What's yours is mine achievement in Assassin's Creed Rogue

What's yours is mine

Loot 20 ship convoys

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How to unlock the What's yours is mine achievement

  • Rowdy185Rowdy185504,503
    25 Nov 2014 25 Nov 2014 16 Jan 2015
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    I found an area with respawning convoys. I have at least 10 convoys from this spot. Much easier than getting intel from taverns, but you have to watch your wanted level. I can also confirm that you can sink the convoys and do not have to board them.

    Fast travel to Lewisporte (North Atlantic 722, -379). Look at your map and to the west of you , or southwest of Harbour Deep (North Atlantic 592, -347) and you will see 3 ships close together (one frigate and two gunships). There is a Templar map location, at (635, -446). This cove seems to be where they respawn at. It will not automatically appear as a convoy, but you will see 3 ships close together. As you approach, you can either spyglass it, or your crew will notify you of the convoy.

    I kept fast travelling between Lewisporte and Harbour Deep and they kept respawning. If they didn't, I fast travelled to another map (back to New York or River Valley maps) and kept coming back to this location, or Harbour Deep. Also, when your wanted level gets really high, go take on othe missions or activities, while your wanted level resets over time, or just desychronize, since you probably already know that you can't lower your level with bribes or boarding ships, like previous games (LAME).

    Repeat this until you finish off the 20 that are required.

    Note: Sometimes when you travel, there will be more ships close by, other than the convoy. It is best to have the Morrigan upgraded, but always remember that you can board a ship to repair the Morrigan

    There have been reports that this issue has been patched with the newest DLC update. Gabwe posted in the comments another way that he was able to repeatedly find convoys:
    1. Fast travel to any viewpoint in New York
    2. Fast travel to Anticosti
    3. Fast travel to Fort Louis - there was a convoy almost every time
    4. Rinse and repeat.

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    LeviOff333Faça uma viagem rapida para Anticosti
    E então aparecerá um comboio na localização 135,-102

    Sempre que você usar a viagem rapida em Anticosti ele reaparecerá.
    Posted by LeviOff333 on 13 Feb 21 at 08:09
    LeiChatTerra Nova (797,-480) seems to be another location that spawns convoys often.
    Sailing out of the bay and round the corner to the right. Roughly (900,-490)
    They didn't snow on the map but were there when I sailed round the corner.
    Posted by LeiChat on 12 Apr at 10:20
    Jally WagsJust wanted to add that you can repeatedly fast travel to Lewisporte without having to fast travel elsewhere, a convoy has been showing up for me ~60% ~40% of the time. (edit: it's more like less than half the time, but it's not a problem, since you can just fast travel to refresh the area)
    Posted by Jally Wags on 16 Apr at 22:18
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  • TVthePunisherTVthePunisher465,165
    12 Jan 2015 12 Jan 2015
    45 1 2
    For anyone wondering how to keep track of the number of convoys you've destroyed and looted, here's the how-to:

    1.) Pause, Enter Database and go to Statistics.

    2.) There are two statistics to look at here, one of them being Captain Statistics. Look for "total naval convoys intercepted and destroyed". HOWEVER, this just tells you the number of Naval Convoy ships you've destroyed NOT whether or not you've looted it.
    Thus number 3...

    3.) Go to Miscellaneous Statistics and scroll down until you see "total ship convoys captured". This is the actual number that you've looted, once it's at 20 you'll have the achievement.

    I compared the stat Captain Statistics with the one featured in Miscellaneous, I had one more ship destroyed than I had looted and upon popping the achievement, Captain Statistics listed 21 while Miscellaneous did 20.

    Also in Miscellaneous are Supply Camps captured, Stalkers-Counter Killed, Air Surprise Attacks countered, total times smoke attacks have been countered with a gas mask...even the 4 achievements that require you to have cheatcodes on, those are also counted here.


    In regards to the method on finding convoys, many have been stated in above solutions. I was having trouble finding them at any of the places mentioned...like others, I exhausted the number of Tips I could get from all the taverns.

    So...I just started hopping from about 4 different locations until I spotted a convoy. The last 4 I needed popped up rather fast, mostly Royal convoys. Here are my locations: Anticosti, Port La Joye (didn't find any here), Fort Louis and Lewisporte (this is where I found the most overall convoys).

    But yeah, this method is primarily for informing others (since nobody really talked about this anywhere aside from hidden in the comments) on where to keep track of these things. Good luck out there!
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    ZSquared8080The comment about the different stats is helpful. I'd just add, that capturing a ship does mean looting the treasure, whether you board it or just sink it and collect the treasure.

    To have more destroyed than boarded, I think you'd have to sink the ship but not pick up the cargo. But for the record, both sinking and boarding count as long as you get the cargo.
    Posted by ZSquared8080 on 18 Jan 15 at 20:17
    Warboy925"1.) Pause, Enter Database and go to Statistics."

    Where the hell is it? I hit START, then Database, gives me a choice of Animus database or E-manual..

    When I chose Animus database, it only gives me...
    Ship types

    I know for a fact its there somewhere bc I used it once by mistake and checked my Animus Fragments while I was there.....
    Posted by Warboy925 on 06 May 18 at 21:10
  • Butters116Butters116251,593
    03 Jan 2015 03 Jan 2015
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    I noticed a rather high (50-60%) chance of convoy appearance by:

    1. Fast travelling to Anticosta repeatedly

    2. Having a maxed out wanted level (3 crosses)

    3. Donning the Templar master outfit.

    It took me an hour to get 13 convoys to complete this cheevo.
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    ErunionRan into one bit of weirdness where the convoy icon got stuck to the ocean and didn’t count, but once I teleported out of the North Atlantic and back the convoy was there waiting for me again. Excellent strategy.
    Posted by Erunion on 08 Nov 20 at 21:52
    General WizzardBest method. Super simple and efficient!
    Posted by General Wizzard on 12 Dec 20 at 01:52
    MelodicVirus118This was the quickest way for me to get the achievement over the other solutions listed here
    Posted by MelodicVirus118 on 31 Dec 21 at 13:55
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