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Destroy 250 Overcharge XT vending machines.

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  • wrogwrog633,952
    19 Oct 2014 28 Oct 2014 27 Jun 2017
    257 8 5
    There are many blue vending machines scattered all around the Sunset City and you need to destroy 250 of them. If you don’t want to waste your time looking for them while exploring, you can use parking lot in Little Tokyo. There are 22 machines in total close to each other and they respawn right after you leave the area. Check video below for better instructions.

    External image
  • k1r1llkak1r1llka460,606
    09 Nov 2014 09 Nov 2014 01 Oct 2015
    91 3 6
    I have more easily way to get this.( You need 20-25 minutes)
    Go to the challenge Smash TV's (Don't start It!) and check this video. You get ~45 machines at row. Smash all and go to this challenge again.All machines will be repaired.
    Repeat this few times

    Map location:
    External image
  • ChucklestyleChucklestyle668,185
    28 Nov 2014 28 Nov 2014
    52 3 8
    There are already a few good solutions for this one, but I wanted something a bit easier since my memory and navigation skills aren't all that great. Here's what I did:

    1. Fast travel to Radio Tower in Little Tokyo
    2. Take an immediate right (north) from the portal potty, and right again
    3. Blast the 3 machines standing there
    4. Repeat

    My method is certainly more boring, but still goes pretty quickly. I would also jump and open the fast travel map in midair to cut out some of the fast travel animations.

    Good luck!
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