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A Complex Mind

Reach all possible conclusions in the game.

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How to unlock the A Complex Mind achievement

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    Ok, so this is the most "difficult" achievement you can get and the most missable one (apart from always speaking to Toby). It is pretty time consuming to get this one after you completed the game.

    This achievement requires you to get every possible conclusion/deduction for every case, even the wrong ones. The only way the game counts those deductions is to open them/click on them with cn_A (you will see the game saving your progress in the lower left corner). You then will be prompted with two moral choices, which you DON'T have to make. You don't have to see all possible endings, you just have to get the conclusions in your deduction-section ingame (cn_Y-button). Basically, you only have to "find" the conclusions with the needed clues in your deductions and click on them.

    (Note: As stated by The Reverend JC, you don't actually HAVE to click on the conclusions, to have them count - it is enough that they are shown on you deduction screen. Though it is important for a replay of old cases to look into the left bottom corner to see the game save your progress, before you continue.)

    You can replay every case after completing the game in order to get those missing (you don't have to get all in one playthrough, the game saves your progress of each individual conclusion), but unfortunately there is no way of checking which ones are missing.

    Warning: Especially in case 5 (but also in other episodes), you can miss some events and it won't be possible to get to all conclusions. Thanks to GREGO McGEE for the reminder.

    The following guide is partly based on the one from https://www.trueachievements.com/Wolfgears09.htm and the Xbox 360 version guide to this achievement and it uses the images from the excellent guide from gamepressure (http://guides.gamepressure.com/sherlock/), so thanks to the author Katarzyna "Kayleigh" Michalowska.

    The correct conclusions are always named last and are also written in italic.

    Mission 1 The Fate of Black Peter : 4 Conclusions

    - Neligan is Guilty
    (Retrieving the notebook + Stolen valuable papers + Neligan's motive + Lucky throw)
    External image

    - Liam Hurtley is Guilty
    (Hurtley's Motive + Lucky Throw)
    External image

    - Two Murderers
    (Hurtley's motive + Neligan's motive + Strength requirement + Pinned to wall)
    External image

    - Cairns is Guilty
    (Feat of strength + Pouch proves guilt + stolen valuable papers)
    External image

    Mission 2 : Riddle on the Rails : 4 Conclusions

    - Robinson is a Swindler
    (Inside mines + Missed Doncaster station + Accident + Robinson's motive + Vanished earlier)
    External image

    - Chileans Stole the Prototype
    (Inside mines + Missed Doncaster + Theft + Vanished earlier.)
    External image

    - Mexicans sealed in the Chileans
    (Inside mines + Missed Doncaster + Mexican trap + Vanished earlier .)
    External image

    - Mexicans drowned Chileans
    (Has been sunk + Sabotage + Missed Doncaster + Mexican trap + Vanished earlier)
    External image

    Mission 3 Blood Bath : 6 Conclusions

    - Pitkin is the Murderer (with silver knife)
    (Silver weapon + Steam moisture + Valuable secret + Pitkin's worries + Garrow's weakness + Blinkhorn's interest)
    External image

    - Pitkin is the Murderer (with ice knife)
    (Unexplained clue + Ice weapon + Valuable secret + Pitkin's worries + Garrow's weakness + Blinkhorn's interest)
    External image

    - Garrow is the Murderer (with silver knife)
    (Silver weapon + Steam moisture + Garrow's illnes + Valuable secret + Blinkhorn's interest + Pitkin's hopes)
    External image

    - Garrow is the Murderer (with ice knife)
    (Unexplained clue + Ice weapon + Garrow's illnes + Valuable secret + Blinkhorn's interest + Pitkin's hopes)
    External image

    - Blinkhorn is the Murderer (with silver knife)
    (Silver weapon + Steam moisture + Blinkhorn's humiliation + Valuable secret + Garrow's weakness + Pitkin's hopes)
    External image

    - Blinkhorn is the Murderer (with ice knife)
    (Silver weapon + Steam moisture + Blinkhorn's humiliation + Valuable secret + Garrow's weakness + Pitkin's hopes)
    External image

    Mission 4 The Abbey Grange Affair : 3 conclusions

    - Randalls are Guilty
    (Randall Gang + Robbery is the motive + Three people + Poker blow)
    External image

    - Domestic Accident
    (Randalls blamed + Imitated Robbery + Two people + Deadly accident + No acquaintance in London + Domestic violence)
    External image

    - Captain Crocker is the Murderer
    (Captain Crocker + Crocker statement)
    External image

    Chaper 5 The Kew Gardens Drama : 6 Conclusions

    - Divine Syndicate are the killers
    ( Theft and murder + Set stole everything)
    External image

    - Albert Dunne is the killer
    (Sect is not involved + Albert's motive + Albert's studies)
    External image

    - Miss Margaret White is the killer
    (Sect is not involved + Disagreement + White's situation + White's knowledge)
    External image

    WARNING: You have to do these conclusions mentionened above before the following, because afterwards, the won't be possible anymore!

    - Hamish did it alone
    (Albert is not involved + White is not involved + Hamish is guilty)
    External image

    - Albert is the Accomplice
    (Martyn's timeline + Albert's timeline)
    External image

    - Miss White is the Accomplice
    (Martyn's timeline + White's timeline)
    External image

    Chapter 6 A Half Moon Walk : 3 Conclusions

    - Leighton Chapman Committed Double Murder because of Personnal Motive
    (Double murder + Personal motive + Imaginary Man + Compelling evidence)
    External image

    - Leighton Chapman Commited Double Murder because of Robbery
    ( Double murder + Burglary motive + Imaginary Man + Compelling evidence)
    External image

    - Foley's vengeance
    (Burglary motive + Leighton's innocence + Crossfire + Simultaneous shot + Circus acrobat)
    External image
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    Bootybandit1Finally got all conclusions but it still hasn’t popped
    Posted by Bootybandit1#751 on 13 Mar 18 at 12:50
    Pedle ZelnipMinor typos: the headings for the first 4 missions are "Mission X", but 5 and 6 are "Chapter X", would be better if all had the same heading so that it'd be easier to CTRL+F to find that level in the guide. As well the 5th is misspelled, it reads "Chaper 5" instead of "Chapter 5" (though again, I'd suggest "Mission 5" to be consistent with the others).
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 15 Mar 18 at 19:03
    Pedle ZelnipI had started following the walkthrough on this site 2 years ago, got to midway through chapter 3 then dropped the game & came back to it. Finished it following a video guide (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iD46WG-zrzw&list=PLul5qM...) and got everything except A Complex Mind & Perfectionist.

    Went back & replayed Chapter 1, and upon opening up "Hurtley is guilty" as a deduction A Complex Mind popped, but not Perfectionist (I now sit with 24/25, the only achievement not unlocked being the one for getting all other achievements).

    I don't know if the fact I missed that deduction in Chapter 1 was because I missed it when playing originally, or if it was because the guide didn't have it at the time, but worth trying if anyone else finds themselves in the same boat.

    And if anyone has any tips on how to get Perfectionist to pop, I'm all ears.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 15 Mar 18 at 20:36
    SPACE ODDITYFollowed the walkthrough and like most people also didn't get this achievement. I noticed a couple people mentioned that the one missing for them was in case 2, so decided to replay that case. Sure enough, that was the case I needed as well smile
    Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 28 May 18 at 19:32
    HYBRID HIVEThanks for this! Like many others, i too followed the guide yet came up short.
    Turns out i missed pitkins with the silver knife in the blood bath mission.
    Posted by HYBRID HIVE on 12 Jun 18 at 05:53
    KelpsseyLike others, followed the guide and when it didn't pop put the game away in shame. Ended up missing Robinson is a Swindler in the Train mission. Just a heads up to any other unfortunate souls who didn't have it pop. Damn Robinson.
    Posted by Kelpssey on 02 Jan 19 at 02:20
    SkinstakovicHas anyone vetted the walkthrough recently?

    I’m in the same boat, followed the walkthrough to the letter and no achievement :(
    Posted by Skinstakovic on 07 Oct 19 at 22:38
    SwiftIikeDidn't get his on my first play through. However, after replaying the first case and making sure I opened all of the nodes prior to deductions, I got it. Would recommend doing this apart from the fifth case where you have to follow the guide carefully. smiletoast
    Posted by SwiftIike on 22 May 20 at 19:17
    Jamiereloaded23Great guide, seems like the port of the walkthrough to the newer version of this game still has the same issues. I was missing 'Chileans stole the Prototype' from my conclusions. Thanks for the great guide.
    Posted by Jamiereloaded23 on 06 Sep 20 at 08:27
    zZombieCatFigured I would add what I missed, though I had some idea that I had missed one in this particular case...... Either way I missed a conclusion in "blood bath" Pitkin ice knife.
    Posted by zZombieCat on 08 Dec 20 at 17:52
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