Survivor achievement in Alien: Isolation


Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting

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How to unlock the Survivor achievement

  • sjpsjpsjpsjpsjpsjp442,386
    18 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014 12 Jun 2015
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    Just a note that
    Alien: IsolationRipley, Signing OffThe Ripley, Signing Off achievement in Alien: Isolation worth 115 pointsComplete the game on any difficulty setting
    will stack against this.

    It's also confirmed as of June 12 2015 that even after the addition of the Nightmare mode update after 9 Dec 2014, that completing the game on Hard will still pop this achievement. (Thanks I Slaine I, and TheRedButterfly)

    Hard Mode you'll find that enemies are generally more aware of your presence and depending on your strategy (stealth or kill everything that moves), will be harder to kill.

    Save often and you should be fine - there are plenty of save points. Just be prepared for some frustration - missions 10, 14 and 16 are particularly long.

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    Grond@sjpsjpsjp Yeah I saw the note, but I didn't know if there was an update between Dec and Jun that altered the accuracy of that note.

    Thanks for the solution. :)
    Posted by Grond on 07 Jun 15 at 15:27
    GrondJust to clarify based on my own comment, I can verify that beating it on "Hard" (not "Nightmare") will still pop the achievement as of this comment.

    I doubt this will change going forward, but I just want to make it clear for anyone asking the question I was earlier, yes, "Hard" still works.
    Posted by Grond on 12 Jun 15 at 17:46
    sjpsjpsjp@TheRedButterfly thanks for the update. I'll update my solution.
    Posted by sjpsjpsjp on 12 Jun 15 at 19:45
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  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,201,522
    27 Jan 2017 27 Jan 2017
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    You do NOT have to complete this on Nightmare, you only need to complete this on HARD. Make sure that whenever you come across a saved point (the emergency phones on the wall) use it.

    On hard, the aliens have a much easier time detecting you. And the humans are lethal with their guns. Several times a single gun shot ended me.

    Making life Easier on Hard

    The way this game works is when you reload or restart a save, it resets enemy AI movement. For example, if you restart the same save, the location of the alien will change for each restart as part of the random spawning. The same save put the alien behind, in front, and sometimes far away. Therefore, if you are NOT trying to get 'one shot' (not dying) achievement, here is a great method for making this MUCH easier.

    When you scare away (with fire or molatov) an alien, or have android chasing you, quickly save your game even if 'hostiles are near' because if you die, you will respawn back in and the aliens or androids will reset and they will no longer be hunting you. That means, you can advance your progress by scaring/running away, save, die, and reset. This allows you to push ahead. Kill a facehugger or alert an alien, save and if you die, they reset and the alert/hunt is over (and the facehugger is still dead). The aliens are now reset and will NOT hunt you (although they are still roaming).

    This helps loads.

    Examples. During the final few mission where you had several switches to complete (like the 3 switch in one room to raise the forklift OR the 3 switches in the two seperate rooms), you can hit a switch, scare it away, save and die, thus resetting the alien but still having the progress.
  • IFreeMzIFreeMz195,711
    11 Jan 2020 11 Jan 2020
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    Here's a guide I put together to help you through Nightmare mode (you only have to play on hard for this achievement). The run is 4 hours and 15 minutes or so and I use a bunch of easy to copy safe strategies that should make life in this run easier. You can also use this guide to get the no human kills and no deaths achievement if you like although i'd recommend doing those achievements on an easier difficulty setting. Hopefully the guide helps some of you out.
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    JibbermidgetThanks so much for this, man. I really didn’t enjoy this game, and there was no way I would have completed it without your guide. Been putting off playing it on hard and get the no deaths/human kills for years. Found your guide, knocked it out in a day and a half.

    Well done.
    Posted by Jibbermidget on 09 Feb at 23:42
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