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Find all supernatural events in a single playthrough

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Supernatural events may not trigger and will require a new playthrough.

How to unlock the Ghostbuster! achievement

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    Firstly I recommend going for this achievement on your 100% playthrough as you'll need to see all the events in order to get 100%. If you decide to do it without also collecting all other items and stuff then it'll be a waste of time as you'll need to do it again because the progress won't carry over to anymore future playthroughs unless of course you only plan on getting this achievement and not the 100% one.

    Also this achievement isn't confusing or difficult, just a bit time consuming. Don't let the length of this guide or detail put you off it as I just like to make sure I cover everything possible to help.

    Now, for 100%, be sure to follow the following link to an amazing guide which is actually for the steam version of the game though everything is the same on the Xbox version so don't worry. Credit to this guide must go to Marona:

    While following that, I recommend also having this current page in an extra tab or something so you can also get the events as you go along. Marona has included the events in the above guide though they are excluded from the main walkthrough as some of the events can cause you to take quite a bit of damage. Listed below are all of the events in the order I encountered them though they can vary. I have tried my best to also describe them as much as possible so you won't mistake it for a random event instead. A random event is when the game simply makes a noise or throws like a small object at you, these are not required for the achievement or 100%. They basically just try to scare you. If one triggers instead of an event you're waiting for then you'll need to wait another few minutes for the next event to happen. Also, when an event is just about to occur, you'll hear what I guess sounds like a rock being pushed along a rocky floor for a few seconds. Pretty rubbish description but I can't think of how else to describe it, be sure to check out the video below if you're unsure.

    Keep in mind to save before entering a room with events that you need to do as sometimes, even after waiting a long time, they don't trigger and if that happens then it's best to reload a save from before you entered the room, re-enter it and try again. So yeah, that's how events work. Enter a room and wait... wait... and wait until something occurs. You don't need to run around and interact with things just stand still if you like and do something in the meantime but be sure to have the sound turned up a bit so you can hear that 'event about to happen' sound. Once you've seen an event then it will not trigger again so you don't have to worry about seeing the same ones over and over except for the random noises & stuff, they will still trigger. The video listed near the bottom of the guide is also a massive help in case you're still not sure, if after reading my description, that you've seen the event mentioned. The video includes them all so just play that, find the event you're unsure of and you'll either recognize it or not. Thanks a lot to rjm183 on youtube for that. Remember, use this guide in conjunction with the walkthrough in the link so you will get your 100%. When you enter the last room in the game (Stage 5: Grotto), save it and keep this save so once you have all endings you can reload it, finish the game again from this save and get your 100% achievement.

    Extra Note about 100%: The only thing you will not get 100% in will be the endings though these will save to your system settings so you cannot miss them, these will always carry over to future playthroughs since of course the game will end when you trigger one. It is possible, if following the above walkthrough to still get them too as Marona mentions when they occur so be sure to save the game before you attempt one then reload it once you are back at the main menu. The only endings you will not get during this 100% playthrough if you decide to go for them are 'Inadequate' (see 'Endings' below) and I recommend possibly leaving 'Just a Scratch' for after this completion. Now before I ramble on about these, I'll continue it at the bottom of the guide as this achievement is related to the events only of course so if you're interested in the endings, be sure to read about them under the video. Wow, let's finally get started!

    Stage 1 Outside:

    - Be sure to interact with one of the pile of rocks scattered around so you've examined them, I think there are three of them outside. Any of them should do just fine, just be sure you trigger whatever your character says after you examine them (the eye icon when aiming at them). I believe this has to be done to trigger an event later on in the Attic, I didn't examine them and was waiting for over 45 minutes in the Attic for the event to trigger until I finally decided to just restart it and then it worked on my next go after I examined the rocks.

    Save the game before entering the house.

    Stage 2 Inside:

    - A cloud of smoke should appear out of nowhere and disappear once it reaches you, your screen will flash white for a second once it hits you. Sometimes you might not see the smoke, especially if it spawns behind you but if you see your screen flash white then that means you've seen the event as there isn't anything else that does that in this room at this stage.
    - A burnt black mannequin should spawn near the stove, shortly after seeing it, it should randomly catch fire. There is also some audio going on while it's here. Be sure to stare at it for a bit while it's on fire then if you look away and look back, it should have vanished.
    - You should hear some knocking every few seconds, it will get louder as you approach the storeroom door. Once you reach it, the door will open a bit in your face causing you lose some health. Sometimes if you aren't close enough, the door will open but it won't hit you, I believe this will still count as seeing the event though if you wish to be sure, run into the door once you reach it and stand there until it hits you.

    This will be the only time I mention this again but be sure you do not leave any rooms until you've seen the above events just in case! It could take 5 minutes or maybe 15 or more but just keep waiting around until they've all triggered. Save the game before entering the next room. You can proceed with the walkthrough while waiting for them until you've done everything in the current room, you won't miss them as long as you don't leave.

    Stage 2-1 Artisan Room:

    - Be sure to face one of the walls in the room while waiting for this event and once one triggers, turn around and you should hopefully see two mannequins worshipping one of the walls. One time, this took over 10 minutes to trigger for me, I just kept hearing random noises so if this happens, be sure to wait for it or reload your game from before this room and re-enter it. Anyway, once you see the mannequins, turn back around and then turn back and one of them should now be lying on the ground then suddenly after a few seconds, a hand will appear, slowly covering your screen. This the only event in this room right now.

    Save the game before entering the Attic! I had to reload this quite a few times cause I was waiting ages for a special event you will need for your 100%. I'll go into it next but like I mentioned, be sure to save!

    Stage 3 Attic:

    - When you first enter the Attic after the game loads, if you walk to your left, you should hit a wall and to the right of you now is a door (which triggers the So Soon? ending if you enter it, reload your save from before the Attic if decide to enter it). Anyway, between this wall and that door, a pile of rocks will spawn on the ground which will be the same rocks you hopefully interacted with at the beginning like I mentioned. Four hands will appear around it and then it will shortly disappear.
    - You'll suddenly hear loud breathing coming from behind you and once you turn around, a floating head will be staring at you then will fall and disappear. I believe the screen will flash white too while it disappears.
    - *Special Event* If you're following the 100% walkthrough, you'll see you need to trigger an event here where the screen fades out black then fades back, looking different. This is very luck based, sometimes it may happen straight away, other times it can take ages. Just keep waiting every few minutes for events to trigger and this special event may trigger immediately after one. If you're unlucky and don't get it after the two events mentioned above, just keep waiting or reload as you need this to happen to get 100%. You'll know once it transforms as there will be symbols and things around the room now. Though it's risky, you can increase the odds of making it happen by letting the wooden mannequin you may have seen in this room, damage you though if you decide to do this, only do it twice or else you might not have enough health to survive the remaining events. To make it hurt you, spin in a circle for a while and the red eye logo (which means you've taken damage) will appear. But to be honest you're best off just waiting and not doing this.

    Save before entering the next room. I believe the door is marked as 'Door' but the guide says enter 'Door to Living Quarters'. This is the only other door in this room (the other one being the So Soon? ending door) located south east of you after entering the attic so don't worry about entering the wrong one.

    Stage 3-1 Living Quarters:

    - When you hear the sound of an event triggering, approach the door you came from and turn to your left. You should see a like a ghostly silhouette with white glowing eyes. Approach it and you should get locked in place. Turn around and you'll see more of them surrounding you. Repeat turning around a few more times and they should vanish.
    - If you enter the main room where the fireplace is located, wait around here and an event will trigger where the room will slowly catch fire. The fire will spread as it goes on and then suddenly vanish.
    - You will start hearing a weird scream noise all of a sudden and if you enter the first room in front of you after you enter from the attic, you'll see some mannequins and hear the door shut behind you. Turn around, then back and you'll see one standing over you with an axe then they'll vanish.

    Expelled Ending: If going for the Expelled ending (mentioned at this point in Marona's guide) you can kill yourself quickly by spinning around in a circle and you'll start losing health every minute or so. I don't know if you have to stand in an exact position but I stood at the end of the corridor right before fully entering the room with the cradles and fireplace.

    Save your game before continuing unless of course you went for the Expelled ending. If so, reload your most recent save then save it once you've done the above events.

    Stage 3-3 Eye See You:

    - Although this was the last event I came across in this room, I'll mention it first as it is kinda glitchy. What's supposed to happen is some shadows appear around you and start spinning then the screen will flash white and your character will gasp. Sometimes, you'll just experience only the white flash and gasp with no shadows. This is mentioned in Marona's guide and also happened to me but don't worry, the event still counts. Just keep an eye out for that white flash. Check the video below to see the actual event.
    - If you approach the door leading to the room with the giant puddle of water inside, look a bit to the right of it at the wall and you may see words here when an event is triggered. This is the event, just don't look at that wall and whenever you hear the event sound, check it for words and keep looking at it until the words 'I won't save you again' disappear.
    - An event will trigger where you'll need to open the storeroom door which will randomly be shut and in front of you will be a like a large green bush with arms sticking out. Approach it and it should head towards you then vanish. If it's not triggering then be sure the door isn't already open.
    - Some hands and arms will appear in the stove in the main room and will randomly catch fire and then will get larger and then vanish.
    - A large black misty portal thing will appear with two rock pillars on the left and right of it and will hurt you if you get near it. Be sure to do so as I think this is how you end the event.

    Be sure to save as usual after seeing the events.

    Stage 3-4 Artisan Room Revisited:

    - While wearing the Face of Truth mask in this room, wait for the event sound and then look around and you should hopefully see multiple heads/masks in the walls. The eyes on them will eventually start to glow white then they will vanish. If you have low health after this, don't worry as when you return to this room in a bit, you'll trigger a few story advancements which will heal some health.

    Stage 4 Temple:

    - This event has always triggered on me either first or second when I enter this room. What will happen is, some bodies will appear hanging from the tree above and then suddenly some chains will appear and catch you and will carry you up a bit. The screen will start fading out black, looking like you're about to die then suddenly you'll be back on the ground. This is the last event and you should unlock the achievement right here and now after seeing it.

    Video created by rjm183:


    Because you'll be getting 100% on this playthrough, you will miss the 'Inadequate' ending as that will only trigger when reaching the final room and you basically haven't done enough story related things such as combining intuitions. Don't worry though, just replay the game afterwards using the walkthrough again but don't combine any intuitions and once you cross the white glowing bridge in the final room, mannequins will block your path and you will trigger the 'Inadequate' ending.

    Edit: You can actually get the 'Inadequate' ending in the same playthrough too! When following the walkthrough, simply don't combine any intuitions when it tells you too, be sure to collect them still but don't combine them and then once you reach 'Stage 4-1: The Holy Sap', save the game BEFORE entering the door that leads to 'Stage 5: Grotto'. Once you have, proceed with the walkthrough only to be stopped by mannequins a few minutes later and you will get the 'Inadequate' ending. Now reload your save and combine the intuitions you should have done earlier and now continue with the walkthrough by following it to the end. Thanks to MemoriesOfFinal for this method which will save you another playthrough.

    You can easily get the 'So Soon?' ending by entering the door in the Attic to your left when you first enter the Attic but this is mentioned in this guide and the walkthrough anyway and as for the 'Just a Scratch' ending, you'll need to pretty much rush through the game from 'Stage 1: Outside' to 'Stage 2-2: Going Back' and once you enter the storeroom after solving the leaf puzzle, quickly make the dark barrier mist disappear in the storeroom by using the hanging lamp and on the wall to your left will be a door. Enter it and you'll trigger the ending. When I say rush, I don't mean you have to be an expert at the game, you can use the walkthrough still but just try to be a bit quick & as long as you get the dark barrier mist to disappear BEFORE your torchlight turns to red, you will get it. If your torchlight turns red, the door will vanish and you'll need to try again. Don't worry though as it only takes like 5-10 minutes to reach this part again at the most from the beginning and you may be able to save from the room before, to be specific 'Stage 2-1: Artisan Room'.

    As mentioned in one of the first paragraphs, make a save when you first enter 'Stage 5: Grotto' and keep it as you can reload it once you have all the endings and replay the last part of the game again to get a 100% complete playthrough. You can also reload this save and not pick up the few remaining notes on the ground in this area and complete it from here again to get 'The Truth' ending instead of 'The Whole Truth'.

    Please let me know in the comments if you notice any mistakes or have any questions. I hope this helps out with this achievement and also for any remaining ones you may also need.
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    Rowdawg88Are there ways to keep up with the events you have seen? I saw Deadpool's comment was one way but how do you know which events you have seen before you reach the end?
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 03 Mar 15 at 19:33
    Rowdawg88Also, can you re-visit rooms to try to get events to appear or is each event somewhat "missable"?
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 03 Mar 15 at 20:09
    TachikomaShikiI can't remember too much about this game but I believe there isn't a way to check which events you've already seen as you're playing, unless I suppose you could wait a while in each room and see which ones trigger. You can re-visit nearly ever room if you're not too late into the game I think except for outside (where you start) but some events can take a very long time to trigger which is why I recommend saving just before entering a room so then if you have issues with one, reload the save and re-enter which usually resets it's chances of happening.

    Not really sure if any were 100% missable but I would say it would be best if you tried to see them as soon as you entered the room and took notes from there.
    Posted by TachikomaShiki on 03 Mar 15 at 21:38
    Rowdawg88Ok, thanks, I have found at least one way to check which events you have by leaving the house, getting an ending, and seeing if the event counter has gone up. Not sure if this is the best way or not but it has worked for me so far.

    One additional question. For the rocks with the hands coming out of the ground event, you had to wait for the rocks to spawn or were they immediately there when you went to attic first time?
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 03 Mar 15 at 21:51
    TachikomaShikiYeah that's definitely a good way to check how many you have. I had to wait for the rocks to spawn I believe, it's just like any other event but make sure you interacted with one of the pile of rocks outside at the beginning of the game or this event in the attic won't trigger. I didn't know this at first and waited ages up there until I decided to start another playthrough.
    Posted by TachikomaShiki on 03 Mar 15 at 22:03
    Rowdawg88@Tachikoma Shell, thanks for your reply and your solution. I finally got it!

    I would like to mention that I think that Event #15 could be missable because it seems that the head/mask turns evil before I started seeing all of the images pop up around the room. If you place the blood pearl, ring, and blood cinders on the wall first, maybe this event becomes missable?

    On another note, I noticed another helpful indicator of an event occurring or about to occur is trying to leave the room because I would get a message like "I cannot leave the room, something is about to happen". I got this alot when I was going for the "inadequate" ending because I was rushing through the rooms to finish game quickly.

    Sorry for long comment, this game was just confusing to me and wanted to share some of my experiences. Thanks, +1
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 06 Mar 15 at 01:41
    SpaceBaboon QCAlright I've been replaying the same section for about an hour and the event in stage 3-3 with the spinning shadows never pops for me. I get the other 4 but never this one. I've had the white flash once although every time I save and get out from the attic door to see how many events I have out of the 14 I should have so far, it always shows 13... I'm really getting pissed off.
    Posted by SpaceBaboon QC on 30 Oct 15 at 04:20
    TachikomaShikiI went through this game again a week back on PS3 this time and I also never got the event you mentioned to trigger properly but the white flash happened and it counted still. I'm not sure why it's not working for you.
    Posted by TachikomaShiki on 01 Nov 15 at 16:43
    Cidkia559In case this helps anybody, there were 2 Events that gave me a hard time, but they eventually appeared. Those two were on Stage 3-3: Eyes See You, where 5 Events are supposed to happen around this time. One was the glitchy Event that is mention on the walkthrough and the other one was the large black misty portal thing Event. The glitchy one finally came around a minute after getting the pearl from melting the red candle on Stage 3-5: Hands from Hell. The second Event took forever and I waited over an hour. This one only finally showed up after completing Stage 4: Temple. I believe some Events like these two are only triggered by furthering the story along. My advice is to wait for a while about 10 minutes or so and if they don't appear then move along and come back later to try again.
    Posted by Cidkia559 on 06 Jan 18 at 18:09
    Runner eGirlthis achievement is annoying AF, I don't see the fun in just waiting until something random triggers angry Anyway, glad I'm done with it, thanks for all the tips. Just to share my 2 cents, I had a hard time triggering Event 15 (and 3, and 6, and the writings on the wall, and the silhouettes LOL), but in the case of 15, after reloading my save a couple of times I decided to interact with the hands and the mask on the wall and it triggered almost immediately (I did this before doing the venus/pearl & mask on wood actions), just got in the room, put on the face of truth & interacted with the hands & mask on the wall.
    Posted by Runner eGirl on 10 Feb 19 at 05:01
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