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Complete the game with the "Just a scratch" ending.

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How to unlock the Safe achievement

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    After you solve the leaf puzzle, you'll be able to enter the storeroom. In the back of the storeroom there will be a door once you light the lamp in the room. End your game by leaving through the exit for this achievement.

    I highly recommend saving before doing this, because this is one of the game endings.

    A note from commenter Tachikoma Shell:

    You can only enter the door in the storeroom if you solve the leaf puzzle and get rid of the dark barrier inside the storeroom before your torchlight turns red. If it turns red then the door in the storeroom will vanish and you won't be able to get this ending so you have to be pretty quick.
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    KashThePriest @Cidkia559 thanks for the pointers. I stopped this game and I'm pretty sure I skipped a few of the things you said, probably why the light was red instantly. Time to finally take another crack at this
    Posted by KashThePriest on 07 Jan 18 at 15:55
    Palesius FWIW, my take on it is it happens after a fixed number of events. This includes the "official" events that you need for the achievements, as well as the ones where you just hear voices (like when you pick up the bundle of leaves, or chop the roots).
    I had a save right before re-entering the main room, and it always triggered at exactly the same place. I went back to another earlier save (and avoided triggering an event in the workshop) and it happened exactly one conversation later (instead of happening when I chopped the roots, it happened when I examined the painting).
    If you run through until you get back to the main room without getting any events then you should probably be okay. Also avoid any unnecessary dialog triggers (e.g. don't examine the pool). You should be good then, or at least I was.
    Posted by Palesius on 09 Dec 18 at 16:28
    Runner eGirl I was having a really hard time with this, I would get the red light just after dissipating the black cloud every single time (and I tried some 15 times on a "fresh" save, i.e., I spedrun all the way up to the puzzle and saved just before that). Before that, I had tried on 2 different saves with various events/notes/etc. and I would get the red light at different times, mostly after cutting the branches.

    So I googled it and I found a speedrun video not specifically for this achievement but I just decided to check it out and they didn't get that effing red light, so I decided to follow it step by step, I mean, to the tee, picking and examining everythng they did (and only that) and doing everything in the exact same order... and I got the achievement FIRST TRY!

    I think the key is that you don't save, you just start a new game and get going. Every prior attempt I'd tried had been from a saved game. I don't think it's the number of events as Palesius mentions above, because I would occasionally get the red light at a different point with exactly the same events as in other runs. The only different thing I did when I got this was not saving at all.

    The video I followed is this:
    Posted by Runner eGirl on 09 Feb 19 at 20:33
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