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Complete 17 story missions in the Naval Campaign

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How to unlock the Globe Trotter achievement

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    1) Accessing Naval Fleet Missions
    You can access Naval Fleet missions via 3 places:

    1) Your home in New York
    2) Any of the Gang Hideouts you’ve liberated (they’ll be on a desk next to the bank)
    3) Inside the Captains Quarter’s of your ship The Morrigan

    2) The Structure of the Naval Missions
    As with previous ‘meta games’ within the AC franchise, you need to send ships off to buy and sell supplies throughout the world to make money and discover special items. There are 33 world locations that you can send ships to and there is one repeatable mission at each location.

    Repeating the same mission does not count as progress for this achievement. You will therefore have to complete 17 different missions out of the 33 in the campaign.

    The missions also unlock in order i.e. completing mission 1 unlocks mission 2; completing mission 2 unlocks mission 3 etc.

    Each mission is named after a geographic location, which is where you’ll be sending the ship (for example Stockholm, Liverpool, Malta etc).

    3) Getting Ships
    In order to get ships to start sending out on the Naval Campaigns, you have to capture some. While in the open world areas of the River Valley or the North Atlantic you need to:

    • Attack other ships and deplete their health enough that ‘Boarding’ becomes an option.
    • Board and capture the ship.
    • When prompted to decide the ships fate, select ‘Send to Shay’s fleet).

    This will now make that ship available for use in the naval Campaign. I’d recommend that you try to get 6 to 7 good quality Brigs in your Naval Fleet and, later in the game, a Man O’ War too.

    4) Completing the Missions
    Once you’re on the Naval Campaign menu, completing a mission involves 4 steps:

    Step 1: Select the mission from the world map and pressing ‘A’

    Step 2: Choose a ship that stands the best chance of completing the mission. The game will tell you the % likelihood of the mission succeeding (between 1% and 100%). You’re goal is to be as close to 100% as possible. I have lost ships that I sent with 93%, however I have yet to lose a ship that had 95% or greater.

    Step 3: Wait. Each mission is timed and will last for a set duration, ranging between 7 minutes and 50 minutes most times. Just play the game while this is happening and you’ll get notified when the mission is finished.

    Step 4: Return to the Naval Campaign once notified and you’ll see a ‘mission report’. If it was successful you will be able to progress to the next mission, which will be revealed on your world map.

    5) A few extra considerations…

    Securing Trade Routes
    When you select an area you’ll see an option to ‘secure trade route’. The game suggests that, the riskier the trade route the risker the mission. I never found this to be the case at all and completely ignored the ‘secure trade route’ battles after the first few times. If you’re ships chance of success is 100% it will complete the mission, even if the trade route was labelled as ‘dangerous.’

    Ship Requirements
    Some missions require ships to meet certain requirements to be selecting for a mission, such as having a certain sized cargo. If you find that you have no ships that qualify for a certain mission you will have to go back to the open world River Valley or North Atlantic and capture a bigger, higher level ship. You can see the level and type of a ship by looking at it with the spyglass while at the wheel of The Morrigan (hold UP on the d-pad an use RT to zoom in).

    6) Monitoring Progress
    You can see how many missions you have done in the top left hand corner of the naval Campaign screen. For reference, the first 17 missions are:

    • Louisiana
    • Florida
    • Savannah
    • Barbados Mission
    • Cap–Français
    • Le Havre
    • Brest
    • Havana
    • Carrickfergus
    • Lagos
    • Gibraltar
    • Belem
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Cartagena
    • Buenos Aires
    • Goree Island
    • Saint-Louis

    As always, if anyone has any queries please do not hesitate to let me know.
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    OO111111I'd just like to add on the securing trade routes that if you do feel like going to battle and making the route safe, you don't have to accept the first battle (or enemy lineup) it gives you. You can simply back out and hit Y again, and you'll be given a different battle lineup. Helpful if you get a battle with multiple Man o' Wars and don't want to risk one of your hard-earned ships.
    Posted by OO111111 On 25 Dec 16 at 02:27
    EliteAssassin13Great guide!! If youre still posting solutions, i suggest pasting this guide into the AC Rogue Remastered version page. So i can give it a thumbs up!!! smile
    If you dont own that version, once i unlock this achvmnt, ill paste your guide there. Giving you full credit of course!
    Posted by EliteAssassin13 On 24 Aug 18 at 23:15
    DillionDayDamn good solution brother!
    Posted by DillionDay On 05 Jun 19 at 16:31
    LIAM SLANEY86Sweet I knew lot this except repeat mission don't work cool guide lots info , nice one brothet
    Posted by LIAM SLANEY86 On 24 Nov 20 at 13:47
    amytashadumas92Fleet Mission Rewards

    Louisiana – 720, Aveline Figurehead
    Florida – 371, Spanish Conquistador Helmet
    Savannah – 319, Savannah Collectible
    Barbados Mission – 889, Admiral Lion’s Pistols
    Cap–Français – 618, Engraving of François Mackandal
    Le Havre – 1473, Ruinous Reinette
    Brest – 1426, Admiral Lion Wheel
    Havana – 510, Cuban Salvage
    Carrickfergus – 1298, Irish Flag
    Lagos – 1392, Statue of São Gonçalo
    Gibraltar – 1514, Spanish Sword
    Belem – 1383, Dead End
    Rio de Janeiro – 2013, British Lion Sails
    Cartagena – 1668, Mediterranean Defense
    Buenos Aires – 2725, Relic of Pedro de Mendoza
    Goree Island – 1626, A Door of No Return
    Saint-Louis – 1538, African Mask
    Luanda – 2421, Golden African Wheel
    Copenhagen – 1726, 18th-Century Mariner’s Compass
    Gothenburg – 1489, Admiral Lion Sword and Dagger
    Stockholm – 1517, the Swedish Levant Company
    Sardinia – 2356, British Lion Figurehead
    Malta – 1278, the Hospitaller’s Plea
    Crete – 1074, Dancing Cretan Bull Mosaic
    Isle de France – 3749, Gilded French Sails
    Mozambique – 3719 , the Omani Arabs
    Mombasa – 4229, Portrait of Ahmad bin Said al-Busaidi (Sultan of Oman)
    Calcutta – 4646, the Kingdom of Mysore
    Yanaon – 3399, India Flintlock Pistols
    Puducherry – 4438, Mysorean Rocket
    Malacca – 1942, Admiral Outfit
    Java – 3767, Javanese Gong
    Manila – 4333, the Manila Galleons

    Here is the full list. The achievement will lock after completing all up to and including Saint Louis.
    Posted by amytashadumas92 On 04 Oct 21 at 16:08
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