilities and capabilities of any tank!
Setting up your tank with the proper mods will help in its job description. Choosing the right tank or tank class to do a specific achievement will facilitate the task.

Team mates:
Random players on your team do affect the outcome of your matches. 50% of the time, you will end up with good players, the other half, the bad or idiots. Do not get discouraged by the matchmaking or other randoms on your team. You win some, you lose some. Do your best as a team player and you will end up with more xp/silver per match. Important to know, you make 1.5X more xp/silver when your team wins the match, so contribute to the team effort.

Event Bonuses & OPS: Almost every week, Wargaming has events which boost income/silver or gives you savings on purchasing certain tanks. Take advantage of these events!!! Some are even stack-able with your seal clubbing and may benefit with crew training and your grind to tier X.
Most events are like so: "The road to a Particular tank"
Tier IV/V:sale 50% off purchasing & +50% silver & xp boost.
Tier VI/VII/VIII: sale 30% off purchasing & +30% silver & xp boost.
Ops: There are some ops which offer you silver/xp for completing the tasks. Pick and choose ops and stack them. The first set of ops offer many for scouting/spotting. I suggest pick 3 ops which you can do simultaneously. There are also additional weekend event ops which are added which add silver/xp and even premium days.
Play One get one: Free Premium for a day when you finish a match.
Scout: weekend ops: get the Scout medal for silver Bonus.
Moving up the Line: detect 5 enemies with a M7/T21 or T21.
Spotting the Target: Get X amount of spotting damage
Start your Engines:destroy 2 tanks with the M2 Light/M3 or M5 Stuart.
Master: T57 tank, be top 3 xp earner.
Advanced Combat: Top 5 damage dealer in T69 or T54E1.
Damage Dealer: Meet the the damage requirements for silver bonus.
Set up your ops so you can make as much of the bonus stacking them; ie use do the Moving up the Line Op with Scout Op, and Spotting the Target. Change any one you finish with the Start your Engines Op and scout and kill 2 tanks for that op. Once you are done with the scouting, switch to the Damage Dealer since damage will come naturally during game play and can be stacked with any of the other ones.
If you do not have any of the specific tanks, there is no point buying for example a T69 or T54E1 solely for the bonus. If you already made those tanks elite, some of the bonus 2x xp will only contribute to the Free XP and convertable xp.

Do not waste time!
Many people waste time by waiting and watching the remaining surviving teammates after their tanks are destroyed. The more matches you participate, the more silver and xp you will make. Winning and doing well is obviously a major factor but if you die, go back to your garage and start up another match with another tank.

Platooning in general slows down my xp/silver earning. In a platoon you usually have to wait until platoon mates are readying up, picking their tanks, when you die, you have to wait until they die or match is over.
I play with a lot and we both jump from tank to tank, not waiting for the match to finish when we both are destroyed and we are able to make a steady xp/silver income. Platooning does offer the advantage of playing with someone who can cover you, draw the enemy fire or even be your sidekick running two fast light/medium tanks arty hunting. We help each other attain the team based cheevos. If you are going to platoon find someone similar to your playstyle and cheevo hunting capabilities. I

Passive or Aggressive?
You personally have to figure out how aggressive or passive you have to be with each individual tank to make xp/silver consistently.
-Rushing the enemy and always dying without any damage points or spots usually means you are too aggressive.
-If you are camping or staying at your base too often without seeing or damaging enemies, you are not camping properly.
-If you are spotting and do get the spots but not the spotting damage, you are not spotting properly.
-If you are arty, and do not get at least 1 kill a match, choose another career in a different class tank!!!
Once you figure out the perfect balance between the two, you will win and make more silver/xp per match.

Plan ahead!!
Many of the cheevos stack, ie If you are a newbie needing 500kills or playing a particular class 100 times or simply needing a Tier VII tank or Tier X tank. Knowing which tank you will eventually want to purchase and use should set the roadmap on which tree/tanks to buy/sell.

If you pick a tank or particular tech tree stick with the same tank, buying and selling tanks is a waste of 50% of the value of the tank and you need to pay silver to put the crew back and retrain them to 100%. On your way to Tier X, you get the Tier VII cheevo and most of the play 100 games of TD/Arty/Light or Heavy.

You can simply "save" money by planning the tank purchases for owning 5 of each country accordingly. You know you need a Tier X tank, so when you do your tank 3x Connoisseur (5 tanks of a country)cheevos , do the country your are most likely NOT play to tier X first, so you can save garage spaces and you would lose less from selling back tanks. The order I choose initially was British, USA then German prior to the release of Russian tree. If I were to do this now, I would keep the USA and Russian Tanks for last and grind those till Tier X, since you do need 3x Russian Heavies and 3x USA Shermans.

I suggest purchasing Camo Net & Binocs(they can be sold back without penalties, unlike the other equipment) as soon as you buy a new tank. Play a few games with that tank before you decide one which 3 pieces of equipment you need to make your grind easier. Replace the sellable ones with permanent equipment (can be taken off by paying GOLD) only if you outweigh the benefits with the cost.
Do not waste silver by purchasing permanent equipment on a tank you know you will be selling down the road. Unless you outweigh the cost for the benefit it gives you while grinding. ie Vents are cheap and disposable if need be. Make sure you sell your camo and binocs prior to selling a tank or you lose them!! If you are making a seal clubbing tank, by all mean deck out that tank as good as it can be, no matter the cost. Your investment will yield more silver/xp in the long run.

Crew Training:
If you only have 6 garage spaces, and have one USA Medium, 1 Russian, one arty(US or German), one scout(US or german), and two seal clubbing tanks as suggested above, you should have 6 individual crews, try and leveling the crews up as fast as you can. IF you are strictly playing for cheevos, and getting any tank to tier X, I would strongly suggest putting "Mentor" as your first skill, so you can level up your crew faster, and get more perks/skills faster. You can pop the Crew cheevos as you grind up to tier X. Depending on your play-style choose the skills in accordance to your play-style. DO NOT pick defensive crew skills like repairs, the relaying etc.
When working up to tier X, transfer your best crew to the new tank. It is up to you whether you pay for the 50% or 80% retraining needed, all depends on your silver availability.

Modules: There are two paths to take when it comes to researching modules. You can either just research the modules and not buy them and continue the grind with a stock tank to be able to unlock the next tank(saving the xp/silver) or you can purchase modules, making your tank better so your grind can be easier. I always purchase the bigger gun; depending on the playstyle of the tank; if the tank is a sniper, I buy the put the more accurate less damaging gun, if the tank is a brawler,the "derp" high damage gun, less accuracy/pen, For scouts I always buy the stronger engine and better turret for speed and view range. Just like the crews and equipment, you have to make a decision if you will keep the tank and how much xp/silver you are going to invest.

Do not pull a COD move and fire off random rounds at the beginning match at the spawn. I know it may seem cool test firing your weapon but 300-2000 silver a shot does add up! Also, be conservative with your ammo use. I know we are here to kill kill kill, but aim and shot and make your shots count. Do not use premium rounds (even though you can pay silver/gold) for them. Most premium rounds do not give more damage, just penetration bonus and does lose its pen value over distance. Also premium rounds still have to be aim at weak spots, most people think they will pen anywhere on an enemy tank.

Do not put inscriptions or emblems/ flags on your tank. The only Customizable feature which actually helps your stats are camo, the rest are just for esthetics. Camo does give your tank a 5% chance of not being detected.

Do not purchase or waste xp on researching modules you do not need to get the next tank on the tree. You DO NOT need to buy the modules on all tanks to unlock the next tank, just research the modules.

If you are just using a particular tank as a stepping stone to the next one on the tree, DO NOT put an experienced crew on the tank. You will waste double the silver to put the crew on that tank than move the crew back to the original tank.(unless you have a premium tank solely for crew training)

When buying new tanks, weigh the cost / benefits of paying for a new crew(free) 50% or one which is 80% trained (usually 80-110k)

Consumables: You should always have the following consumables on your tank. Small Repair, First Aid Kit and Manual Fire Extinguisher. You may spend 3000 silver for each of those pieces of consumable equipment but in the long run it may gain your more silver by making you survive and win the match. ALWAYS put out a fire with extinguisher ASAP, the cost of 3000 silver / saving your tank is far cheaper than a full tank's repair cost.

When using a small repair kit. Do not waste it if you are already low on HP and surrounded by enemy tanks. If you feel you do have a chance of escaping or surviving, then go ahead use it. The repairs at the garage is a flat rate for each tank, depending on the damage done to it. repairing a track with a repair kit does not save you that much more silver than just having it repaired back in the garage.

Making a Seal Clubbing Tank / Top Gun Farmer Tank or simply setting up a grinding tank for each tier.
Use the info above regarding Crews/Modules/Equipment and Consumables and apply it to each of the tanks you are going to "mod" (make it the best possible)

Your modifications should always be based on your playstyle for any particular tank and will differ from tank to tank, even if they are both tanks are the same class. Ie; Scout tank Tier V Chaffee vs Leopard for example, both are scouts, same upto tier X matchmaking but need different equipment, because of the specs and abilities of each tanks. One uses the autocannon very efficiently and the other can be used as a sniping scout. Both can be a passive or an active scout depending on the mods you choose.

How to shop for a tank? You cannot exactly test drive any tank to find out if you like it prior to making a permanent decision to keep it. I would suggest researching on the net, forums google etc.
I exclusively use this site prior to making such decision which tree to follow or which tank to buy first. I also use the site to know the pros and cons of the tanks I need to grind, and to figure out which mods I would need.
The tank analyzer is very useful when you put for example all the tier X mediums in that app and it will compare those tanks with each other.

Analyze each tank before buying and learn as much about it when grinding!!!
I will use the M24 Chaffee as the model on how to use that site. Cut and pasted from the site, there are also pics of where the weakspots of the tank. Also at the bottom there is a chart on how that Chaffee compares to other tanks (you can either compare with all tanks in battle tier, all same tier, all same class, or all same class / tier. I always use the same class and tier option.
Use all the info about the tank to determine the mods you need to either make that stat better or to make up for that stat's ability. If that tank has a "high view range" you can make it better with binocs/optics or ignore adding that equipment and put something else because the skill is already good. This applies to other skills of the tank, use vents to increase all the skills of the tank. If the tank has horrible camo value or has a large silhouette, there is no point on putting camo net or adding the camo perk.

-Quick acceleration and good top speed
-High agility
-Can mount vertical stabilizer
-Weapon is both accurate and powerful
-Excellent visual range
-Great camouflage

-Thin armor on tier 5 even for a light tank
-Tall stature leaves it open for long periods over hilly terrain
-Match making places it in high tier matches more often
-High repair bills, even for a light tank, can impact your credits drastically
-Tracks can be easily be shot and broken
-Low top speed compared to other light tanks it will face

The Chaffee has great potential in fighting other tanks thanks to its 76 mm Gun T94 - which is even superior to the 76mm used by the M4A3E8 Sherman. Thanks to its high agility and speed, the Chaffee can hold its own even against some tier 8 heavies in close quarters when used correctly. Experienced tankers will enjoy using this tank to harass and pick off stragglers. Despite its top speed of 56 KPH, it is quite slow in comparison to other light tanks, because of this the Chaffee isn't as well suited to arty-raiding. Its large turret is relatively slow at turning and makes the Chaffee a larger target than other light tanks. Still, the Chaffee is a fun tank to drive. It can be thought of as a smaller and faster version of the M26 Pershing in turns of play style.

Nicknamed by some as the Mini Patton this tank has one of the best gun of all the scouts. Its high rate of fire coupled with a penetration that can penetrate almost any tank with ease make it a perfect dog fighter, the Chaffee can decimate targets in a matter of seconds and is a scout to be counted with. The spotting range of the Chaffee is exactly the same as most top tier heavies making this tank a perfect stationary target designator. One of the things that should be noted as well is the accuracy of the gun which is a stunning 0.39 meter, even better this is the only light tank that can mount a vertical stabilizer at this tier, so it will hit targets accurately on the move.

- Having good equipment in the Chaffee is important. You have no armor but you have good view range and good gun. You Should equip Binocular Telescope (which will take the view range up to a whopping 500m), Improved Ventilation Class 1 and Vertical Stabilizer Mk I.

- If you play as TD, then you should have Improved Ventilation Class 1, Vertical Stabilizer Mk I and Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. However, this isn't the recommended choice as the aiming time/accuracy on the gun is already quite good; additionally the Coated Optics is a vital piece of this tank.

Why do you make X Amount of Silver Per Match:

The xp you do in a match is proportional to how much silver you make. There is a chart, google "wot" xp/silver chart to see the details. The more damage, or spotting you do etc, will yield you more silver. So the better you do in a match, the more silver you earn, so try :

a) damage as much enemies (or spot them)
b) not just damage, but also do critical damage to the enemy modules or crew
c) survive the battle (winning and surviving yields more than dying and winning) Even just getting through a match with an undamaged tank will save you on repair cost.
d) try and get one of the Battle Hero medals (win or lose) if you do qualify for any one of the medals, you get 1.5xp/silver multiplier. What are Battle Hero medals?? (Top Gun, Confederate,Patrol Duty, Defender, Invader and Scout)

Matchmaking: Do you get frustrated at being matched the lowest of the match? Do not worry, any damage or spot you do is proportional to the level of the enemy. Try and damage as much of the higher tiers before they destroy you and you will get more xp/silver!!

XP/Silver per minute per match:
I did a comparison with different tanks at different tiers to find out which makes the most silver for me. These are the tanks I personally use to fund my other higher tier tanks which involve hours of grinding for XP and high ticket price.

Here is a list of tanks I use to make silver and why: I also take advantage of the events and use tanks tier IV/V to get the 50% income boost.

LTrackor: Tier I Light; only matched with Tier I/II, games are 90% 7vs7 lasting no more than 4-6mins, I usually make 700-1000xp and make 10-15k a match.

Chaffee: Tier V Light Scout: Make min. 20k per match and if I get a good scouting game, upto 100k silver. Most of the matches last 12-15min.

Marder 38T: Tier IV TD, min 3 kills a match and make average 15-20k every 8-10min match.

SU-85B: Tier IV TD: my Top Gun farmer average 4-5kills per match 20-30k silver income every 10-12min.

Cromwell / VK30.02M /T34-85: Tier VI Mediums: I using these tanks to train crews and make 15-20k silver average per match.

T49: USA Tier V TD: This is my other mid tier Top Gun farmer. With that in mind I usually make 20-30k silver per match.

I have tons of other tanks but the ones mentioned above stand above the rest when it comes to income per minute. I do have a few Tier X's and they seem to suck my funds dry lol.

**********XP&SILVER BOOSTING METHOD***********

In theory this should work, read all the info above and apply it to this. I tried this fast xp needed method on one tank with Chunky Meconium. I needed quick xp so I can get a tier X tank fast. I wanted to get as much xp in the shortest amount of time so I can level up my E75 Tier IX German Heavy so I can research a Tier X. I needed 200k+ xp. We managed to get a good portion of that needed xp, jumping from a Tier IX and another tank. Did not waste any time, as soon as match finished or when we were destroyed, we quickly started another match until our E75's were ready. Take note that this was done on a tier IX tank and xp per module/reasearch for a tier X is not an easy task and very time consuming. We did manage to speed things up so I could get that cheevo ahead of the normal grinding.

I will apply that method we used to get fast xp/silver for one Tier level to a boosting method for any tier.

I will explain the method for two boosters starting the game from scratch. But it can be applied to multiple boosters. It will increase the wait times in between matches with more boosters. One factor which may limit the actual Tier leveling up will be the lack of silver to purchase modules to unlock the the next tank or to research the higher tier tank. *See AFK Method below to make silver afk.

Preparation and coordination is a key to speedy xp grind.

Boosters need to Make a list of the tanks from two tech trees you wish to get to Tier X. I suggest the Russian Heavy and USA Medium lines since you need the Tier VI's from those two tech trees for other cheevos.

Russian Heavy:
Tier I:MS-1
Tier II:T-26
Tier III:T-46
Tier IV:T-28
Tier V:KV-1
Tier VI:KV1-s
Tier VIII:IS-3
Tier IX:IS-8
Tier X:IS-7

USA Medium:
Tier I:T1 Cunningham
Tier II:T2 Medium
Tier III:M2 Medium
Tier IV:M3 Lee
Tier V:M4
Tier VI:M4A3E2 or M4A3E8
Tier VII:T20
Tier VIII:Pershing
Tier IX:M46 Patton
Tier X:M48 Patton

Make sure you are in a party and all platoon members have mics to communicate. Platoon members must have a list of the tanks they are using to boost with.
For the Tier I session, all platoon members will be using the MS-1 and the T-1 Cunningham, alternating between the two tanks until both members have unlocked the next tank.
In order not to waste time, when any platoon member dies before the other, that is the time used to do the researching of modules as they unlock, adding equipment or modifying crew skills.
Once both platoon members are able to unlock both the T-26 and T2 Medium. It will be the first intermission. Platoon members have to set up the newly researched tanks to be played in the next session with equipment, crews etc.
Repeat the same steps as Tier I, alternating with the Tier II tanks....repeat and apply this to the next tiers until reaching Tier X!!
This is a perfect world scenario where both players have the exact same tanks, silver and current xp. I am sure when looking for others to boost this with will not be easy.
You need to find other boosters with the same tier tanks as yourself, will to jump from tank to tank and not waste time as mentioned above. When setting up the alternate tanks, they do not need to be the same tiers; for example say one booster already has the tier V russian heavy and the other booster has the USA medium Tier V, and they both have Tier VII tanks from any other tech tree, they use those Tier VII's together in one match and the Tier V's as the alternates.
You can mix and match tanks as long as they are the same tiers (you can always use the match making +2 / -2 TIers but that will just make winning the match harder for the lower tier player).
If all boosters or platoon members apply the coordination and communications without wasting time waiting for platoon to pick tanks and ready up. Boosting with platoons can speed the grind.

This may be a "boosting" method but it is in fact an organized grind!
In my opinion, grinding solo, jumping from tank to tank is still the fastest way level up the tiers since you eliminate the "waiting" factor.

Others have suggest playing parties of 4+ platoons and matching with each other, with the 1-2-3 go method and playing against each other. Anyone who has played with more than the 3 platoon members knows how bad the matchup wait times are. The matches may be much quicker since one side is intentionally losing but consider that the xp/silver per hour will be cut in half since players have o alternate being prey and hunter.

BOOSTING INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS can be done using the same method the Boosting Method but you will need minimum 8 players to boost with and have the specific tanks for individual achievements. Please read the specific requirements for each achievement and make sure you have the right tier tank when joining such boosting sessions. The list of boost able achievements are listed here World of Tanks Boostable Achievements!!

**********AFK METHOD***********
Ever wonder why there are so many players afk or not helping at all during many of the matches?
These players are most likely using a Turbo controller and automatically clicking X button and going off in one direction.
When their tank gets destroyed, they automatically restart a new match and accumulate several hundred xp and 5k-10k silver if that match is won. AFK leveling may net you some xp and a few million silver overnight, and level crews.
If you are going to use a turbo controller please be advised that your win/lose ratio would be lower than 40%, not the usually 50/50 chance since you are a waste of a slot for a real player to actually do something useful in the match.

IF you are worried about your stats or possibly being reported for using a turbo controller and being afk, do not use this method. Please be forewarned that Wargamming or Microsoft may suspend or ban your account if caught.
I simply do not afk level since I actually care about my stats even though it does suck. The plus side of other players using this afk method, is when they are on the enemy team. Easy free kills!! I did manage to kill 4 arty in one match, killed 2 normally and the other 2 AFK at their spawn, easy pascucci medal.

I also I killed a Tier X, AFK JagPanzer E100 with a Chaffee, we both were the last one left on our team, took me several minutes hitting him from the rear. I almost ran out of ammo!!! I am wondering why he would use a high repair cost vehicle to AFK Level????? If you are going to AFK level for silver or crew leveling, use a premium tank, an elite tank which has low repair bill. You would not need to remove ammo from any of the vehicles, because you are not firing your gun. The only time you would use any vehicle no matter the repair bill, is if its in your tech tree for the Tier X grind.

IN conclusion, If you grind a tank from Tier I all the way up to Tier X, you should have most of the cheevos popped. Some cheevos are on a different tech tree but easily attained.

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
- Offline: None
- Online: 52 total achievements worth 700GS
Without DLC: 29 achievements worth 500GS
DLC update 1.2: 8 achievements worth 100GS
DLC update 1.3: 6 achievements worth 80GS
DLC update 1.5: 9 achievements worth 120GS
- Approximate time: 100-200 hours (Depending on skill)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Research 1 Tier X tank. Several Tier VI tanks are needed from the Russian and USA tech tree in which one of those trees can be continued to Tier X.
- Number of missable achievements: None! The T150 has been taken out of the game. The description is an error(will revert to the proper description once you pop the cheevo), The 122 and U achievement will pop once you have KV-1, KV-2, and the KV-1S.
- Glitched achievements: Absolute: If you already researched and bought a Tier X Tank, the achievement is not retroactive. You will need to research another Tier X tank to pop cheevo until a fix or patch is released.
- Cheats: No! Turbo controller can be used at your own risk to level AFK.
- Premium Account : All maps and tanks are available to everyone in the game except premium tanks which are bought with $. Premium account holders will receive 1.5x the silver and xp per match.

All DLC are free and will automatically update the game to the latest version once you play. Many of the DLC achievements are retro active if you meet the requirements, some have to be redone.

Many of the individual Achievements should pop during the course of one grind to tier X. Some are even stackable.

Boostable achievements: See World of Tanks Boostable Achievements!! for details on procedure. Sone boostable achievements will naturally pop during regular gameplay and would not be needed to boost.

Death From Above, War, Victory, MVP,Bombardier, Kamikaze, Steel Wall, Pascucci, Dont Scratch The Paint, Tanking This Show on The Road, Got Lucky, Sniper, This is World of Tanks, Tis but a Scratch, Stand by me, Top and Tactical Espionage.

Here is the list of all the achievements. Anything which says "boostable" can obviously be done through natural gameplay.

Absolute (You've researched a tier X tank.) Longest grind of all achievements. You should pop many of the other achievements before you get to tier X. Stackable with Legendary, 122 and U, Sherminator etc. as long as you continue with the Russian Heavy and USA Medium Tech tree.
American Connoisseur (You’ve got the itch! You have successfully started your American tank collection.)Automatic once you start any of the USA Tech tree. Stackable with Absolute and Sherminator.
Artillery Captain (You've played 100 matches as artillery, Make it Rain!) Will come naturally if you do not boost Bombardier. Stackable with Artillery Corporal and Artillery Recruit. Can be AFK Levelled.
Artillery Corporal (You've played 50 matches as artillery.)
Artillery Recruit (You've played 10 matches as artillery.)
Battle (You've destroyed 50 tanks.) Will come naturally during road to Absolute Achievement. Stackable with Conflict and War. Boostable.
Bombardier (Destroyed 2 or more tanks with one Artillery round.) Boostable.
British Connoisseur (You’ve got the itch! You have successfully started your British tank collection.) Stackable with Absolute or Legendary if going up UK Tech Tree.
Conflict (You've destroyed 100 tanks.) Will come naturally during road to Absolute Achievement. Stackable with Battle and War. Boostable.
Death From Above (You've destroyed a tank, squashing them like a bug!) Boostable
Don't scratch the paint (Finished a match with 100% health with a potential damage taken of 1000 or more.) Boostable.
Driver's Ed (You've completed the training.) Watch videos and gain 650Gold and some silver.
Elite Status (You’ve completely researched a tank!) Automatic once you research any tank. Stackable with Junior, Medium, Absolute or Legendary .
German Connoisseur (You’ve got the itch! You have successfully started your German tank collection.) Automatic once you start any of the German Tech tree. Stackable with Absolute.
Got Lucky! (Killed a tank while your tank is immobile.) Boostable.
Heavy Captain (You've played 100 matches as a heavy tank.) Will come naturally if you stack the 122 & U and play Russian Heavy line.. Stackable with Heavy Corporal and Heavy Recruit. Can be AFK Levelled.
Heavy Corporal (You've played 50 matches as a heavy tank.)
Heavy Recruit (You've played 10 matches as a heavy tank.)
Junior (You've researched a tier III tank.) Stackable with Elite Status, Medium, Absolute or Legendary .
Kamikaze (Destroyed a higher tier tank by ramming.) Boostable.
Legendary (You've researched a tier VII tank.)Stackable with Absolute, Elite Status, Junior 122 & U, Sherminator.
Light Captain (You've played 100 matches as a light tank.)Will come naturally if you use Tier I's or any light tank as a Xp/Silver farmer. Stackable with Light Corporal and Light Recruit. Can be AFK Levelled.
Light Corporal (You've played 50 matches as a light tank.)
Light Recruit (You've played 10 matches as a light tank.)
Medium (You've researched a tier V tank.)
Medium Captain (You've played 100 matches as a medium tank.)Will come naturally as you get Sherminator. Stackable with Medium Corporal and Medium Recruit. Can be AFK Levelled.
Medium Corporal (You've played 50 matches as a medium tank.)
Medium Recruit (You've played 10 matches as a medium tank.)
MVP (Had the highest XP of your team.) Boostable
New Toy (You've acquired your first upgrade.)Automatic once you research a new module on any tank.
Now you see me... (Applied Camouflage to your tank.) Automatic once you apply camo.
Pascucci (Destroyed three artillery during a match.) Boostable
Perks of the Job (Trained a Commander to 100% on a perk.) Stackable with Skilled Commander & Tanks With Benefits. Can be AFK Leveled.
Ranger (Destroyed all enemy light tanks during a match.) Boostable
Skilled Commander (Trained a Commander to 100% on a skill.) Stackable with Perks of the Job & Tanks With Benefits. Can be AFK Leveled.
Sniper (Achieved at least 85% hits with 10 or more shots fired and a potential damage of at least 1,000 HP.) Boostable
Soviet Connoisseur (You’ve got the itch! You have successfully started your Soviet tank collection.) Automatic once you start any of the Soviet Tech tree. Stackable with Absolute and 122 & U.
Stand By Me (Survived and won a battle along with one or more platoon mates.) Boostable
Steel Wall (Received the most hits (at least 11) of any player on your team over 1,000 HP, and survive.) Boostable
Tactical Espionage (Spotted at least 9 members of the opposing team in a single match and won.) Boostable
Tanking This Show On The Road (Got 3 or more kills in a match while moving.) Boostable
Tanks With Benefits (Fully trained at least 5 crew perks or skills on one crew member.) Stackable with Skilled Commander & Perks of the Job. Can be AFK Leveled.
TD Captain (You've played 100 matches as a tank destroyer.)Will come naturally if you use TD's or any TD as a Xp/Silver farmer. Stackable with TD Corporal and TD Recruit. Can be AFK Levelled.
TD Corporal (You've played 50 matches as a tank destroyer.)
TD Recruit (You've played 10 matches as a tank destroyer.)
The 122 and U (Owned the KV-1, KV-2, and the KV-1S simultaneously.) Stackable with Absolute and Soviet Connoisseur.
The Sherminator (Owned the M4, M4A3E2, and M4A3E8 Sherman tanks simultaneously.) Stackable with Absolute and American Connoisseur.
This is World of Tanks (Was the last tank to be destroyed on your team.) Boostable
Tis' But a Scratch (Won and survived a match with 3 or more damaged components.)Boostable
Top Gun (Destroyed more enemy vehicles than any other player in your team during the battle (at least 6).)Boostable
Victory (You’ve won your first battle and survived!)Automatic after winning first battle. Boostable lol
War (You've destroyed 500 tanks.)Will come naturally during road to Absolute Achievement. Stackable with Battle and Conflict. Boostable.

I hope this helps shed some light on how to make silver a bit faster. I will post and edit as I remember which hints maybe helpful. I am writing this in between matches so I will edit often and add more info.
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