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I Like Them All

Upgrade 20 guns to Level 5.

I Like Them All+10.1
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  • LitaOsirisLitaOsiris804,410
    12 Nov 2014 28 Oct 2014 12 Nov 2014
    249 8 36
    For this achievement you will need to upgrade 20 of your guns to level 5. You need to play through most of the story before you can unlock all guns and even then you need a good amount of Overcharge to purchase them from Two Hat Jack. Some weapons unlock from missions.

    Purchased Weapons:
    Freeze Bomb: 5,500
    Acid Sprinkler: 7,500
    Captain Ahab: 9,000
    The Dude: 9,500
    One Handed Dragon: 10,000
    Taunt Bot: 10,000
    The Roman Candle: 15,000
    Shorty Shotty: 20,000
    Proximity Mine: 20,000
    Turret Copter: 25,000
    Fizzbot Rifle: 40,000
    Hair Spray Bomb: 55,000
    The Shocker: 70,000
    Charge Beam: 100,000

    Campaign Weapons:
    Dirty Harry
    Flaming Compensator
    High Fidelity
    Pulse Mine

    DLC Weapons:
    AK-FOFF (variant of AK-FU)
    Head-Banger Gun (variant of The Dude)
    Hotty-Shotty (variant of Shorty Shotty)
    Nothin' But The Hits (variant of High Fidelity)

    I've found a mission that's good for farming OD kills called "Getting The Band Back Together". You have to play through until the part when you need to help your drummer. Don't follow the instructions but keep bouncing on a drum. The OD constantly swarm you so you can just bounce and then shoot from any gun.

    You can replay this mission from the Log in the pause menu. Note that the mission happens later in the game when you've met Las Catrinas.

    Of course I would recommend playing the game and getting every other achievement before resorting to doing this.

    Note that there is a weapon amp called "Mine All Mine" which gives a chance of a kill dropping additional Overcharge.

    Onsidic has some additional tips:
    - Don't forget about the Overachiever amp for weapons that increases the XP level up for the weapon it is attached too. - *season pass content or free from spin in Chaos Squad*
    - Combine this with skills that give you increased ammo and/or damage output for those weapons, should make leveling up these a lot faster.

    More Info
    Now that I have the achievement I know this method is most effective when at least four weapons are leveled up together. On my final run I was finishing the Fizzbot Rifle, Charge Beam and Taunt Bot (all level 4) and I just acquired The Dude and Proximity Mine so they were from level 1. Basically as you use one weapon you will most likely have ammo dropped for your other weapons so once you run out just switch to another weapon and continue on.

    Overcharge Strategy
    I have still not found a good way to get Overcharge. Chaos Squad does not guarantee it as I played in three games in a row and only got clothes, money and weapons (which does not count towards this achievement) on the spins. After completing all missions, side quests and challenges I did have enough to buy every weapon and the majority of collectible maps but not enough to buy the most expensive ones in Downtown (10,000 each).

    I did avoid buying certain maps like the High Points and the Eavesdropping ones because it was just as handy to use a video guide. I also avoided buying the more expensive maps for Tagging. machinimawingman on YouTube has good, straight to the point location guides for those three items.

    Which Weapons...
    If you get a DLC weapon you can avoid buying Captain Ahab and the Charge Beam (as recommends).

    If you're forced to use one of these weapons....the Charge Beam is decent enough at leveling up but you will most likely have an Overcharge problem. If you want to go with Captain Ahab, Calex dEUS has this strategy:

    I found the Ahab to be as quick if not quicker than some of the others. Trick is ammo all you have to do is stand near one of the Two Hat Jack Stores on the street , not in a base.

    Costs 50 OC to refill ammo , you will easily make this back from killing OD, once you run out of ammo refill from jack and shoot some more OD, the reason it's so slow in the band mission is it takes ages for the ammo to spawn.

    Oh I should add also once all the OC are dead move to the next gun on the map , I did this on the East off the map between the 3 shops there and got this in less than 20 minutes.
    01 Nov 2014 01 Nov 2014 03 Nov 2014
    32 8 8
    I just wanted to add a bit beyong Lita's method farming for kills. I can confirm that the DLC weapons count toward the achievement (I popped the achievement using Nothin' But the Hits).

    If you're like me, you only have access to one DLC weapon, which puts the total weapon count to 22. The two I didn't do are Captain Ahab (it's extremely slow to level up) and the Charge Beam. DO NOT BUY IT. It costs 100,000 overdrive and all that will need to be saved to buy the collectible maps. I'm about halfway through the challenges and I can already tell you probably won't be able to buy all the collectible maps even after getting gold on all the challenges.

    Overall it took me about 4 hours of farming kills. I had 3 of the weapons to level 5 by the time I was done with the campaign. If you try you could easily get more, but like Lita said, save this for when you won't be killing anymore.

    EDIT: Let's do some math

    Total mission OC ~305k
    Challenges ~ 128k

    Total = ~ 433k (not counting OC from trucks, kills, etc)

    Maps = 225k
    All weapons = 396k

    Total = 621k

    So that means if you wish you buy everything you possibly can, you need to earn an extra 188k OC from kills, trucks and Chaos Mode. That is A LOT to earn that way. So if you cut out the Charge Beam, you only need 88k. That is much more manageable.
  • KARMAgoesHARDKARMAgoesHARD844,459
    27 Dec 2014 28 Dec 2014
    18 1 4
    I don't think anyone has mentioned this yet, so I'll throw this additional tip out there for what helped me get my weapons up quicker than any of the guides above.

    Set whatever weapons you plan on upgrading, stick to let's say 3 at a time. Play Chaos Squad and select Downtown. Get to the Night Defense mission(and make sure you saved your ammo in the guns that you are trying to upgrade for this part). When it starts, run to the blockade where the enemies are starting off. They usually go to one blockade at a time. Spam your weapon into the horde of enemies and you will level up ridiculously fast. I was able to bring 1-3 weapons from a Lvl.1 to a Lvl 5 in each run through this night defense.

    I think you should only do it on the Chaos Squad, I tried offline and it didn't seem as quick.
  • TheDiamondDTheDiamondD259,276
    10 Jan 2015 09 Jan 2015
    16 2 3
    Although I haven't beaten the game yet, I've found a great way to farm Overcharge for those that are a little OCD and need to buy everything in the game. It's also a great place to level weapons and make some cash on the side. On the mission, A Hero's Duty, after protecting the Bushido Troop and making your way over to help Sam you'll come across a red bridge that will constantly have FizzCo bots and OD fighting.

    Simply grind back and forth along the bridge constantly killing enemies in a glorious fashion with the weapons you wish to level and they'll be done. Since FizzCo bots drop a considerable amount of OC upon death, use the Mine all Mine amp on your favorite/most destructive weapon to net about 1000-1500 OC in 5-10 minutes. I personally used the Hair Bomb Spray, but the a fully upgraded TNTeddy works because of it's increased radius and ammo count. Since the bridge itself is so narrow it doesn't allow for much enemy movement so pretty much any weapon combo works.

    I should also note that the 2 health over drives maxed out are very helpful during this sequence as you WILL be taking some damage.
  • II The Beard IIII The Beard II766,077
    27 May 2015 25 Jun 2015
    14 1 2
    I used the method posted by LitaOsiris (TheDiamondD's method for "A Hero's Duty" has been patched) but I have one important thing to add:

    Unequip the weapons you don't want ammo for. If you hit level 5 on a weapon and can't replace it with a weapon that still needs XP then replace it with a gun you already have equipped, this will turn it into an empty slot and keep you from getting unnecessary ammo. In fact, you could do this all the way down to one gun and level up one gun at a time if you wanted - if it's the only gun equipped it's the only ammo you'll get.

    Here's me using the method:

  • EnigmaticShadowEnigmaticShadow206,067
    27 Apr 2016 25 Apr 2016 07 May 2016
    8 0 6
    For those struggling to scrape up OC here is a good way to farm (although there is no super fast way to do so this is the fastest Ive come across). You can accumulate about 3k OC every 10 mins where as with the "Bringing the Band Back Together" method I was only getting about 1k every 10 mins.

    *This video was not made by nor does it belong to me*

    There has been a patch since this video has been made the enemies will stop respawning just before obtaining 500 OC, however you can turn back up the rail from the way you came to get the enemies back, you should only be traveling back to the point where you see 3 yellow sun umbrellas on the balcony of a fairly tall building (to your left if you are facing away from the bridge). You can then head back to the bridge and the enemies will be waiting for you again.

    This is strictly for gaining OC there are ways to accumulate kills faster! Dont forget to equip the "Mine all Mine' weapon amp for added OC drops per enemy killed. Good Luck Grinding!
  • FINezulaFINezulaThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    28 Apr 2016 18 Sep 2016
    15 8 14
    There's a game braking glitch that will allow you to get this in next to no time:

    Get 3-4 weapons a couple hundred XP away from level 5 and quit to Home. Go offline in the Network Settings and load up the game and get all those weapons to level 5 then quit the game. Delete the save from the console for Sunset Overdrive by clicking 'Manage Game' clicking the save game and choosing to delete 'From Console' ONLY! Go back online from the network settings, and load up the game and your previous save will be downloaded from the cloud and those 3-4 weapons will still be a couple hundred XP away from level 5 but you will have gotten progress towards this achievement in the achievement tracker. You only have to do this a couple of times to get the achievement.

    This also works with the 50 gold challenges, and ALL of the collectible achievements!
    but NOT for the 250 cloth items, as you have to own all of those at once.
    (check respective solutions for more detailed information)

    PS. My original solution was just a theory because i did this by accident, so this revised version is pretty much a copy paste of how D4 B1GD0G got this to work too, so a HUGE thanks to him for confirming this in the comments! :)
  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand356,598
    27 May 2016 29 May 2016
    6 4 0
    Here's the only 2 things you need to worry about this achievement:

    1- Go play the main mission and side quests all the way through. You will earn enough OC to buy all the weapons you need to purchase for this achievement. That doesn't include the 100,000 OC weapon which, therefore, you DON'T need for it.

    2- Each time you want to level up a weapon that is not your favorite to keep playing with, go find a Chaos Squad (multiplayer online) match. It goes MUCH FASTER than using it in the campaign. You don't have to use the respective weapon during all of the Chaos Squad minigames, only at the final round, when you have to defend your Vats from the enemy. Use all the ammo you've got for the weapon that you're leveling, then go after more ammo if necessary and keep using it. That way you will level up said weapon in a matter of 5 minutes or less, if you use it against a big wave of monters.

    If the simplicity of this solution helped you, please leave a thumbs up to let me know. Thanks!
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