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One Shot

Complete the game without dying

One Shot+1.3
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Achievement Guide for One Shot

  • Clad masterClad master2,036,744
    08 Oct 2014 10 Oct 2014 15 Oct 2014
    156 4 92
    Hello! This achievement is not so complicated once you have the good technique. Simply reloading the last checkpoint when you are about to die. However it is advisable to use cn_guide to return to the dashboard then reload the game,because when some deaths, cn_start does not work. This is the case when a catches you.

    Keep this for your 2nd run, because once the game mechanics are assimilated, it becomes much easier to do this successfully.

    Some tips though:
    - Never run
    - Against humans, use sound lure to kill them easily
    - Against the Cyborgs use the taser followed by melee (cn_RT)
    - Save your fuel for the flamethrower (2 low pressure on cn_RT is enough to scare the Alien)
    - Do not rush! Being patient will save your life many times!
    - Make regular saves so you don't have to do a long session after death
    - If you're dead or killed a civilian,reload the backup save.According to our colleagues from PS4 trophies it doesn't void the achievement.Not the current save !

    About the civilians i actually don't know if they void the cheevo. On my run without dying, I killed one, had a Game Over and the cheevo popped at the end.But in any case,if you killed one,reload your backup save to be sure. wink

    Voila, I hope these tips will be able to help you. Again, this cheevo is not complicated at all (I did it on expert) but you have to proceed with caution.

    Good stalking ! smile
  • sjpsjpsjpsjpsjpsjp309,290
    18 Nov 2014 20 Nov 2014 04 Jun 2015
    38 2 14
    Clad master's guide here is great and helped me out. I completed the game & all achievements (except for Self Defense and 100 Times Too Many, for obvious reasons) in one run through, i.e. on Hard. I can tell you that it's frustrating, but not impossible to get this achievement on Hard. A few additional tips:

    There are four (or five) instant death scenarios in the game:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    - Turn off the Kinect Movement/Noise detection. They are a neat touch to the immersive experience, but this increases your risks of getting noticed (and subsequently killed).

    - You want to be as stealthy as possible and not look for a fight. There will be rare times where running will be easier than slowly getting around people, but practice your ninja skills.

    - You can part-build devices (ie don't hit cn_LB at the end to complete the build) to remove components from your inventory. This will assist in having plenty of parts in your inventory to build when you're desperate.

    - The Pipe Bomb if thrown too close to you can kill you. Make sure you have a clear path to throw it far away from you.

    - It hasn't been mentioned explicitly here, but when you're hiding in a locker or under a table/bed and you have the motion tracker on, the Alien can hear you if it's close by. It took me a while to understand why the Alien kept finding me. I believe the same goes for Synthetics.

    - Speaking of lockers, make sure that your health is always at or near 100%: when you're in a locker and you're given instructions to hold your breath, eventually your health will start falling. Usually the Alien isn't around long enough for this to be a serious problem, but you'd hate to die through lack of oxygen.

    - If you're not sure whether you've died or not, you can always check the progress against "100 Times Too Many" (Xbox One only). If you end up dying early on in the game and didn't realize (i.e. you thought you reloaded in time but didn't), you'd rather know you've already blown the achievement early on, right?

    - In particularly tense parts where you're being hunted by the Alien or Synthetics, have your right thumb hovering over the cn_start button. While usually you'll have a few seconds to hit it and load from a previous save, there are times where you're just going to want to remove all ambiguity and hit reload straight away. Luckily the Alien generally gives you warning (its scream) before it gets too close to you.

    - I found that the Alien either got more used to being hit by the flamethrower later in the game, or it wasn't as effective. In other words, be prepared to needing to hit cn_RT more (but still in shortish bursts) than a few times to scare it off in later missions. Flamethrower fuel is fairly scarce in Hard mode, but as long as you're not too trigger happy with it you will have more than enough, and the game does provide fuel in key parts of the game where it's basically impossible to proceed without it.

    - I found that the Alien only twice got into the vents to get me (this was towards the end), so if you're hiding in the vent system it's best to hide in a corner (i.e. where there's an L turn) so you can keep an eye on both directions.

    - Missions 10, 14 and 16 were the most painful, and they're also some of the longest levels, so be prepared for a long slog. Don't be discouraged.

    - I want to reiterate that you should be saving often; the game design has luckily put save points in a lot of places and generally before the more difficult parts, so while you may be reloading from one particular save point often, you're keeping your backtracking to a minimum. The game DOES save collectable pickups when you reload the to your last save, but always find a save point when you're done with your session.

    - Two important tips for Mission 18:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
  • QuizabuckQuizabuck296,324
    17 Feb 2015 17 Feb 2015 20 Oct 2015
    31 2 3
    Since I don't see this mentioned, I thought I would explain how the save loading actually works.

    You have two save slots, a current save and a previous save. If you load a previous save it becomes your current save, and your old current save becomes the previous save. Basically your saves swap names, you can verify this with the time stamps.

    If you get killed (see the save icon, or get an instant death) the current save will get a death. Your previous save will still be death free. This allows you to load the previous save and continue your death free run. But now the save you died on becomes the previous save. So if you get killed again before you can make a new save, you will have deaths on both saves and fail the achievement. You can still reload your current save if you're about to die, but you can't actually die.

    I would also like to note that killing aggressive humans does not void this achievement. If you kill a non aggressive human it will count as a death, so just load your previous save and go about your business.

    This is actually a very simple achievement once you understand how the deaths/saves work. Always try and remember where your previous save was made, and if it was in a dangerous situation try to make two saves at the next safe registration point.

    Also I got this achievement playing on novice on my second play through.

    UPDATE: thank you to @Zordnil for confirming that you can reload the chapter save if you happen to get deaths on both saves. You must replay/play all chapters from that point for the achievement to still unlock. Would also like to note that the solution by @IIKazzII also explains this.

    I hope that all makes sense and happy hunting.
  • II Kazz IIII Kazz II1,119,397
    28 Apr 2015 28 Apr 2015
    27 0 1
    The above are all great guides, but a couple of things I didn't see mentioned:

    In some scenarios you wont get chance to do the 2x save method, chapter 18 is a prime example, as in the last section with the transit cars, there are no saves just checkpoint saves. If you die in these conditions keep your wits about what save your loading, checking the times helps. But be aware these checkpoints overwrite your manual saves.

    ONE MAJOR tip I would like to give, due to the above, I ended up with deaths on both my save files. Meaning both current, and previous. I was a bit annoyed I would need to do yet another playthrough, but first I tried something. With both saves void of the achievement. I returned to main menu, and went to mission load, I loaded up mission 18 again from the start, and finished the game, both the one shot, and finishing on hard unlocked. So if you do mess up, and screw both your saves, simply go to menu, and restart the mission you messed up on, no need for a complete new playthrough at all.
    07 Nov 2014 07 Nov 2014
    25 3 6
    It is best to save this cheevo for a second playthrough (speedrun) on Easy. This way you will know what you need to do, where you need to go, where the enemies are at, etc.

    If you are in the death animation of the Alien or anything else that can kill you, you MUST reload PREVIOUS save, not the current save. If you are not prepared (reloaded) and you are about to eat it, but not into the death animation yet, you then can click load Current save. I would load PREVIOUS regardless. With that said, save at every save station every chance you get. There was a time or two that I realized that I had to do a lot of actions between save points. When this happened, I would save and then hide in a locker or under a desk until that save station was ready then save again. Then the previous save is still right there at that location.

    Hope this helps those traveling on the Sevastipol!!
  • Heisenberg1994WHeisenberg1994W251,096
    25 Apr 2019 25 Apr 2019
    3 0 0
    Start the game on easy and play through it saving twice at every save point, when your about to die you can reload current save and you'll be fine to continue without it counting as a death, if you actually die and it prompts a black screen you may not be able to press pause so quickly hit home button on your Xbox controller it should pop up resume game or load game then, this time select previous save since you are saving twice at every save station you will still be in the same location once you load previous save, the facehuggers will most likely black screen you instantly, if your quick enough you may still be able to hit the pause screen and select current save.

    If both your saves mess up on a mission after you die, you will not loose the chance of getting this achievement!

    If you haven't died on any previous missions simply press start and load game, Load mission save, now you'll need to restart the level and not mess up the second time around, if you do you'll need to load mission save again and do it all over!

    So there isn't really many ways to miss out on this achievement, just save twice at every station, and load mission save if you've messed up your current and previous ones on that particular mission.
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