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Shoe Closet

Collect all 150 shoes hanging from wires.

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  • Exalted EntityExalted Entity493,200
    03 Nov 2014 03 Nov 2014
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    Shoes are always a pair of shoes hanging from grinding wires by the shoe laces. They have a little yellow-ish green aura around them. All you need to do to obtain them is "under" grind on a wire (so you need to be grinding as if you are using a hook cane, not grinding as if you are skateboarding.

    Now, the game does a pretty good job of providing you with collectibles maps. They are easily purchasable with Overcharge, but I like saving my charge for better weapons. So I went and searched online for an awesome map of all the Shoes.

    Here is a link to the map:

    External image

    which is from the website:

    But if you still want an in game map for convenience, and don't mind wasting overcharge / have too much of it, you can go to Two Hat Jack, found in any hide out and other locations in the city.

    To purchase your own maps, all you have to do is hold cn_Y on Two Hat Jack, hit cn_down or
    cn_LSd twice, press cn_A, and scroll through the list of maps for each and every collectible.

    Below is a video showing you the pricing of all the collectible maps and every single one that is available for purchase.
  • FINezulaFINezulaThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    08 May 2016 12 May 2016
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    There's a game braking glitch that will allow you to get this, and reload an older save afterwards to get all your OC back so you can buy guns instead of collectible maps!

    Technically you could just pick up the same collectible over and over again, but to save time, here's what you want to do: while playing through the story, pick up every collectible you see, so by the end of the game you should only have a handful of every kind left. Then quit the game, go offline from Settings->Network, start the game up again, and go buy all the collectible maps you can. (dont worry if you cant afford all maps at once, just buy ALL maps of a certain type of collectible, and you can repeat this for the remaining ones) When you have collected them all and get your achievements, just quit the game again and delete the save from the console for Sunset Overdrive by clicking 'Manage Game' clicking the save game and choosing to delete 'From Console' ONLY. Go back online from the network settings, and load up the game and your previous save will be downloaded from the cloud with all your OC from before going offline so you can buy guns instead of these expensive maps!

    This also works for upgrading 20 guns to level 5, and for the 50 gold medals!
    but NOT for the 250 cloth items, as you have to own all of those at once.
    (check respective solutions for more detailed information)

    PS. My original solution was just a theory because i did this by accident, so this revised version is pretty much a copy paste of how D4 B1GD0G got this to work too, so a HUGE thanks to him for confirming this in the comments of my "I Like Them All" solution! :)
  • Lil Miss CherryLil Miss Cherry806,437
    17 Nov 2014 22 Nov 2014
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    These can be obtained by buying the collectible maps from Two-Hat Jack, and then collecting them in Sunset City. Once you have completed the story and challenges it is extremely hard to get any overcharge for it. You don't need the 100k weapon, I bought it and I struggled getting overcharge, so buy the maps first! If like me however, you are finding it hard to get overcharge later on in the game, this is the method I used to grind overcharge quite quickly to help me get the last maps I needed.

    This setup will help speed things up, to get the most of your time:

    Weapon - Hair Spray Bomb with SECOND AMENDMENT amp (this allows the weapon to keep regenerating ammo so you never have to use anything else)


    OD Killer
    Fizzbot Killer
    Electric damage (only use this if you use the Chance of Lightning Epic Amp)
    Fire Damage
    Sacrifice single shot (50% more damage with the hairspray bomb)

    Load up Mission A heros duty and follow the video below :)

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