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Great power... achievement in Styx: Master of Shadows

Great power...

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How to unlock the Great power... achievement

  • BiggDopeBiggDope
    25 Oct 2014 26 Oct 2014
    Copying this over from my achievement guide on XBA:

    In total, there are seven distinct talent trees that are each comprised of four skills. Thus, there are twenty-eight skills that you must unlock for this achievement. Such skills range from enhancing Styx's amber powers to strengthening his lethality tactics in combat.

    In order to unlock these abilities, you must first obtain Skill Points (SP) by completing missions, as well as completing secondary objectives and unlocking Insignias. You can view the skills at any time by opening the Mission Menu and scrolling to the skills tab, however skills can only be unlocked at the hideout.

    As a personal suggestion, it would be wise to focus on maxing out the Stealth and Equipment talent trees before anything else.

    This is by far the most difficult and time consuming achievement within the game. This is due to the fact that you must complete every mission's secondary objective and obtain all four Insignias per mission. By doing this, you will then, and only then, have earned enough Skill Points to unlock every skill.

    This means you'll probably be replaying missions up to three or more times as you work on completing them without any alerts (Insignia of the Shadow), without any kills (Insignia of Mercy), within the time constraint (Insignia of Swiftness), and picking up all the tokens (Insignia of the Thief).

    Don't fret, you can replay missions at any point when inside the hideout, and even post-game, as Styx returns to the hideout once the narrative has concluded.

    In addition to this, the Insignias do not have to be collected in one run. You can opt to replay a mission four times if necessary in order to focus on one Insignia at a time.

    Overall, if you're persistent enough, this achievement will finally unlock once every skill has been purchased.
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    xMoBBzYGreat guide! I have a question though, do the secondary objectives have to be done in one playthrough or can they be done through multiple?
    Posted by xMoBBzY On 19 Feb 15 at 10:14
    BiggDopeThey can be done through multiple playthroughs. For instance, if you do Chapter 2 and get the first of say, three side objectives done, then when you go to replay that Chapter via the book in Styx's hideout, that specific secondary objective will be crossed out, meaning it's already registered as being complete, leading to the conclusion that you only have to worry about the other ones.

    I hope that answers your question :)
    Posted by BiggDope On 20 Feb 15 at 15:25
    musicskoooolDoes the above mentioned principle also apply to tokens? Can I get some of the tokens in one run and go back through and get the remaining ones?
    Posted by musicskooool On 28 Feb 15 at 04:48
    FullMoonBeaverTokens seem to need to be collected in one go.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver On 05 Jul 15 at 11:42
    EcchiBoiI found it easiest to do the stealth (Shadow) and tokens (Thief) the 1st time while learning the map. I usually killed almost all the guards in the level (without alarm) so I could move around freely looking for tokens. Then a 2nd run for no kills (Mercy) and speed (Swiftness) immediately after you reach the hideout while the map is fresh on your mind. In this run, it's okay for alarms as long as you don't kill anyone, just run away. Invisibility is very useful here.
    Posted by EcchiBoi On 04 Apr 16 at 15:23
    MikeButI did Stealth/Mercy on the first run, then tokens, then speed run. I find this amount of completion pointless. You unlock the final skill after completing every side objective and playing every level at least three times. What would I need this final cruddy skill for?

    Overall, it's a pretty tedious, but easily obtainable achievement. Stealth is probably the hardest one to get. The tokens are time consuming, and the speed run+mercy can be completed in half the allotted time. I am glad that at least they were lenient on the time.
    Posted by MikeBut On 14 May 16 at 06:42
    BiggDope@Valnor, I don't so. I haven't played Master of Shadows in some time, but in the sequel that just came out, the game indicated that objective targets (people you're asked to kill for your mission objective) do not count against you.
    Posted by BiggDope On 07 Apr 17 at 16:25
    Valnor2Do killing assassination targets count against mercy?
    Posted by Valnor2 On 07 Apr 17 at 16:25
    Valnor2Yeah I want to be sure before I kill a target then get to the end and find out I don't get mercy, I like to combine stealth and no killing together
    Posted by Valnor2 On 07 Apr 17 at 16:26
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