Legends of the Lawn

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Legends of the Lawn

Treasure Chest achievement in PvZ Garden Warfare

Treasure Chest

Collect 7 Diamonds from the Treasure Yeti

Treasure Chest0
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How to unlock the Treasure Chest achievement

  • Dani SlayesDani Slayes713,211
    02 Oct 2014 02 Oct 2014 26 Nov 2014
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    This achievement I will say is complete Luck! There is no way to tell when the Treasure Yeti will show or not, so I am giving some pointers out on what you can try to find him and collect his 7 Treasures.
    An easy way to get this achievement is to play a solo Garden Ops game on Sharkbite Shores on Easy. Play as a normal Peashooter and defend 2 waves without planting any potted plants. If you don't get the Treasure Yeti on Wave 3, quit and try again, repeat over and over until you get the Treasure Yeti on Wave 3. Once he does show up, DON'T kill him, just follow him and keep shooting him and his bag until he's almost dead. Your goal is to find 1 or 2 Diamonds that'll drop before his death, but let him escape. If he gets near the water, be very careful as his diamond or himself can fall into the water and disappear on you. As long as there's still a Soldier Zombie or 2 around, the wave won't end and you can jump in the water to get knocked out. If you want to make sure the wave doesn't end, jump in the water before the timer runs out for his escape. Do a team retry and you get more chances! If you're lucky, you can get all 7 Diamonds off of 1 Treasure Yeti. Some say it glitches to where the wave will end anyways, so to try to prevent that from happening,
    1: Don't Kill Yeti
    2: Don't fool around with the water when attacking him
    3: Make sure to drown yourself BEFORE the timer runs out
    4: Make sure you are a Regular Peashooter to avoid poisoning or other ways to kill without trying
    Hope this helps, good luck to you all!

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    Luuc@NiksobilS, great tip about switching to Normal difficulty.
    I played 20 games on Easy difficulty, no results.
    After switching to Normal difficulty, first 2 games, 2 Yeti's.
    Posted by Luuc on 16 Nov 19 at 14:32
    iTz Canada EhhFinally got this done after 5 years. Ended up getting about 5 treasure yetis in 3-4 hours.

    My advice to those who need to do it is to play Sharkbite Shores on Easy as the Peashooter. I know others have suggested the Chomper but I found that pretty useless. With the Peashooter, you can kill the Yeti on Easy and he'll drop a diamond 99% of the time on death. Using this method, you'll get at least 4 diamonds on one treasure yeti.

    Also I planted 2 normal pea shooters at the garden on the left (past the rock arch). The yeti never went anywhere near there and you don't need to do any work until wave 2 when the soldier zombies show up.

    I never dashboarded or anything, just play till wave 3, quit out and search again immediately. Good luck!
    Posted by iTz Canada Ehh on 23 Apr at 20:49
    Jyro X2If doing this, you can do wave 3 successfully and then back out, as completing the objective can get you a bunch of coins you need for the packs
    Posted by Jyro X2 on 11 Jun at 00:19
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  • EhrenfriedEhrenfried167,648
    10 Jan 2015 16 Apr 2015
    13 7 3

    All the other solutions are good, no doubt about it but after i spent (wasted) hours over hours on this achievement, i finally got a nice and cozy solution figured out.
    (got this sucker on 360 and X1 now)

    This is what you do:

    Start a Garden Ops SOLO match on "Sharkbite Shores" / "EASY" / "Private Game"
    One the game started plant the garden on the coast, left from the starting point.
    (The one with the rocky Arc, used for the Crazy Achievement)

    DON'T bother planting anything, just hop on the Arc (Peashooter only!)
    or play as the cute Sunflower, hide with her in the back (huts) and shoot anything.

    When Wave 3 comes there are 10 possible outcomes:

    1. Break the Vases
    2. Mini Gardens
    3. Zombomb
    4. Treasure Yeti
    5. Mint Garden
    6. Hacking
    7. Speed Run
    8. Tombstones
    9. Chieftans
    10. Unscrathed

    If anything else than a treasure Yeti comes -> QUIT out and Restart the procedure.
    If "Hacking" came and you quit out, it will never come again as long as you restart the Garden Ops.
    So the chance of a Yeti appearing is 1:9

    If the Treasure Yeti appears, rush towards him and shoot him until he drops diamonds.
    He drops them very unregulary... that son of a icy bitch.
    Leave him be and jump into the water if his energy is very low or the timer runs out.
    So you can take advantage of the 3 garden retries, and if you use one it will be the Yeti again.
    So you have 4 tries to get the seven diamonds.
    I needed around 5 hours of playing and around 4 tries to get all seven since he drops them at luck.
    If you kill the Yeti in your fourth retry, kill him and he mostly drops a diamond.

    The diamond counts towards the achievement as soon as you pick it up!
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    CRAZE KILERThis achievement sucks, Ive spent at least 6 hours on it and I have only seen 1 yeti, in four tries I earned three diamonds.
    Posted by CRAZE KILER on 11 May 15 at 06:43
    SaVaGeStRiKeR11The part about hacking only showing up once is false. It's shown up two times in a row for me
    Posted by SaVaGeStRiKeR11 on 18 Jul 15 at 04:08
    Shadykilla420i can second savagestriker11's claim. if it did work at one time it has since been patched.
    Posted by Shadykilla420 on 19 Jul 15 at 21:39
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