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Achieve 30 Gold Stat Awards.

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    If you're familiar with the stat awards on the original game, there's one notable difference. Since you have to play The Zodiac Tournament for 100%, there are now two extra gold medals, giving you a bit of breathing room.

    Ignore this, as you'll be getting no matter what. 25 other gold medals will give the gold here.

    50 freerunning attacks. Play Mrs. Chu's Revenge up to the point where you chase Ratface. A quick sprint to the chest-high cover will earn you a vaulting disarm, good for two separate awards. Restart checkpoint and repeat as needed.

    50 headshots. Any gun mission is good for this, I prefer The Funeral, as it starts with guns instead of working towards it.

    10 blindfire kills. Shotguns and assault rifles at close range are the best options. The Funeral is a good option if you play aggressively, as is Meet the New Boss. In each instance, run up to cars to use them as cover before firing.

    20 explosive kills. Explosives are highlighted in red similar to environmental takedowns. The Funeral is another good one for this, as you obtain a grenade launcher partway through.

    50% accuracy on the last 50 shots. Mrs. Chu's Revenge is good, though if you're not so hot at driving and shooting at the same time, use Meet the New Boss. Rather than aiming for the tire immediately, pepper the body of the car with shots.

    100 total gun kills. Should be done by the end of the story; if not, The Wedding, The Funeral, Mrs. Chu's Revenge, or Big Smile Lee should do it.

    10 melee kills from behind. While this can be done on pedestrians, it's also valuable to know the Leg Break move from returning the statues, as the move finishes with an opponent facing away.

    Break 100 bones. Use the arm or leg break move from the dojo. I recommend Leg Break, as it sets you up for an instant kill.

    50 environmental kills. When grabbing someone in melee, either press cn_B near a red highlighted object or run them into it with cn_A to activate. Performing five different kills is its own achievement.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionEnvironmentalistThe Environmentalist achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 16 pointsPerform 5 unique environmental kills.

    50 melee weapon kills. A successful run of Death By A Thousand Cuts will net you 30 kills. You start with a cleaver and every enemy has a knife. As soon as yours breaks, pick up another.

    50 disarms. Play Mrs. Chu's Revenge up to the point where you chase Ratface. A quick sprint to the chest-high cover will earn you a vaulting disarm, good for two separate awards. Restart checkpoint and repeat as needed.

    100 counters. This should be another gimme, press cn_Y as the enemy is highlighted red.

    10 successful fast talks. Who likes quicktime events? The mission Bride to Be has several, wait for the cn_Y prompt to appear at the top of the screen, can't miss it.

    10 thrown weapon kills. Aim with cn_LT and throw with cn_RT. Be careful of quick aim, as it is possible to hit yourself with your own thrown weapon, which will kill you. This is one potential strategy in the Death By A Thousand Cuts mission, which is needed for 100%. Throw your weapon at one enemy, pick up their knife, throw it at someone else, repeat.

    100 total melee kills. This should happen during the course of the game, but the martial arts clubs will provide a significant boost if needed.

    200 total kills. Between Martial Artist and Gunman, this can be ignored.

    30 cumulative minutes of driving with no collisions above a set speed. This is best done early, try to focus on not colliding when you're on the highway. If this needs to be boosted, there's a circular road with one entrance and no traffic in the north of Central. This is also a good place for the Safe Driver achievement.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionSafe DriverThe Safe Driver achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 46 pointsCruise for 2 minutes over 60 Km/h without damaging your car.

    30 cumulative minutes at top speed in a Class A car. You get a free Class A Tuono through the Hotshot lead. Once you get it, use it as much as you can, especially if it involves the highway. This tends to overlap with Safe Driver, as staying at top speed usually means not hitting anything.

    20 action hijacks. Most of these should come via the story and Wheels of Fury adds several more. If necessary, hijack a few random vehicles.

    50 cars destroyed. Play The Funeral and keep the grenade launcher until the end. As the cars keep rolling up, fire the grenades. Restart checkpoint and repeat as needed.

    There are now 21 races, so if one is too difficult, move on and try a new one. The achievement for completing all 21 has detailed information.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionWei of the RoadThe Wei of the Road achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 41 pointsComplete all Street Races.

    Earn $2m. If you don't have this by completing the story, stealing cars for Tran works well. Try not to damage the cars and the cash will roll in.

    Spend $2m. Be smart about this one. Pick up the Master Negotiator set first for an additional 15% off vehicle purchases, and try not to buy too much before you hit Face Level 10 for a 40% boost. Your money will go much further towards the buy everything achievements.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionGreat FaceThe Great Face achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 112 pointsAchieve Face Level 10.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionAuto EnthusiastThe Auto Enthusiast achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 31 pointsPurchase all vehicles.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionFashion VictimThe Fashion Victim achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 47 pointsPurchase all clothing.

    Win $1m gambling. The theoretically best option is to go to the Kennedy Town docks and bet $100k on cockfights, but the winner is essentially random. What I did was went with at least $200k and saved. If I won $100k, save again. If I'm ever down by $200k from my previous save, reload to get money back. It's tedious, and a good candidate for skipping.

    100% completion. The stat tracker in game can't be trusted. Fortunately, I can.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionChief InspectorThe Chief Inspector achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 256 pointsComplete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and races.

    175 collectibles obtained/returned. Go on dates in order to unlock these on the map. These count for multiple achievements.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionSpiritual HealingThe Spiritual Healing achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 38 pointsPray at all of the Health Shrines.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionNorth Point ScavengerThe North Point Scavenger achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 55 pointsUnlock every lockbox in North Point.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionCentral ScavengerThe Central Scavenger achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 55 pointsUnlock every lockbox in Central.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionWest End ScavengerThe West End Scavenger achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 55 pointsUnlock every lockbox in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen.

    Sleeping Dogs: Definitive EditionHong Kong Super HackerThe Hong Kong Super Hacker achievement in Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition worth 40 pointsHack every Security Camera in the game.

    20 cumulative minutes spent above heat level 1. Go to the police station in southern Central, in the same general area as the K-Bar, then kill a police officer and continue the ensuing standoff. Keep killing those cops for...

    50 cops killed above heat level 1. Use the same guide as above.

    200 kills in a single session. Any kills count, so you can beat on pedestrians if you'd like. Martial Arts clubs are a good boost, as are the Death By A Thousand Cuts and Shaolin Showdown missions.

    To note, these next two are done within The Zodiac Tournament.

    50 environmental kills using Zodiac Tournament props. The spikes and gong from the cliffside arena don't count, for some reason. Replay Last Man Standing and throw someone into the gears. It may be quicker to restart checkpoint after one kill rather than wait for the gears to start moving again.

    Find all 12 fire opal statues. After completing the tournament, all 12 statues are shown on the minimap.
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    Paulfc I used the Trial by Fire mission as you get the option to throw opponents in the the Fire block in the middle of the arena.. there are 3 in the first round, 5 or 6 in the second\third, so restart the checkpoint before killing the last opponent in round 3 smile much quicker than Last Man Standing..
    Posted by Paulfc on 03 Jan 18 at 13:24
    CRUM LEE Thanks for the detailed guide!
    Posted by CRUM LEE on 17 Feb at 14:06
    AwakeDeadeye For Deadeye, take people out of their cars, get the tire irons out of their trunks, then toss them at them, or a crowd of people since you can't lock on to them.
    Posted by AwakeDeadeye on 25 Feb at 07:45
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