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I Should Get Paid for This

Beat Insomniac QA's high score of 534,080 on the Challenge "Buck's Revenge."

I Should Get Paid for This+8.7
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  • Maka91Maka911,050,602
    21 Oct 2014 28 Oct 2014 28 Oct 2014
    258 9 14

    Probably one of the hardest achievements in the game, but not too bad if you follow the guide below.

    Your first and most important step is to complete a good enough portion of the game, up to the point that you have purchased many weapons/amps/overdrives in order to make this easier.

    You’ll want the following weapons: (Lvl. 5 with Amps)
    • Dirty Harry (Stun Rounds)
    • Acid Sprinkler
    • Turret Copter
    • TNTeddy (Nuke Explosions)
    • Pulse Mine OR Proximity Mine

    You'll also want the following overdrives: (Lvl. 4)
    • Plus/Minus (You need to pick up health with this equipped)
    • OD Rival
    • Weapon Damage – Deployables
    • Weapon Damage – Single-shot
    • Ammo Capacity – Single-shot
    • OD Killer

    Once the above is complete, you'll have to find "Episode #3: Buck's Revenge" located not far from the Fargothian base. You can also fast travel directly to the event using the challenges leaderboard. Before starting the event, refill your ammo! (If you fail your attempt, quit out and refill ammo before retrying)

    Once the event starts the order of the objectives is as follows:
    Melee Kills (5/10/15)
    Grind Kills (10/15/20)
    OD Spawner Kills (1/2/3)
    Bounce Kills (5/10/15)
    Undergrind Kills (5/10/15)
    OD Mugger Kills (2/4/6)
    Pyro Geyser Kills (10/15/20)

    The melee round is pretty straight forward. I suggest using a ground smash in the later rounds to kill as many enemies as quickly as possible after the sequence repeats. Do not jump after your ground smash, this will only waste time. Wait for the animation to end, and then jump afterwards and you can ground smash again right away.

    Grind kills are pretty straight forward. Grind the garden railing and use the TNTeddy or Deployables like Acid Sprinkler or Turret Copter.

    Next, the OD Spawner can be taken out with the Dirty Harry in 2-3 hits, just remember the 4 possible spawns, use your mini-map and get in range as fast as possible.

    Next, for bounce kills, use deployables again like the Turret Copter and Acid Sprinkler and bounce on one of the cars in the middle of the road, near the wire that hangs over the street. After bounce kills transition directly into your undergrind as soon as they are done. Your weapons will do the work for you for this round if you set up the right deployables during the bounce phase. If not, use the TNTeddy here.

    For OD Mugger Kills, get on the high rail from the street, and equip your Dirty Harry (or TNTeddy if close range). You'll want to "rush" the Mugger spawns to kill them before they start jumping! The spawns are the same every time although they may move in slightly different patterns. This is the most frustrating round, and the round where you will lose the most time if you're not quick.

    As soon as you kill the last Mugger, make a dash for the closest Pyro Geyser at the end of the street near the bridge. Just keep bouncing on it until the kills rack up. If you have TOO MANY deployables up, they may kill enemies before they reach your geyser, but this wasn't a major issue for me.

    As soon your Pyro kills are done, transition to the top of the list using a ground smash and repeat as many times as you can.

    When you get to the "OD Mugger Kills: 6" round, I suggest you just take your TNTeddy and focus and your attention to the enemies on the street. This round takes a long time to complete, and you are likely to run out of time. You'll score more points ignoring it and going for Kill Streaks on the hordes below!

    With all those tips, you should have no problem! I was able to pretty easily get 655,000 without 100% of the upgrades listed above, which is significantly more than the 534,000 required.

    Thanks! Hope this was useful. :)
  • iceyziceyz828,558
    07 Nov 2014 07 Nov 2014
    140 4 30
    Maka's Guides are always on point and amazing! With that said, I found an easier way using part of his solution. His overdrive usage is what made this possible. When I went for this, I didn't worry about any of the objectives unless it was something I was already doing. Here is what I used.

    Weapon: Hairspray Bomb - Level 5 with Second Amendment Amp(Chance to spawn the weapons ammo)

    Overdrives: Plus/Minus(level 4)
    Rival (level 4)
    OD Killer (level 4)
    Single Shot Weapon Damage (Level 4)
    Single shot ammo capacity (Level 4)

    With all this, I never ran out of Hair Spray Bombs! I just kept shooting everything and racking up Multi kills and Killstreaks! I winded up with 672,600 points without worrying about objectives. Just shoot up the place and you will easily have enough points! I hope this helps people that are still struggling.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,313,379
    22 Feb 2015 22 Feb 2015 22 Feb 2015
    31 1 3
    Credit to Maka for the basic strategy, but for me using certain things like the turret copter and TNTeddy didn't seem to be beneficial. I didn't try them on this particular achievement because in the past when I've used them they've been less than stellar. The turret copter is too slow to kill enemies IMO over other deployables like the pulse mine and acid sprinker, and hair spray bomb is lightyears better than TNTeddy. I did equip dirty harry thinking I'd using it to kill the muggers, but if you get to their spawns quick the hair spray bomb makes short work of them, as it does the OD spawners. So I essentially only needed 3 weapons, the acid sprinker, pulse mine, and hair spray bomb, with my dirty harry as a backup that I didn't end up using but for one mugger kill. I also think the plus/minus is a waste of an amp because there's a different one that works just as well without the negative of depleting health.

    Here's my setup (which I used essentially unchanged for all four Buck's achievements):

    Weapons -
    Pulse Mine - Burn, Baby lvl 2 amp
    Acid Sprinkler - Bear Force One amp
    Hair Spray Bomb - Twist of Fate (nuke) amp
    Dirty Harry - Stun Rounds amp

    Amps -
    Melee Swing - Roid Rage
    Hero - $Magnet$
    Epic - Bounce Splosion
    Dive Bomb - Seismic Smash
    Hero Extra - Air Power

    Overdrives -
    Sacrifice Single Shot Weapons - 50% dmg increase for single shot, automatics get reduced by 25% - this is great because we aren't using any automatic weapons with this setup

    Sacrifice Weapons - Increase dmg for ALL weapons by 25%, reduce dmg from traps by 10% - this is great because we aren't using traps

    OD Rival and OD Killer

    Ammo Capacity Single Shot and Ammo Capacity Deployables

    I only did the following rounds:
    Melee Kills (5/10)
    Grind Kills (10/15)
    OD Spawner Kills (1/2)
    Bounce Kills (5/10)
    Undergrind Kills (5/10)
    OD Mugger Kills (2/4)
    Pyro Geyser Kills (10)

    Just do your melee kills, switch to the Hair Spray Bomb and use it for grind kills and OD spawner kills. As soon as the spawner dies, bounce up into an undergrind and drop an acid sprinkler or 2 then switch back to hair spray bombs and blast in opposite directions which should end the undergrind round almost instantly. Immediately transition to a top-grind on the electric wires and head over to the Mugger spawns, shooting hair spray bombs at where they spawn. You'll likely kill one almost immediately as they spawn, and can finish off the other(s) rather quickly since your aim doesn't have to be nearly precise with Hair Spray versus Dirty Harry. Bounce on your pyro gyser then rinse and repeat for the 2nd circuit until you reach Pyro Gyser Kills (15).

    Once you reach the Pyro Geyser Kills - 15 objective just place four deployables, two pulse mines and two acid sprinklers, in a 4-point square setup around you while you bounce between the pyro gyser and car in the middle of the road in front of the gas station. Then just go crazy with the Hair Spray Bomb. Between its explosions, the occasional nuke from it, and the TNTeddies dropping from the Acid Sprinkler kills, the screen will be covered with explosions and the points will be racking up like crazy. There really is no need to progress and get the 15 pyro gyser kills and go back through melee/grind/OD spawner/bounce/undergrind kills objectives for the 3rd time. It's also nice not having to cycle through an extra weapon.

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