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Easy Targets achievement in Titanfall

Easy Targets

Kill 10 Pilots as a Titan in a single match on Zone 18

Easy Targets+0.1
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How to unlock the Easy Targets achievement

  • Gators NcGators Nc387,642
    27 Sep 2014 26 Sep 2014 02 Oct 2014
    54 14 14
    For this achievement you need to get 10 pilot kills while in a Titan. I recommend using a Stryder equipped with a Chaingun so you can locate and kill pilots quickly.

    This achievement will be significantly easier if you wait for longer games such as Attrition or Hardpoint Domination to pop up, rather than shorter games such as Pilot Hunter, CTF, or Marked for Death.

    I recommend putting on multiple burn cards that give you immediate titans.

    This achievement must be done on the map Zone 18, which can be frequently found in the IMC Rising playlists.

    P.S. Those who are saying attrition is short, I had 16 kills in the titan before either team reached 200 points, then unfortunately had to go eat. (It was looking to be one of my best games cry )

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    Gators NcThere are no enemy pilots on Frontier Defense
    Posted by Gators Nc on 28 Jan 15 at 20:31
    ConvercideJust did this on Pilot Hunter! 14 kills - exactly 10 in my Titan. I had a already had a Stryder with Chaingun as I'm Gen 7 and need both for the regen challenges.

    A tip is to stand on the raised ground so you can get a clear view of the rooftops. Pilots seem to love running along them.

    The ramp on the right of this picture:

    That's where I stood for mine.
    Posted by Convercide on 03 Apr 15 at 16:20
    FoBoRawRGotta agree with DaSeeker, This was much easier on Marked for Death. Every other game mode everyone was hiding inside, marked for death they all run around on the rooftops trying to kill their targets. Yes you may not get as long, but I smashed the kill count...
    Posted by FoBoRawR on 31 May 15 at 14:03
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    14 Oct 2014 08 Oct 2014
    27 1 1
    Just another note: Kills after the start of the Epilogue do not count. Only kills during the main match count. I had 8 kills and then killed another three during the evac. No dice.
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    FTV CorruptionWeird. I had 9 kills before the epilogue (positive bc I was in my Titan the entire game) and killed 1 guy in the epilogue and got it...
    Posted by FTV Corruption on 19 Jul 15 at 21:07
  • AG Bucky BarnesAG Bucky Barnes492,713
    06 Oct 2014 06 Oct 2014 06 Oct 2014
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    Obviously following the achievement description, we want Zone 18.

    You can do this on various game modes but one in particular mode you may find easiest as other players are distracted going for the objective; whilst you play a more relaxed approach keeping away from the heat of the action and pick people off.

    Ideally go into IMC Variety Pack and hopefully you will get Capture the Flag (CTF) on Zone 18.

    A key tool for getting this on any mode to greatly help your chances is to activate a *BURN CARD*, either MAP HACK or SATELLITE UPLINK.

    These cards reveal the map showing enemy player positions OR refresh/scan the map every 10 seconds, again revealing the enemy player positions respectively. This gives you a massive upperhand.

    First off;

    - Get your Titan Loadout equipped with either an Atlas or Stryder:
    Primary - XO-16 Chaingun (I'd recommend extended mag over accelerator as you don't have time to waste as pilots duck in and out of cover)
    Ordnance - Cluster missile or Rocket Salvo (incase any pilots are hiding behind a wall or generally in a building)
    Tactical ability - Refrain from electric smoke as it can obscure your vision, unless you suffer from pilot problems where by they jump on your back, but you should be away from the action as pilot's on CTF are focused usually on the objective

    - Set your burn cards ready
    - Enter IMC Variety Pack Playlist
    - Find Zone 18

    - Upon entering game seek to use a burn card that gets you a titan quicker (pull rank) or if you have a burn card that gives you a titan you may use it but won't be able to use a map burn card until you respawn

    - Once you enter the battlefield look to go around the side of the map (not hug the wall but to the left or right and gain height advantage) and take out any unsuspecting pilots and prey on grunts & spectres to knock your time down. Minion detector comes in handy here found in your tier 2 perk kit

    - Do NOT go into the heart of the action (centre building), stay on the outskirts and pick people off

    - Once your titan is ready do NOT call it until you can activate your map hack or satellite uplink burn card!

    - When you have the appropriate map burn card, call in your titan or respawn into it and track down enemy pilots located on the minimap to make life easier

    On CTF you get an advantage as you have considerable time, as long as your team aren't leaking flags and even if they are you can follow the enemy flag carrier as it's located on screen & map, track them down and get the kill.

    Unfortunately a lot of this map is played underground and through the buildings making it more difficult to snag Titan vs Pilot kills. However I found moving back and forth between the two bases worked a treat and newly spawned pilots who surfaced at the top easy pickings. You will also find enemies going top side near your base to go into the base to get the flag. Also take note of the path's flag carriers take, there's an open door where people go up the stairs in the centre of the building, if they go up top you can also shoot them through the window on the sides. If they go low, then there's a ramp down to the centre bottom connecting the building which leaves them exposed.

    On CTF it's equally your duty to defend too so enemies getting the flag should be easy kills, but so long as your team isn't too quick to just walk back and forth making flag runs you should be fine.

    Please note that you should stay away from enemy titans ideally, just back off and take another route.


    If there's anything I've missed please don't hestitate to leave a comment.

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    DjDooksyGood guide but dont think there is any need on such a simple achievement!
    Posted by DjDooksy on 10 Jan 15 at 02:17
    AG Bucky BarnesWhy don't you post that to the other 2 solutions? You'd be surprised; some may have difficulty obtaining this achievement. You might have found it easy where as others will not. So to help others I've outlined a solution as to how best to achieve it. Thanks for commenting.
    Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 12 Jan 15 at 03:25
    Skanker irlDefinitely nice to have a guide and get other people's input.
    Posted by Skanker irl on 30 Aug 15 at 16:34
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