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Complete 50 challenges with a gold rating.

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  • MissFuchsiaFireMissFuchsiaFireThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    28 Apr 2016 06 May 2016
    48 1 5
    So you want to be The Champion?! Or, you at least want to unlock the achievement (haha - I'm so funny *eyeroll*). Well, so do I! I am not the greatest at this game by any means, so if I can do it, you can do it! Here's how:

    Sunset OverdriveThe ChampionThe The Champion achievement in Sunset Overdrive worth 38 pointsComplete 50 challenges with a gold rating.

    You can complete any combination of challenges to unlock the achievement. You won't have to do every single one, though you will have to do most of them. The different challenge types break down as follows:

    •BOMB DELIVERY: (8) "Deliver bombs to Scab hideouts. And make it quick...the fuses are already lit! Each bomb delivered adds additional time to the clock. Bonus points for any time remaining."
    •SMASH STUFF: (6) Each challenge has a different target for you to obliterate as many as possible, as fast as possible.
    •NIGHT DEFENSE: (4) Defend the Overcharge vat(s).
    •BUCK NATIONAL: (4) "Earn points by killing OD and completing objectives for Buck National."
    •GLIDER CHALLENGE: (4) "Destroy as many mines as possible." & "Fly the glider through all the rings as fast as you can. Bonus points for any time remaining."
    •POINTS CHALLENGE: (6) "Collect as many points as possible within the time limit, with a bonus if you collect them all. Bonus points for any time remaining."
    •TRAVERSAL CHALLENGE: (14) "Use a variety of traversal skills to grind, run, bounce, swing, and dash through all the rings within the time limit."
    •WEAPON CHALLENGE: (8) "Kill as many (X enemy) as possible with (X weapon) within the time limit."

    And now, in case you're struggling with absolutely any challenge whatsoever, here is an in-depth guide - challenge-by-challenge - complete with tips, descriptions, and accompanying video walkthroughs. Good luck!

    Bomb Delivery: All of these missions are pretty much the same. You go from point to point placing bombs with Y as fast as you can. If you are having trouble with any of these, just click the link and watch the video for that challenge and it should give you a good route to take.

    •Bomb Delivery #1 -

    •Bomb Delivery #2 -

    •Bomb Delivery #3 -

    •Bomb Delivery #4 -

    •Bomb Delivery #5 -

    •Bomb Delivery #6 -

    •Bomb Delivery #7 -

    •Bomb Delivery #8 -


    Smash Stuff: All that's important with these challenges is that you keep your eye on the crate, TV, etc. locations on your mini-map to make sure you get them all and don't waste time in areas with no remaining targets.

    •Challenge: Smash Crates -
    - Hint: Explosive barrels destroy LOTS of crates!
    •Challenge: Smash Fizzco Stuff #1 -

    •Challenge: Smash Fizzco Stuff#2 -
    - Use a grind/melee method the whole way. Watch the video for the path to follow.
    •Challenge: Smash Plants -

    •Challenge: Smash Scab Stuff -

    •Challenge: Smash TVs -


    Buck National: You need only 1 gun to make these challenges super easy and it's called the "Turret Copter". You can buy it from Two Hat Jack. Just shoot all the ammo you have and start following Buck's objectives. The Turret Copters will kill enemies for you as you complete Buck's objectives. Shoot more Turret Copters whenever you get more ammo (equip the "Second Amendment" Amp so you never run out). And it couldn't hurt to go a little crazy with a grenade launcher in the interim.

    •Episode 1: Buck National vs. The Apocalypse -
    - The objectives go as follows: Bounce Kills, Grind Kills, Blower OD Kills, Train Kills, repeat.
    If you get 400,000 points on this challenge you can unlock:
    Sunset OverdriveHardcore!: Buck National vs The ApocalypseThe Hardcore!: Buck National vs The Apocalypse achievement in Sunset Overdrive worth 108 pointsBeat the score of 400,000 on the Challenge "Buck National vs The Apocalypse."

    •Episode 2: Buck Strikes Back -
    - The objectives go as follows: Grind Kills, Melee Kills, Underground Kills, Bounce Kills, Blower OD Kills, Electric Barrel Kills, repeat. If using the Turret Copter method, the only thing to look out for is when the melee objective comes up to move away from your guns so you can melee OD before your guns take 'em out.
    If you get 500,000 points on this mission you can unlock:
    Sunset OverdriveHardcore!: Buck Strikes BackThe Hardcore!: Buck Strikes Back achievement in Sunset Overdrive worth 112 pointsBeat the score of 500,000 on the Challenge "Buck Strikes Back."

    •Episode 3: Buck's Revenge -
    - The objectives go as follows: Melee Kills, Grind Kills, Spawner OD Kills, Bounce Kills, Underground Kills, Mugger OD Kills, Pyro Gyser Kills, repeat. Hint: "Dirty Harry" is a good choice for the Spawner OD.
    •Episode 4: Buck Stops Here -
    - I took the easy way out on this one and used an exploit many others have used. Basically you complete the first 3 objectives until the Herker spawns. Simply ignore it and run to the point shown in the video and kill the infinitely spawning OD until the timer runs out. The best weapon combo is "Hair Spray Bomb" with "Second Amendment" Amp.
    If you get 600,000 points on this mission you can unlock:
    Sunset OverdriveHardcore!: Buck Stops HereThe Hardcore!: Buck Stops Here achievement in Sunset Overdrive worth 115 pointsBeat the score of 600,000 on the Challenge "Buck Stops Here."


    Glider Challenge: These challenges are extremely straightforward. #1 & #3 you will be shooting nonstop, blowing up as many mines as possible. #2 & #4 you will be racing through rings. Very little skill needed, but watch the videos if you're having a tough time just the same.

    •Glider Challenge #1 -

    •Glider Challenge #2 -

    •Glider Challenge #3 -

    •Glider Challenge #4 -


    •Downtown Night Defense -
    •Harbor Night Defense -
    •Little Tokyo Night Defense -
    •Old Factory District Night Defense -

    •Points Challenge #1 -

    •Points Challenge #2 -

    •Points Challenge #3 -

    •Points Challenge #4 -

    •Points Challenge #5 -

    •Points Challenge #6 -


    Traversal Challenge: There's pretty much only one route to take on these challenges, it's just a matter of doing it quickly. There are a few short cuts here and there like hopping over corners when grinding and gliding in the air instead of running. If you're stuck on a particular route, check the videos below.

    •Traversal Challenge #1 -

    •Traversal Challenge #2 -

    •Traversal Challenge #3 -

    •Traversal Challenge #4 -

    •Traversal Challenge #5 -

    •Traversal Challenge #6 -

    •Traversal Challenge #7 -

    •Traversal Challenge #8 -

    •Traversal Challenge #9 -

    •Traversal Challenge #10 -

    •Traversal Challenge #11 -

    •Traversal Challenge #12 -

    •Traversal Challenge #13 -

    •Traversal Challenge #14 -


    Weapon Challenge: The general rule for these challenges is to have the "Grind the Lightning" Epic Amp equipped and do a lot of grinding. That way, OD that get too close to you will get electrocuted without you needing to pay them any mind.

    •Weapon Challenge: Charge Beam -
    •Weapon Challenge: Excalamune -
    - Essentially all you have to do with this one is just go nuts with melee. No real strategy needed. Same basic strategy applies to "Murderang" and "One-Handed Dragon" challenges.
    •Weapon Challenge: Murderang -

    •Weapon Challenge: One-Handed Dragon -

    •Weapon Challenge: Pigeon Roasting -
    - Although waiting seems counterintuitive to a timed challenge, wait until the pigeons have collected around the Pyro Geyser traps and then bounce from trap to trap roasting as many as possible. Rinse & repeat.
    •Weapon Challenge: The Dude -

    •Weapon Challenge: The Shocker -
    •Weapon Challenge: TNTeddy -
  • FINezulaFINezulaThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    08 May 2016 12 May 2016
    20 2 2
    There's a game braking glitch that will allow you to get this VERY easily:

    Don't complete the Bomb and Traversal challenges, as they were the ones I found easiest. When you want the achievement just go offline from Settings->Network and get a gold on a bunch of easy challenges and quit the game. Delete the save from the console for Sunset Overdrive by clicking 'Manage Game' clicking the save game and choosing to delete 'From Console' ONLY. Go back online from the network settings, and load up the game and your previous save will be downloaded from the cloud and those challenges will still be missing gold medals, but you will have gotten progress towards this achievement in the achievement tracker. Now just repeat this process over and over until you have 50 golds and get the achievement!

    This also works for upgrading 20 guns to level 5, and ALL of the collectible achievements!
    but NOT for the 250 cloth items, as you have to own all of those at once.
    (check respective solutions for more detailed information)

    PS. My original solution was just a theory because i did this by accident, so this revised version is pretty much a copy paste of how D4 B1GD0G got this to work too, so a HUGE thanks to him for confirming this in the comments of my "I Like Them All" solution! :)
  • KGaAKGaA158,805
    06 May 2015 06 May 2015 18 May 2016
    21 5 7
    Credits go to Groudon199.

    There's a less "destructive" method. Instead of permanently deleting your save file, go offline, then complete a challenge or two you haven't done with a gold rating. After completing them, exit the game, delete the save file from your console and go back online. When you start the game again, your achievement progress will go up, the challenges will be incomplete (or below gold), and you'll still have your save file.


    WARNING! If you want to try this method, make sure that you have completed all other achievements!

    Credits go to, as he mentioned in the forum.

    If you really have trouble getting gold ratings for those tricky challenges, you may try this method, by deleting the game save, and starting a new profile.

    Yes! It means replay the whole game! "You will lose all progress on everything, have to start completely from the beginning (like day one)." However, the progress (percentage) for this achievement remains. Thus, you can replay those easy challenges and register again to this achievement.

    After finishing all other achievements, I only manage to get gold rankings on 36 challenges. So this achievement progress is 72%. Although I practice a lot, I see no hope to get any more gold rankings on challenges.

    So I went to "Manage game" page , selected "SAVED DATA", chose "Delete everywhere", and restarted the game. After a few introductory missions, I finally can go to the beginning 6 challenges:

    Bomb Delivery #1
    Challenge: Smash Fizzco Stuff #1
    Points Challenge #1
    Traversal Challenge #1
    Traversal Challenge #2
    Traversal Challenge #3

    I simply completed 5 challenges (except Points Challenge #1, I am a noob!) and deleted the SAVED DATA again, and repeated the whole process again and again. It took me 45 mins for one round. After 3 rounds, I got this achievement. toast
  • BlackxRyanBlackxRyan617,726
    26 Apr 2016 18 Apr 2016
    15 3 0
    If you have the DLCs, you will have 72 challenges in total, the DLC challenges count towards the achievement.

    So you have a bigger margin if you have trouble with some toast
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