Master of the North Atlantic achievement in Assassin's Creed Rogue

Master of the North Atlantic

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Master of the North Atlantic+3.7
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How to unlock the Master of the North Atlantic achievement

  • KulaguyKulaguy334,909
    16 Nov 2014 16 Nov 2014
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    There are four legendary battles. They are located on each corner of the North Atlantic. Beat the first 3, to unlock the fourth, which is located in the bottom left corner. It is highly recommended to fully upgrade the Morrigan before attempting these.

    But if you're just trying to get this achievement, I have found that using the Immortal cheat doesn't disqualify you! Here's what I did:

    1. Beat the first 3 battle legit. They're not too difficult.
    2. Fast travel to the bottom left corner of the North Atlantic.
    3. Turn on the Immortal cheat.
    4. Sail to the last Legendary battle and kick his ass.
    5. After the battle ends and you're back in the sea, exit to the main menu.
    6. As the main menu loads, the achievement popped.

    So for anyone too frustrated with the final battle, hope this helps ya!

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    sev05Still works as of June 29 2022
    Posted by sev05 on 29 Jun 22 at 18:52
    ReoAvalonStill works as of August 13 2022
    Posted by ReoAvalon on 13 Aug 22 at 20:32
    LordSuprachrisThanks for the tip, it's still working as of October 23 2022
    Posted by LordSuprachris on 23 Oct 22 at 11:57
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  • Roose91Roose911,144,808
    19 Nov 2014 19 Nov 2014 27 Nov 2014
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    Hi guys, I did not know of the method Kulaguy mentioned and in the event that method gets patched or you would rather do it legit then this solution is for you!

    Similarly to AC IV, there are Legendary Battles shown as red ship markers on the North Atlantic map screen once you have gotten to a certain point in the game. The first 3 are rather easy, with the Battle of Labrador possibly requiring a little more skill and planning. Take note that these ships are highly resilient to mortar fire and as such you should be relying on maneuverability and upgraded cannons and round shot to maximise your damage each broadside.

    Having completed these 3, you will unlock the final one. I would not bother attempting this until your ship is fully maxed out or at the least has full armour, the best ram, best burning oil and biggest burning oil capacity. In this you will face off against what is easily the most powerful ship in the game, on my first attempt I nearly fluked it and actually destroyed the ship, but the gimmick here is that two more underpowered Men O'War spawn in once the main ship ("Storm Fortress") reaches low health (i'd say 10-20%) and due to the battle taking place in a relatively small play area given the scope of the battle, ended up being diddled out of a win and having to do another 10 or so attempts of trial and error just to get past the first stage. Basically you will start off in the centre of a small force of Royal Navy ships (I think possibly a Frigate, Brig and 2 Gunboats but can't remember), as soon as you gain control get full speed up and start veering to the right, trying to make as much ground as possible as fast as possible. At this point, as you are looking at the enemy ship it will be crossing right to left and peppering you with it's mortar that leaves flames which will set you on fire doing damage over time. If you stay too far away it will just pummel you incessantly with it's mortar and if you get too close on it's flanks, it will unleash a seemingly never ending barrage of heated shot, which can outrange your broadsides until The Morrigan is nothing but toothpicks.

    So back to the strategy, as I said before, veer right and, using the waves and if necessary the allied ships as cover, veer left trying to get in front of it. The reason I say to go right and then cut in towards the left is that, for me at least when I went right at the start the waves tended to give me better cover and the ship's AI always seemed to do the same thing by crossing from the right to left whilst firing pointless broadsides into the waves as I advanced on it. But essentially you want to bear down on it whilst firing explosive shot from your chase cannons whilst aiming to collide with as near the front of the ship as possible, then about 5 seconds before impact, use the charge move (hold LT and A) for more speed and thus damage, as soon as that is done, wheel away and if you can, get a decent broadside of heavy shot point blank into it (RT without pressing LT), that isn't completely necessary but whittles it down a little quicker. The most important bit now is as you wheel away try to get directly in front of the ship so she is essentially chasing you whilst dropping Burning Oil preferably in a zig zag pattern (rotate the camera behind your ship or hold Y, then hold RT). This will cause substantial damage to her and lingers on for a few seconds after she inevitably veers off away from your Oil. Now when shes does, you carry on going the opposite way and turn around ready to smash her head on again and just keep repeating the process. 4 or 5 of them and she'll be done.

    Now points to note is that sometimes rather than chase you, she will actually rotate her flank towards you and try to pepper you with her cannons, if you see this happening put as much distance as you can between you and her as quickly as you can and try to sail out of the red indicator whilst obviously bracing with X if you are caught in her field of fire. Also make the best use of your allied ships before they are destroyed, they won't deal much damage to her but can block her shots for you and distract her whilst you close some distance and line up to smash into her.

    As I said before upon reaching 10-20% health, 2 more ships "Argonaut" and "Sceptre" turn up, you want to finish off the "Storm Fortress" rapidly with Burning Oil and your Ram at this point or you will be overwhelmed. On the time I actually did it I had 3 Allied ships left and just under 2 bars of health at this point so the faster you can bring her down the better. I don't know if this is how they are programmed but for me Argonaut kept trying to get as close as possible and ram me where Sceptre tended to stand off and shoot me with it's cannons. Mortars will damage these pretty well and they seem to have less health and deal less damage than your normal Men O'War but are extremely fast, easily capable of catching up to you. In all honesty as long as you've sunk the Storm Fortress already and have at least a full bar of health out of the 3 you should be good here. If one of the ships tries to ram you, try to lead it and drop burning oil which will drain it's health rapidly and if it is standing off, pepper it with your guns and mortar (the upgrade for round shot where it fires two shots per volley works great). If possible, aim to damage them both before destroying one however as the second ship will become more aggressive once you sink the first, setting itself alight and trying to ram straight into you at full speed, again burning oil is your best friend here. The only really annoying bit here is the reason I failed on my first attempt; leaving the map area. This second stage of the fight will largely be you sailing in a straight line with the one ship tailing you as you burn it and the other on your side trying to shoot cannons at you, if you see the message come up saying "area unavailable" turn back straight away! If you leave the playable area all of your weapons get disabled so you can't fire until you come back in, however the enemy can so will just be getting free shots on you whilst you try to navigate your way back into the playable area frantically trying to drop oil.

    I realise that this strategy isn't air tight, but after trying a few different things over 10 or so attempts it worked for me!

    Good luck and well done for trying it legit!

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    Roose91Whether the game allows it or not, it's a cheat (it's even referred to as such) that circumvents normal gameplay. Quite honestly there's a good chance that if I'd have known about using the cheat I would have done so but it my opinion that's not really "achieving" it.
    Posted by Roose91 on 24 Mar 15 at 22:15
    Goose9847LI did it with a fully upgraded ship. I immediately went right and get behind the Storm Fortress while it was busy sinking the rest of my fleet. Mainly used elite mortars, burning shot, and solid shot when I could. I was able to use puckle gun on it only once after a lucky shot.

    Eventually it outmaneuvered me and we kept circling. I fired all of my mortars at it before the other two men-o-war showed up. I was still in range of its broadside, but at such a far range it didn't hit me (at full sail). I still had two bars of health when the other two men o war showed up. Ignoring them, continued to hit the SF with mortars until it eventually sank.

    Mainly used solid shot and burning shot on the other two ships. The annoying thing was that I followed them and kept getting a "de-synchronization immanent" warning along with "area not available". Ignored it and kept after them. I ended up sinking one of them with shot and one with a ram and lucky solid shot.
    Posted by Goose9847L on 17 Jan 16 at 18:50
    VeryMetalChewieI came close a couple of times before looking for a guide. Turns out the advice to start off to the right then veer left was all the extra help I'd needed, got it on the very next attempt. Many thanks.
    Posted by VeryMetalChewie on 23 Jun 20 at 20:34
  • Mobius EvalonMobius Evalon553,827
    13 Dec 2014 13 Dec 2014
    25 2 1
    There are four total legendary battles in the North Atlantic to gain this achievement. Anyone familiar with Black Flag has a good idea of how this works, though the specifics have changed slightly. In Rogue, only 3 legendary battles are available from the beginning and you must complete them to unlock the fourth. These three leading battles are a trifle compared to the annoyance of the Black Flag legendaries and you should be able to smash them with few upgrades to the Morrigan. The final battle against a ship called Storm Fortress which is a huge pain in the ass because it's a Man o' War that is faster and more maneuverable than your ship.

    You're going to need a mostly upgraded ship to have a snowball's chance in hell of winning this fight. You absolutely need elite hull armor, the blueprint for which is found in Genessee in River Valley. Just about everything else should at least be upgraded to the point where the only remaining upgrade is unlocked by blueprint. On that note, though, none of the ships in this battle expose weak points so the puckle gun is inconsequential and I never used the burning oil, so these two you can pass on without making your life any more difficult.

    As for the fight itself, winning is all about the golden rule of the Man o' War: it's defenseless and weak from behind. When you spawn into this fight, you are the flagship of a small fleet that gets decimated within 45 seconds and there's good chance you'll be responsible for killing most of them. I ended up ramming two or three of my own guys because they were in my damned way. At any rate, Storm Fortress handles exceptionally well for an enormous tub and is very skilled at keeping you within the reach of its devastating broadside cannons. This is where the ram comes in. No, you're not going to ram the ship, you're going to outpace it.

    From the get-go, look down the bow of your ship and use the ram (cn_LT+cn_A) for a speed burst to break away from your fleet and get behind Storm Fortress. The one speed burst from using the ram ability should either get you very close to where you need to be or right in perfect position to start hammering this pain in the ass. The fight you're going to have will be in two distinct phases that alternate. Phase 1 is unloading broadside cannonballs into its' tender ass, and keeping pace with it as it spins donuts fruitlessly trying to get you in its broadside. If you can use heavy shot then go for it (just tap cn_RT when looking out to the side to use heavy shot), but I found that aiming with cn_LT to use normal round shot prevents you from getting into trouble too quickly. Phase 2 is when Storm Fortress decides to run away and mortar you, and you want to use Morrigan's ram ability to keep pace. Go through the flames if you have to because attempting to go around will either put you in the ship's broadsides or find you much too far from your target and getting pummeled with more mortars. Storm Fortress will always slow and start turning again after it buggers off, so you simply want to catch up and get behind it again. Using the chase cannons on the front of the ship (the carronades) will help immensely because they slow and inhibit movement on impact, and the shot usually makes Storm Fortress stop running.

    Just keep repeating the pattern until dead. Unfortunately, when Storm Fortress gets to about 25% health then two more Man o' Wars will turn up. They fire all kinds of heavy shot as well but these two ships at least have the decency to pause and reload their cannons between volleys, so Storm Fortress is still your primary target. Once the big bastard sinks, the two remaining ships follow a predictable pattern of coming in for a broadside and running away again, so pepper them with mortars as they run away and unload whatever you've got when they get in close. Killing one will send the other into suicide ramming mode, so do your best to evenly distribute the pain before finishing one off.

    Your biggest problem is the bad boy you're there to kill by a long shot. I only lost one bar fighting Storm Fortress and one bar killing the other two ships, so you should be in good shape if you can limit your damages similarly.
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    Broon43Yup, worked like a charm! +1! Thanks.
    Just remember that because the cheat is active it won't save that you beat this epic challenge. The achievement will unlock, but once you turn the cheat off, that legendary battle will still show on the map.
    Posted by Broon43 on 31 Jul 20 at 00:51
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