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Obstacle Shmobstacle! achievement in Monster Jam

Obstacle Shmobstacle!

Break through all 20 Monster Obstacles in Championship Mode

Obstacle Shmobstacle!0
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How to unlock the Obstacle Shmobstacle! achievement

  • Apocalypse KaneApocalypse Kane
    27 Jan 2014 28 Jan 2014 28 Jan 2014
    Hi everyone,

    For this achievement you have to find 20 Monster obstacles. Many are easy to destroy, just try to stay as much as possible in the leading pack of the race but others are more difficult to detect. The last one I destroyed was the bridge after the tunnel in the Excavation Site. I found this guide on quite useful for those who might have problems with this achievement. Of course, all credit for the guide goes to its author "danteraines452."

    South Eastern...

    Main Camp.
    1. Gaint conveyer belt right in front of you at the start of the race.
    2. Internal Building Pillar, in the building on the left.

    The Pit.
    3. On the start finish straight there is a bridge across the road hit the centre support beam.

    Excavation Site.
    4. After coming out of the tunnel keep going until u get to a red jump, slow down a little and you should fall/jump through the bridge below you.
    5. After you have gone through the bridge keep going up the road and across an other bridge, the road will now fork, left takes you down into the building but if you keep going straight over the dirt mound in front of you with enough speed you should land on the building roof ( the building roof is one for some reason).


    State Park.
    6. Wooden Water Tower behind some logs at the start of the race.
    7. Take the right hand path at the start of the race and follow it down until you come to a bridge, just hit the sides of the bridge.
    8. later on in the lap, you should see a warehouse type building on the right-hand side just drive into any of the internal pillars.

    Riverside Estate.
    9. By the second lake, white control tower type building.

    One Hill Resort.
    10. Follow road until you get to big jump, go over it and you should land near to the 2 redwood houses on the left-hand side.
    11. Go through the tunnel and over 2 jumps until you land in the river bed, keep going straight and you need to hit the wooden bridge on top of the concrete bridge.
    12. Keep going down the road and there should be a Space Shuttle just before you get to another tunnel.


    13. Towards the end of the track you should see a Sailing Boat hanging form the crane.
    14. just to the right of the crane there will be White/Red Towers.

    Southern Pier.
    15. About half way around the track there is a large wooden pirate ship, you cant miss it.

    Southern Series...

    Mesa Airfield.
    16,17,18. At the start of the track immediately turn right into the hanger next to you, inside there will be a UFO, Stealth Fighter, and the Army Helicopter
    19,20. at the end of the track there is a large cargo plane hit the engines on ether side of it, and also the cargo doors at the back of it.

    I hope this help. wave
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