Friends with Benefits achievement in Forza Horizon 2 (Xbox 360)

Friends with Benefits

Earn a total of 1,000,000 Cr from Rivals

Friends with Benefits+0.2
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How to unlock the Friends with Benefits achievement

  • HamsterLVHamsterLV1,770,105
    07 Dec 2014 06 Dec 2014 08 Dec 2014
    54 9 35
    Credit goes to II SkyLander II for discovering and confirming this solution.
    The fastest way to get this achievement is to win 200 rivals that pay 5000 each and here is how.
    Get a rival on a circuit race, who pays 5000 and whose time you can beat on the first lap, then after finishing the lap faster than him the game will ask if you want to finish, press cn_A ONCE, then at the stats screen press cn_X to restart and confirm it with cn_A, and the trick is you will be doing the same race again and earning the money again! You can see that you earned the reward in top right corner before you start the race again.
    You can keep doing this for as long as you feel like, BUT ONCE YOU CONTINUE, you will have to deal with THE BEST TIME you posted!!!
    Any bonuses are useless, even the 10% more money from rivals perk because only money that goes towards the achievement is the bounty money, so I race using all assists, except braking and steering assists.
    Festival Circuit in Casteletto is a very good spot to do this in Sports Car, Classic Performance or Street Rival, because these are starting classes and you can easily find easy rival with 5000 reward. I do it with Skyline GT-R V-SPEC (R34) fully upgraded to S2.
    Best cars in my oppinion- Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 (Sports Car), Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 (Street Rival) and Ferrari Dino (Classic Performance), all must be fully upgraded to S2.
    With this solution you can get this achievement in 4 or 5 hours.
    You can check your progress in statistics, scroll down General stats and see Money made from rivals.
    Achievement unlocks while in rivals, you dont have to quit racing for it to unlock.

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    pirado78pro xbox 360 esse guia não vale
    Posted by pirado78 on 02 Jul 20 at 14:55
    HamsterLV@pidaro Cale-se! Escreva um guia melhor se puder!
    Posted by HamsterLV on 02 Jul 20 at 16:02
    SquareHeadKillrMan. Im so angry about what happend !! I was about to get my achievement and i lost electricity ..... its saved my fastest lap and my levels but not my progress and my cash !! I was about to go see how much i had left to do .... im so angry !!! Have to start from scratch again :(
    Posted by SquareHeadKillr on 17 Jan at 10:17
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  • Pisboy SparxxPisboy Sparxx440,488
    26 Dec 2014 16 Dec 2014 16 Dec 2014
    18 6 6
    Ok. What you whant to do is to buy the GT-R spec II R34 and upgrade it to its max witch is around S1 980.

    Then go to rivals amateur class and select Casteletto. (Or the other locations if you wish). Select a Circuit race.
    Go to the Sports Car class and select it. On the right side u will se a reward based on your previous time posted on that particular race with this class. If it's not 5000cr then hit cn_RT and u should see your friends leaderboard. Hit cn_X until you are on the Near me leaderboard. Go up the list until when you select a better time than yours the game will say that the reward will be 5000 cr.
    That person is the one that you wanna beat !

    Start the race and when your about to accelerate STOP and disconect your console from the internet.

    Win the race and when the game will say Congratulations you will hit cn_A for Finish and then hit cn_X to Restart the race. Rise and repeat.

    You have to disconnect from the xbox live otherwise even that u hit restart every time the leaderbord will know your best time did in that session. And the next time you will attempt to do another session of this wou will have a greater time to beat. Dissconecting from xbox live will keep your current time from when u started first.
    Just select the same person from the leaderboards everytime u start boosting this.

    Be aware that you do need to be connected to xbox live when u will try to acces the rivals menu until you are already in the race.
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    Sean ReinhardlPerfect thank you +1
    Posted by Sean Reinhardl on 13 Aug 15 at 12:11
    MasterJunior94Worked perfectly, Disconnected from the internet and I was doing the races until the conquest
    Posted by MasterJunior94 on 25 Sep 17 at 02:55
    FullNietzscheYou don't need to disconnect from the internet, it works if you're still online too.
    Posted by FullNietzsche on 07 Apr 18 at 15:53
  • Claudio 10 JuveClaudio 10 Juve2,057,396
    14 Oct 2014 14 Oct 2014 19 Oct 2014
    16 7 25
    So basically what you are want to do is to improve your time in the Rivals Mode as slowly as possible. But first improve your time so that you get at least 2000 or 3000 CR. 1000 CR or lower is a waste of time.
    Then when you get 3000 CR improve your time as slowly as possible.
    I was always waiting at the finish line for the ghost to catch up and then rolled into the finish just before them.
    Also don't forget to turn on Rewinds so you can rewind back if you make a mistake.
    Depending on your skills in racing games and how often you can improve your time as slowly as possible when you get 5000 CR, this achievement will take for some of you more time to get than for experienced players.
    Proofs for getting the achievement:
    External image
    Thanks for the Video from pikblonds. It is from the Xbox One Version but he is doing the same as i wrote here.
    So if you prefer video guides over text guides, here is the video:
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    BadTriangleYou don't have to improve your time to get better rivals. If you go to a race and select rivals mode, you can choose who your rival is. I've been setting a low initial time in a C-class Acura, then switching to my S2 R34 Skyline and choosing my own rival each time. On the Festival circuit each manually selected rival is only about .001 seconds or so better so you can get a lot rivals in without improving your time very much.
    Posted by BadTriangle on 09 Nov 14 at 23:20
    neilbanAssuming you are going for the full 100% there are 480 events to complete so if you on average gain 2100cr per event you will get to 1 million. So even a poor racer should be able to achieve this over time.
    Posted by neilban on 10 Nov 14 at 20:44
    Steve RedmanThumbs up for me plus Forza Juve
    Posted by Steve Redman on 20 Nov 15 at 02:03
  • abcdelm45084abcdelm45084325,447
    12 Dec 2014 05 Dec 2014 07 Dec 2014
    2 3 0
    Buy the Mercedes Benz SLK55 AMG. Its a sports car and COSTs around 66 000 (with the 10 % discount perk). Go to the garage and choose upgrades. Go to custom upgrades.

    Go to Engine and Buy all Race upgrades from each category except Oil/Cooling.
    Go to conversion, Aspiration and buy the Twin turbo.
    Go to Plattform and handling Buy all the race upgrades except for the "spring and dampers" and "Chassis reinforcement"
    Go to drivetrain and buy the "race driveline" and "Race clutch" ignore the other two.
    Go to tire and rims Buy the race upgrade for the "tire compound" and upgrade the "rear tire witdh" to the max. Ignore the rest.

    This should cost you around 30 000 (again with the discount perk)

    Now go to the rivals menu Pick the amateur roadtrip and castelleto.

    Now start posting these times on each of the 4 races ( in the sports car division). And Before you start go to difficulty Put ABS on (not assisted) Steering normal. Then put on all other assists. Only the Bounty Counts so ignore the assist bonus it Counts for nothing. You should have total race bonus on 20 % (This could all be optional just pick the assists you Think are best for you but im just saying what i had on here)

    Festival Circuit 53.648

    Fattoria Sprint 2.07.200

    Doro Cliff Race 2.03.950

    East park Trial 1.50.411

    This times are when 5000 rewards start (theyre not 100 % accurate so you could maybe do a Little bit slower ) As for the times themself theyre piss easy to do. If youre having trouble just do Everything else first and then come back and do this last when youre more excperienced im pretty average when it comes to racing games and as i said i thought it was piss easy.

    Now when you have this time put up, again go to rivals id suggest starting with festival Circuit as its the quickest. Press RT (Change rival) and pick the guy who is just above you. Theyre time is usually around 0.00.001-007 time Before you (ive even seen target times that has ben the same as i recorded Before).

    Now comes the hardest part. Beat the target time with as Little margain as possible. Prefferably at most just 0.00.100 second Before youre opponent (who you will see as a ghost use rewind if he comes Before you. And now the boring part repeat this around 200 times and you will get the achievement. If youre really good/lucky at beting the target time with as Little time as possible you could easily do this in just the festival Circuit but most likely youll need to use each of the 4 races to complete this.

    Theres around 400/500 gamers every second Before you so as i said you could get it using just the festival Circuit but again you have to be really good at beating target time with as Little time as possible for that.

    English is not my first language so sorry for the misspelling of some Words.

    Good luck

    EDIT Just a note for the Circuit race. If you back up Before starting the race you can get more speed. This way you dont have to do 2 laps trying to beat youre rival. Back up all the way to the first turn. You could also back up even more to get greater speed but so far ive found it

    Edit 2. Just to explain why this is the fastest. The castelleto events with sports car division is the events with the most number of participants. Since you need to be in the top 1 % for 5000 rewards this will be easier the more people have posted a time on an event. If you are more experienced racing gamer you could just do the Circuit races in other divisions as the Circuit races are quicker. But as i wrote earlier its harder to come in the top 1 % the lesser players having posted a time on an event.

    Why the SLK55 AMG ? Simple its the fastest car in this division. It says that its a dlc car but i could buy it and have not downloaded any dlc so maybe thats a glitch or they just released it for everybode just now. Aso you dont want to spend to much on upgrades since you need the Money for worthy of a sultan so just using one car is the best. And as i said sports car division has most participants and the SLK55 AMG is the best for that division
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