A Complex Mind achievement in Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments (Xbox 360)

A Complex Mind

Reach all possible conclusions in the game.

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How to unlock the A Complex Mind achievement

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    I found this website : http://www.gameboomers.com/wtcheats/pcSs/SH7/SH7.htm so thank you to MaGtRo.

    To resume fastly you have to reach every conclusions in the game, you don't have to launch each conclusions, you just have to find them in your deductions, and click on them (when you have the choice to condemn or absolve the criminals, the game will save. It worked for me)

    Mission 1 The Fate of Black Peter : 4 Conclusions
    - Neligan is Guilty
    (Retrieving the notebook + Stolen valuable papers + Neligan's motive + Lucky throw)
    - Liam Hurtley is Guilty
    (Hurtley's Motive + Lucky Throw)
    - Two Murderers
    (Hurtley's motive + Neligan's motive + Strength requirement + Pinned to wall)
    - Cairns is Guilty
    (Feat of strength + Pouch proves guilt + stolen valuable papers)

    Mission 2 : Riddle on the Rails : 4 Conclusions
    - Robinson is a Swindler
    (Inside mines + Missed Doncaster station + Accident + Robinson's motive + Vanished earlier)
    - Chileans Stole the Prototype
    (Inside mines + Missed Doncaster + Theft + Vanished earlier.)
    - Mexicans sealed in the Chileans
    (Inside mines + Missed Doncaster + Mexican trap + Vanished earlier .)
    - Mexicans drowned Chileans
    (Has been sunk + Sabotage + Missed Doncaster + Mexican trap + Vanished earlier)

    Mission 3 Blood Bath : 6 Conclusions
    - Pitkin is the Murderer (1 with ice knife and 1 with silver kinfe)
    - Garrow is the Murederer (1 with ice knife and 1 with silver kinfe)
    - Blinkhorn is the Murderer (1 with ice knife and 1 with silver kinfe)

    Mission 4 The Abbey Grange Affair : 3 conclusions
    - Randalls are Guilty
    ( Randall Gang + Robbery is the motive + Three people + Poker blow)
    - Domestic Accident
    (Randalls blamed + Imitated Robbery + Two people + Deadly accident + No acquaintance in London + Domestic violence)
    - Captain Crocker is the Murderer
    (Captain Crocker + Crocker statement)

    Chaper 5 The Kew Gardens Drama : 6 Conclusions
    - Deadly Syndicate are the Killers
    ( Theft and murder + Set stole everything)
    - Albert Dunne is the Killer
    (Sect is not involved + Albert's motive + Albert's studies)
    - Miss Margaret White is the murderer
    (Sect is not involved + Disagreement + White's situation + White's knowledge
    - Martyn Hamisch is the Killer
    (Sect is not involved + Martyn's motive + Martin Hamish's opportunity + Mr. Dunne was poisoned)
    - There is no Accomplice
    (Albert is not involved + White is not involved + Hamish is guilty)
    - Albert is the Accomplice
    (Martyn's timeline + Albert's timeline)
    -Miss White is the Accomplice
    (Martyn's timeline + White's timeline)

    Chapter 6 A Half Moon Walk : 3 Conclusions
    - Leighton Chapman Committed Double Murder because of Personnal Motive
    (Double murder + Personal motive + Imaginary Man + Compelling evidence)
    - Leighton Chapman Commited Double Murder because of Robbery
    ( Double murder + Burglary motive + Imaginary Man + Compelling evidence)
    - Foley's vengeance
    (Burglary motive + Leighton's innocence + Crossfire + Simultaneous shot + Circus acrobat)
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    Larvi1Thanks for the solution. I thought I had them all when I finished the game but didn't get this achievement. In looking through the list you posted I realized I only got the conclusion for 1 weapon in Ch 3 so I redid that and got it. Just fyi it's ice and silver knife, not golden and silver
    Posted by Larvi1 on 04 Oct 14 at 16:20
    Winters z99Yes it's a mistake ! I edit right now. Thanks man wink
    Posted by Winters z99 on 04 Oct 14 at 21:58
    b30118218Once you complete the game do you have to redo the whole of the one case again that you think you missed the conclusions on?

    I think iv missed something on chapter 3 seeing as my conclusion was red instead of green, however i really dont wan to redo the whole case again as it wasn't that fun the first time around.
    Posted by b30118218 on 04 Oct 14 at 22:04
    Winters z99Absolutly not. For exemple, I missed one conlcusion on the second and the sixth missions. Once I have found the conclusion Robinson is a Swindler, I ended the mission and launch mission 6, and when I have found Leighton Chapman Commited Double Murder because of Robbery, I get the achievement. No need the found them all in one time or ended the mission, you can find them in several times.
    Posted by Winters z99 on 05 Oct 14 at 09:12
    LizardKingv666I can confirm that you can replay cases to get the achievement. It will pop as soon as you get your last conclusion.
    Posted by LizardKingv666 on 05 Oct 14 at 18:20
    cjandersonthanks. I just got it on the last but one conclusion on case 5 (having got the final one on first run through)

    Took around 3 hours to replay all cases, with much skipping all conversation and not bothering with any puzzles. Luckily I could stop case 3 and 6 early after first 2 conclusions found so that saved time.
    Posted by cjanderson on 05 Oct 14 at 18:46
    SophiasoI completed the game, and it's quite frustrating that I REALLY completed it, but didn't get the achievement :( trying to find which conclusion I didn't reach, but I'm clueless, as from all of the lists I believe I got all. Even watched them one by one.. guess I have to replay and try to find that one bastard that I didn't click on :\
    Posted by Sophiaso on 11 Oct 14 at 22:49
    Sophiasoaaa, it was the blasted 'Liam Hurtley is Guilty' which I only "got" but didn't click on... Fortunately I suspected that the "error" was @ the first case since back then I didn't know that I can go back to other conclusions after finishing a case. Phew.
    Posted by Sophiaso on 12 Oct 14 at 16:34
    lucas1987not sure, but it looks like u have 7 listed for chapter 5, and say only 6. i can only get 6 to show up also :(
    Posted by lucas1987 on 15 Dec 14 at 01:05
    Winters z99No, you're right. because the last three are with "Martyn Hamisch is the Killer".
    Martyn is the Killer + There is no Accomplice
    + Albert is the Accomplice
    + Miss White is the Accomplice.
    Enjoy ;)
    Posted by Winters z99 on 15 Dec 14 at 07:38
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