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Breaker of Dreams

Find the hidden level.

Breaker of Dreams0
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How to unlock the Breaker of Dreams achievement

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    The entrance to the hidden level is in level 2-5: The Prismatic Eye. You have to have entrance C unlocked and also have 72 skulls. Even then it's not as easy as just walking up to the door and passing through. There is a difficult platforming section before you get to the entrance. I don't have youtube recording so I'm going to walk you through step by step and try to post images of what I mean where needed. Here is how I passed it. I hope it helps.

    Before you start you need:

    - The skulls from all the levels, minus the hidden level. Like I said earlier, that makes 72 skulls.
    - Entrance C unlocked on level 2-5. This is where the entrance to the hidden level is located.
    - I'd recommend using two controllers or playing with a friend. It will make this platforming section easier. I died many times trying to get through this solo. I'm sure it's possible, but damn if I could do it.
    - Equip the peg and repulsor gadgets. Having them fully upgraded will help here as well. You may not need to have them upgraded, but it helped me a ton to get through it.
    - ALWAYS lock your chariot down with the peg when you get to a new platform. Also it's good to anchor yourself while you're jumping. If you barely make a jump, anchoring yourself will keep you in position so you can pull up your chariot and lock it down.
    - Be patient and go slow. Because of the darkness of the level sometimes you won't see the next platform right away. By going slow you'll be able to stop and judge the situation. This section will test your skills and fortitude.


    Okay, so once you are ready, go ahead and proceed to level 2-5 and use entrance C. Follow the path and the arrow that points up and to the right. You'll come across a skull monument that tells you how many of the 72 skulls you have. If you have them all then the gates will open.

    Pull the chariot along until you get to the ledge. Jump over to the first platform. Fall straight down on the right side of this platform to reach the second. Push the chariot over the right side of this platform and hang it off the edge. You should be able to see the next platform on the right. Use the peg to lock down the chariot. You want the edge of the chariot to be just about even with the bottom of the next platform. Image Attach to the chariot and jump over. You may not make it on the first try so make sure you stay attached to the chariot. You can always climb up and try again.

    Once you are safely on the third platform pull up your chariot. This is a tiny platform so you have to pull it up and do some maneuvering. If you've made it this far then you know how to pass these smaller platforms. Go ahead and jump up to the forth platform. Hang your chariot just off the edge so you can jump up to the fifth, directly above you. Image The next two platforms are pretty easy. Just pull the chariot up, drag and jump. The distance between the seventh and eight platforms is a little far, but pretty easy. Just get some momentum with the chariot and jump onto it as it's about to go over the edge then jump to the eighth platform. Repeat this step from the eighth platform to the canted ledge. Make sure you anchor down on this jump so you don't get dragged off the edge by your chariot. Continue to the checkpoint.

    Now you'll come across a narrow tunnel that is barely wide enough to fit your chariot. Push your chariot through this. If you drag it, you may get stuck, but it's easy to start back at the checkpoint, so no worries. Once you exit the tunnel you come across another checkpoint.

    This is where the difficulty ramps up. I'd recommend using two controllers from here on out. It's pretty easy to get this far solo, but nigh impossible to navigate the next section by yourself. I'm sure it's possible, but it takes someone with way more skill than I have.

    The first two platforms are straightforward. Gain momentum with the chariot by pulling it toward you, jump on and then hop over to the platform. The gap between the second and third platform is great. It's possible to make the jump solo. You can anchor the peg in the ceiling when you jump and then jump from the hanging chariot. You can even gain enough momentum to make the jump, but it's way easier to have the second character on the first platform use repulse and then jump to the third platform.

    Lock down the chariot with the peg so it hangs off the side and drop down to platform number four. Do the same thing to get to platform five. This is where it gets tricky. Lock it down on platform five with full slack and move to the right of the platform. Use repulse from the left side of the forth platform so the chariot swings around underneath. Once you have the chariot it's safe to unlock. Hang the chariot over the side and lock it down so the edge is just barely above the bottom of the platform you are on. Image You want it here so you can climb on top of it in case you miss the next jump. You won't be able to climb up if it's hanging underneath the platform.

    Jump over to platform six while attached to the chariot and do a drag and jump up to platform seven. From seven, hang the chariot on the right again about level with the platform to make the jump to eight. Image Lock it down with full slack. Move to the right, anchor down, repulse from platform seven to move the chariot over to the right side. Once the chariot is hanging off the right side of platform eight lock it down with almost full slack and jump down onto it. Image It may be possible to make the jump from here, but I used repulse from platform seven to rock the chariot. Using the rocking motion, I'd then jump over to nine. It's an arduous process, but it works. For a more controlled repulse I had the repulse character fall next to the chariot and use the power while he was just below and to the left.

    Use these same processes to move from nine to ten and ten to the final ledge. Lock down, repulse, grab from the right side then hang, repulse, jump over. Making the final jump remember to anchor down because of the canted ledge. Once you make the last jump proceed to the checkpoint and celebrate.

    From this checkpoint it's smooth sailing. Drop down into the gap and ride the ghost rails to the end. Make sure you stay attached to the chariot so it doesn't leave you. Once you reach the end of the line, hop up, get the final checkpoint, although it's rather moot at this point, and drag the chariot to the exit.

    Congratulations, you have made it to the hidden level. Good luck, this section is just a warm-up for the platforming in the hidden level. I hope I wasn't too wordy, please message me if you have any questions. Remember to have patience and move slowly. Even with this method I still fell to my death many times.
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    thatNoseyParker Aye I think my Xbox in general isn’t unlocking achievements, current troubleshooting is failing and I’m not looking forward to trying to “re-do the criteria “ for this one ...
    Posted by thatNoseyParker on 11 Feb at 15:36
    FreakyRO Hmm, might unlock after just starting level 5-5 if you got there.
    Posted by FreakyRO on 11 Feb at 16:55
    thatNoseyParker No I tried that a few times, also just redid the traversal from 2-5 entrance C to hidden level exit, and still nothing.

    Is there any support for this game? I have a horrible feeling the only other option to trigger it is re do it on a new save, which would be beyond time consuming and frustrating >.<

    Edit: just to confirm I did fix the general achievement problem a little while back (took a factory reset), but there are 2 achievements on halo reach that don’t unlock as well as this one - christ, am I cursed or something?
    Posted by thatNoseyParker on 19 Feb at 14:30
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