You Asked For It achievement in The Evil Within

You Asked For It

Finish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode.

You Asked For It+0.2
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How to unlock the You Asked For It achievement

  • Icy iNsIcy iNs231,898
    01 Nov 2014 30 Oct 2014 03 Nov 2014
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    Some might be wondering what exactly the difference is between the Survival game mode and the "AKUMU" difficulty. I was streaming and I had this question so it occurred to me that this might not be obvious to some.

    As per the name this roughly translates to "worst nightmare" you die in 1-hit from ALMOST everything. I'll get into that in one second. There are more enemies, more bear traps then you can count (mostly throughout boss fight areas, so look down), and everything is so fast you'll most likely need to change your pants multiple times and take some chill-pills after wiping the spittle from your screen. All enemies are also hyper-aware meaning that sneaking from anything less then 10 meters away their heads snap back so fast that they die from whiplash (no they don't really die... -_-) Their fields of vision are wider and their range of vision is a football fields. NOW the thing you DO live from is 1 animation. If your partner is around and he's not killing himself if you do get grabbed by an enemy with no weapon in hand and they throw you down to the ground you'll lose almost all your health but you will still be on the ground about to be stomped to death, if your partner saves you before the killing blow then you'll get back up with a small amount of health left, but if he doesn't you will still die when your head is stomped on.

    This goes without saying here but medkits and syringes are useless, you can use them if you want but unless you live from the one instance that you can live from then there's no use for them.

    I'm doing this with no upgrades and currently I'm on chapter 11 so I know that if you are using upgrades that this should be easier for you than it is/was for me. If I have a suggestion for you it would be to upgrade sprint time by a few seconds because it's either run or die in AKUMU.

    EDIT: I did complete the game without upgrading. Chapter 6 (burning building) 10 (lots of bosses in a row) and 11 (door opening and closing multiple times releasing waves of enemies followed by the ride in the rail trolley) are the hardest three chapters. You CAN use keys to help yourself in this difficulty as well.

    Good luck and try not to punch your walls.

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    Posted by D34dBodyMan on 30 Oct 17 at 04:45
    KanchanaburiNote: THis did NOT unlock for me when i finished the game. I had to start the new game plus file and then it unlocked during the intro cut scene.
    Posted by Kanchanaburi on 03 Jun 18 at 23:26
    Noble RoyaleBeat chapter 6 last night on akuma after probably 100 attempts. I did it on the 360 years ago so I knew I could do it. Now I feel as strong as a damn mountain. My advice in house at start is upstairs focus on shotgun match multi combos to save ammo. Downstairs focus on getting rid of barrels 1st and then just use flash bolts and just let them come out of the stun and fire off another when they all charge you. Once you get 4 enemies stunned no more will drop in so try to keep those 4 alive, but stunned. Electricity is good aswel. If you run low on bolts switch back to shotgun and hope for the best. If you realise you don't have enough bolts (at least 3-4 flash and 9-12 shotgun and 5-8 matches) by the house battle just restart the chapter or back track and use gel on flash primarily with scrap and ammo capacity for it and shotgun damage and matches of course.
    Posted by Noble Royale on 31 Jul 19 at 13:02
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  • MangaPowerZeroMangaPowerZero253,201
    21 Dec 2014 11 Nov 2014 12 Mar 2019
    34 2 3
    First step: beat the game on SURVIVAL, don't play on Casual on your first run, it's a waste of time. And don't play Nightmare, it's also a waste of time if you're planning on beating the game on AKUMU.

    Recently I finished this mode (no upgrades, using almost all the keys I found on the way) and here are a few tips to complete it:

    1- You can get stealth kills, actually, they aren't that hard to perform. If you have been doing it the way the game recomends you to do it, then you will not find any problem with it (always be behind your enemies, crawling, with your light off). The only difference with other difficulties is that enemies detection field is a little bit more wider and realistic.

    2- Taking into consideration the previous point I really encourage going for stealth kills whenever you can. It can take longer to do but in the long run it will save lots of ammunitions that you will need for enemies that are impossible to kill stealthily. And even for those kind of enemies there are "low-cost" tactics to kill them: exploding traps, burning them with your matches or going for hit-n-run (and shoot) tactics. Make good use of the enviroment, it might be hostile for you, but it can be hostile for your enemies if you play well your cards ;)

    3- Be careful when getting close to enemies lying on the floor, they have the annoying tendency to jump with an attack, not mentioning that they recover faster than in Survival.

    4- Be careful with proximity traps, they're waaaaay harder to deactivate in AKUMU mode. If you are close to a save room or you're at the beginning of a checkpoint, you can try to deactivate it and get its components for your crossbow. In case you aren't close to a checkpoint (and had gone through a hard section) I don't advise trying to deactivate them, wait for a checkpoint to give it a try.

    5- There are more traps than in Survival, but it also means more pieces for bolts, which is good news.

    6- In this mode checkpoints works a little bit different, in some cases they play at your advantage and other times... well, you will see it.

    7- Make good use of your crossbow bolts. Don't create new ones unless you have none and need a specific one for a crowd or a boss. If possible, try to get new bolts from the enviroment or the lockers in the save room.

    8- Lightning bolts are great for crowds, freeze are good to slow down bosses and flash are a good option when you need to run away from crowds of enemies (or getting a free stealth kill).

    9- In case you don't mind expending a little bit of extra money (real) I would recommend "The Fighting Chance pack" DLC, for the incendiary bolts, since they are actually the best bolts for crowd-control (better say, crowd-annihilation). The double-barrel is also included in this DLC and is a very good weapon to start with (until you upgrade the shotgun you find at chapter 3).

    10- Although I completed the game without upgrades, I really recommend you to USE ALL THE GEL YOU CAN and upgrade your stamina, critical hits and stock. If it weren't because I wanted to skip one full playthrough on getting the "It Is What It Is" I would have upgraded right at the start. Don't upgrade anything related to your health and syringes, it's completely useless.

    TA user 'Sepharim17' wrote a solution for the x360 version of this game which includes a playlist of how he beated the game on AKUMU without upgrades and keys. As I said, I don't recommend doing this, still this playlist can give you a good set of guidelines of how to beat certain sections.

    The Evil Within (Xbox 360)You Asked For ItThe You Asked For It achievement in The Evil Within (Xbox 360) worth 294 pointsFinish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode.

    One last thing I want to add: Once you finish AKUMU (or Hard difficulty) you will unlock the brass knuckles, which are a beast in new game+ and help a lot to get the 5 hours playthrough achievement (I would recomend trying on easy for this one,... unless you feel brave enough to do it again in AKUMU).
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    E vee dubWow! No one has explained this...

    I web searched it. The site that actually attempted to answer it said, "AKUMA mode.
    Successfully complete the game to unlock the AKUMA difficulty, which Sebastian dies in one hit."

    NOT TRUE! I just beat the game on Casual, and it only unlocked NIGHTMARE.

    Please don't tell me that to unlock AKUMA, the game must be completed on SURVIVAL, not CASUAL. If there was a guide explaining this, I would have never played CASUAL.
    Posted by E vee dub on 25 Feb 15 at 23:42
    MangaPowerZeroWell, I never mentioned how it is unlocked... but yes, afaik it got to be Survival.
    Posted by MangaPowerZero on 26 Feb 15 at 07:27
    XF34Rx KiNGzzSo you must beat survival mode to unlock akumu
    Posted by XF34Rx KiNGzz on 08 Mar 19 at 18:53
  • VirusTk GaMBitVirusTk GaMBit823,465
    09 Mar 2015 09 Mar 2015 09 Mar 2015
    11 0 0
    Hey guys,
    I finally got this nasty thing done with the help of both of the solutions above, so thanks to both of the authors for sharing your tips on different parts of this game.

    In addition to those solutions I primarily used this guide

    The author describes all levels more or less in detail with a fitting strategy. It really helped me a lot ( especially combined with the excellent videos, even though the guy in the video went the extra mile and did it without upgrades). I just thought I share this excellent guide with all of you who want to go for this nasty thing as well.

    Other than that I like to give you a few of my impressions on that insanely game mode:

    1. If you want to do this be prepared to bring lots of patience with you. For me it all came down to playing the same stage over and over again, so that I could develope some kind of pattern I could follow. Due to the somewhat random nature of this game this might not always work

    2. Get all the keys you can get in the game! Getting all the lockers open really can save your life in some of the harder sections of the game ( I am looking at you chapter 6). Also try to get as much green gel from the lockers as possible to upgrade your stuff. Save before opening them and reload if you get shots or stuff you don't really need.

    3. Start upgrading your ammo capacities. You don't want to let that rare commodity behind. As someone else said: " leaving a round behind, is just like firing it in the wall."

    4. CHAPTER 6: this is it. This chapter will decide if you will make this or not. I was almost about to quit the whole shabang after being stuck in the burning houses for several hours. I finally made it by using the strategy for the 1st room from the link above and using 6 fire arrows in the 2nd room. I stood right next to Joe and blocked the narrow way to the door with 2 fire arrows. I did this 3 times in a row and managed to kill the rest of them with electric arrows. For the fire arrows you will need the weapon dlc, though. But I don't think I could have done this without them. Sometimes you need to be aware of those zombies that start running towards you even though they are on fire. If that happens to you try to strike them down with the shotgun or try to kite around them.

    4. After that chapter you are good to go imho. The rest felt almost like a walk in the park, compared to the horrors you had to go through in chapter 6. Just stick to the guide above and you should be good.

    5. One last thing: the guide advises you to upgrade the magnum to lvl.5 in chapter 11. I did it and it certainly came in handy when facing the keeper in the cooling room or the 2 keepers in chapter 15 but it is a lot of gel for just these few bosses. If you feel like spending it for something else, I think lvl. 4 will do as well.
    And as soon as you get the magnum try opening locker doors till you get 2 boxes of ammo for it. It is a life saver against those bosses.

    As I said, primarily I wanted to share the guide above. The tips are more a little extra here. If you have any other tips please feel free to share them in the comments and I ll include them

    Hope this helps some of you guys ;)
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