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Dream a Little Nightmare

Complete Story Mode on the Nightmare difficulty setting

Dream a Little Nightmare+36.8
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Achievement Guide for Dream a Little Nightmare

  • SashamorningSashamorning1,794,119
    08 Oct 2014 09 Oct 2014 13 Oct 2014
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    I'll be honest... the last level is a PitA. Kaos's attacks can kill with one hit, meaning that you'll either need to restart the entire level, or have more figures. (It took me more figures than I care to count.) Be VERY careful when the various lasers/sharks/circles fly at you.

    Edit: I've seen that the Kaos trap is available separately, so the Dark Edition isn't the only place to get it. I would absolutely recommend getting that trap.

    For me (and you may not want to hear this), the key was to have the Kaos trap that originally came with the Dark Edition. Evolved Kaos is a beast, and did almost all of my damage in the final mission. You have to have the special Kaos trap. You can evolve him in the kitchen at the Academy. He works really well if you can press X and put an elemental circle right below Big Kaos, and then spam him with sharks. Over and over and over again.

    Best of luck! toast
  • UDGuyUDGuy870,632
    28 Oct 2014 28 Oct 2014 28 Oct 2014
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    I'll just post another solution with a few pointers that helped me a lot for the nightmare playthrough including the Kaos battle. I did not have the Kaos trap so these tips are for those others who are in the same boat as me.

    For any of the levels other than Kaos battle I always kept broccoli guy as my villain in the life trap and if my health got low at all and there were no enemies around, I would switch to him, press B to bring up his healing circle and then switch back to my skylander to heal up. Repeat that until fully healed. This would be especially helpful for those who don't have a lot of skylanders to burn through. I ended up using a fully upgraded and level 20 Gearshift for 98% of the game as her 3rd option X attack is pretty deadly where you throw gears, if you choose that upgrade path. I would recommend that.

    For the Kaos battle I burned through 25 skylanders before I realized a sort of trick that worked quite well. Have a trap in the portal as well as any skylander. I used Bomb Shell in my magic trap and I would throw bombs (x button) at Kaos whenever he was standing still. If you don't have the magic trap, use another villain with a ranged attack. When Kaos starts shooting out the circular beams that hurt you, rapid fire the left trigger to switch between your skylander and the trapped villain constantly. You get a second of invincibility each time you come in. You can sometimes even throw a quick bomb and then switch without getting hit. Once the beams are gone, switch to Bomb Shell and throw 3 or more bombs at Kaos. I still ended up killing a few more skylanders but this definitely helped a lot. Switch to your skylander for any breaks where you can't fire at Kaos to charge up your trap. Hope that helps.

    If you want any other tips for this boss battle or any other let me know in the comments.
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