Corner Maestro achievement in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (Windows)

Corner Maestro

Score off the post or cross bar in a match.

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How to unlock the Corner Maestro achievement

  • AP E JCAP E JC933,098
    24 Sep 2014 24 Sep 2014 06 Oct 2014
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    This achievement's description is wrong. This achievement is to make a goal directly from a corner.

    I found this easier than in wp because of the keyboard controller.

    First you need to setup a game with a bad team (one star) and have two good gold players (one left-footed and one right), with high kick ace values. As soon as the game starts change positions so this players are used for corners (left corner right-footed and vice-versa).

    Now you have to get corners, that's really easy, just come laterally from the box, and when the goalie charges you, kick medium force. 70% of the times it will bounce from the goalie to the end line. Now, here comes the hard part.

    Don't change the camera position, just hold kick button (D) so you apply a little more than mid force. Then, immediately after the player kicks, hold for less than a second the arrow keys toward the end line. There is some randomness, but the idea is that the ball pass the bar, in the back of the defender and hits the goalie before entering. Hitting the goalie doesn't seem to void the achievement, hitting the defender does, it is an own goal and doesn't count.

    You will need to try several times but since i've been doing this i got two in four full games.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

    Update: Here is the video of my run in the wp version of the game (low quality)

    As you can see, the ball touched the defender before entering so it probably depends where the ball bounces in the defender to know if it is an own goal or not.

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    AdmiralMooWatching your win8 video makes me feel like I am playing a different game. The speed at which it switches from the goalie knocking the ball out of bounds and setting up the corner is completely different. Also my camera angle while setting up the corner is completely different as well.
    Posted by AdmiralMoo on 15 Mar 16 at 19:19
    AP E JCMaybe it is because this is a recording of the replay not the actual play
    Posted by AP E JC on 16 Mar 16 at 10:03
    AdmiralMooI guess that would explain it then facepalm
    Posted by AdmiralMoo on 16 Mar 16 at 14:21
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  • Chris8875Chris8875629,252
    26 Sep 2014 28 Sep 2014
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    I got this achievement on the WP and Win8 within a couple of hours of each other, and didn't use the keyboard as the very good solution from AP E JC explains - so I thought I'd share what I did.

    Firstly - patience and practice. There is no substitute. AP E JC describes perfectly how to get a corner in the solution above., what I'll do is add my 2cents worth on the corner kick itself.

    First up - it is a straight kick. No curling. Don't waste your time trying to curve the ball in, it won't happen.

    When the corner is ready to be taken, shift the angle of the kick so the text at the bottom of the screen JUST FLICKS OVER from "pass" to "shoot/shot".

    When you've done this, you are staring at a straight-ish shot without a lot of angle.

    Your swipe on the screen should be straight, power should be orange (yellow is too gentle, red too hard) and try to have your swipe go pretty much parallel to the goal line.

    Now, my goal on the WP didn't touch any defender at all. Somehow it just floated in. But my goal on Win8 clearly came off the heel of a defender standing on the goal line who was trying (rather poorly, it has to be said) to clear the ball away.

    So you can get this achievement if the ball takes a slight deflection like this off a defender. It won't pop (at least I don't believe it will do so consistently) if you deflect off the goalkeeper.

    But the keys - line up the shot properly, make it straight, orange power.

    It might take a few goes to get - it did for me. But once I got it once, I was able to replicate the shot very closely 4-5 other times in quick succession, narrowly missing each time until I got it on the Win8.

    Best of luck.
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