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Jack of all Trades

Complete all Tier 1 Milestones.

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Achievement Guide for Jack of all Trades

  • TH3FLYINGK0R3ANTH3FLYINGK0R3AN486,640 486,640 GamerScore
    10 Dec 2015 09 Dec 2015 18 Aug 2016
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    Jack of All Trades Guide
    -Complete all tier one milestones.

    Servers are closed as of August 12, 2016. I do not know how that affects this achievement but I believe it will make it unachievable for some.

    There was not a comprehensive guide for this here. I compiled this guide while working on the achievement. Please comment if you feel you have a better way of doing a specific challenge.

    1) Biome Mastery – “Use Biomes for 10 minutes.”
    Go to Biome mode and hold “RT.” For this you must move the cursor around and actually create the Biome. Just holding “RT” will not count towards your biome usage. When I did this I would just go to "Create From Scratch" and would circle the blank slate until it was full, quit, and repeat.

    2) Sculpting Savant – “Sculpt for 10 Minutes.”
    Go to “Sculpt” mode. You can just hold “RT” and “LT” in the Add/Subtract setting of “Sculpt” mode. Doing this will work on progress for the Add Terrain challenge and Subtract Terrain challenge as well.

    3) Painting Pro – “Paint for 10 Minutes”
    You actually start out in “Paint” mode when you are in “Create” mode. Like Biome Mastery you must actually be painting something for the time to count.

    4) Prop Master – Add 100 props (characters and assemblies do not count).”
    Press “Up” on the D-pad and select a prop. Place these with the “RT.”

    5) Altered Appearance – “Adjust Appearance Properties 10 times.”
    When you create a World it will place a hero into it. Enter Edit mode. Click “LB” and “A” to edit the character. Go to Properties. Edit each option in properties (Appearance, Movement, Combat, Sound, Physics, and Brain) to progress each challenge.

    6) They Want FX – “Add 100 visual effects.”
    Go to Edit mode. Press “Up” on the D-pad. On the top option choice pick the fourth option. Choose any effect in this menu. Place 100 with the “RT.”

    7) Character Creator – “Add 10 Characters.”
    Go to Edit Mode. Press “Up” on the D-pad. On the top option choice pick the second option. Choose any Character in this menu. Place 10 with the “RT.”

    8) Combat Ready – “Adjust Combat Properties 10 times.”
    See “Altered Appearance.”

    9) Move It Like This – “Adjust Movement Properties 10 times.”
    See “Altered Appearance.”

    10) Kode Compiler – “Add 100 Brain tiles”
    Go to Edit Mode. Press “LB” over an object and then “A” to edit. Go to Brain Editor and add Brain Tiles. Do this 100 times for the challenge.

    11) Fun With Physics – “Adjust Physics Properties 10 times.”
    See “Altered Appearance.”

    12) Properties Management – “Adjust Brain Properties 10 times."
    See “Altered Appearance.”

    13) Make Some Noise – “Add 100 sounds to your world. (Not in a brain)”
    Go to Edit Mode. Press “Up” on the D-pad. Go to the top option bar and click the fifth option. Choose a sound and place it 100 times with “RT.”

    14) Sound Check – “Adjust Sound Properties 10 times.”
    See “Altered Properties.”

    15) Total Downloads – “Get 10 Downloads on your shared Worlds.”
    Go to Community Games. Go to the “Achievement Hunters” category. Play, Remix, and Vote on some worlds. The Community will help you out on these. If you rename the worlds be certain “Achievement” is in the title.

    WARNING: If “achievement” is not in the world title Team Dakota reserves the rights to revoke your upload privileges.

    16) Total Up Votes – “Get 1 Up Votes on your shared Worlds.”
    See “Total Downloads.”

    17) Total Community Worlds Played – “Play 30 minutes of Community Worlds.”
    Play 30 minutes of Community Worlds. It’s that simple. You will get this on your way to 14 hours. You can plug a controller in and have the Xbox run while you sleep, eat, workout, etc.

    18) Get Remixed – “Get 1 Remix on your shared Worlds.”
    See “Total Downloads.”

    19) Total Forum Thanks – “Get 1 Forum Thanks on your Forum posts.”
    Post in this forum: and give others a Thanks. (I did not create this thread, it is also in another users guide for Spark Level 50).

    20) Crossroads Bosses Defeated – “Defeat 1 Boss in Crossroads.”
    After defending the Village you are sent on a quest. This will result in you traveling to a location, killing 2-8 guards, and then a boss fight. There are achievements for killing bosses with a specific character as well as for defeating the base game bosses.

    21) Crossroad Coins Collected – “Collect 10 Coins in Crossroads.”
    Collect Coins by moving your character over them or selling objects. Coins can be earned from Side Quests and killing enemies. There are achievements for collecting 100, 1000, and 5000 coins.

    22) Crossroad Choices Made – “Make 10 Choices in Crossroads.”
    Each time you are given the option of three things in Crossroad mode this is a “Choice.” Make 10 of these for the challenge. There is an achievement for making 100.

    23) Lights Placed – “Add 10 Lights.”
    Press “Up” on the D-pad and search “Lightbulb.” It is a place able object. Press “RT” multiple times to place them.

    24) Paths Arranged – “Add 10 Paths.”
    Press “Up” on the D-pad and search “Path.” It is a place able object. Press “RT” multiple times to place them.

    25) Expansion – “Use Expand for 2 minutes.”
    Go to Sculpt mode. Expand/Erode is the first option. To expand you will use the “RT” and move around your map to add to the counter.

    26) Erosion – “Use Erode for 2 minutes.”
    Erode is the opposite of expand. In expand/erode you will use the “LT” and move around the map to progress.

    27) Forestry – “Use Woodlands Biome for 2 minutes.”
    When in Biome mode press “Up” on the D-pad and select “Temperate Woodland.”

    28) Add Terrain – “Use Add Terrain for 2 minutes.”
    Go to Sculpt mode. Add/Subtract is the second option. You can hold “RT” and “LT” in unison for these challenges.

    29) Subtract Terrain – “Use Subtract Terrain for 2 minutes.”
    See “Add Terrain”

    30) Desert Locale – “Use Desert Biome for 2 minutes.”
    When in Biome mode press “Up” on the D-pad and select “Desert Dunes.”
    *The Desert Pack is a DLC.

    31) Smooth Operator – “Use Smooth for 2 minutes.”
    Go to Sculpt mode. Smooth/Roughen is option 3. Hold “RT” to progress this challenge.

    32) That’s Rough – “Use Roughen for 2 minutes.”
    This is the opposite of sculpt. Hold “LT” to progress this challenge. You may have to move around the map for this one. Smooth continues to modify the area, whereas this one may not continuously modify the map.

    33) Such Great Heights – “Use Plateau for 2 minutes.”
    Go to Sculpt mode. Plateau/Tunnel is option 4. Hold “RT” and move around the map to progress.

    34) Tunnel – “Use Tunnel for 2 minutes.”
    This is the opposite of Plateau. Hold “LT” and move around the map to progress.

    35) Retro Cubify It – “Use Cubify for 2 minutes.”
    Go to Sculpt mode. Cubify/Decubify is option 5. Hold “RT” and move around the map to cubify the map and progress.

    36) Total Worlds Rated – “Rate 1 Worlds.”
    Play a Community World to completion. You will be given the option to rate the World. You will get this while working towards the “Rock the Vote” achievement.

    37-42) [Champion] Challenges Complete – “Complete 5 Challenges with [Champion].”
    Complete any 5 challenges with each of the 6 Champions. Seph and Conker are downloadable content. All DLC packs are free now. Challenges include leveling from 1-20, ability use (found under the “Goals” tab), and daily challenges. You will get these while going for the 50 Challenge achievements for each Champion.

    Again, if there is anything I can make more clear or spelling errors you would like me to correct, drop a comment or leave me a PM.

    This cross unlocks with Windows 8

    Thank you Project Dakota for what I felt was a quite enjoyable game.

  • lfcjohnlfcjohn622,450
    04 May 2015 15 Apr 2015 28 Jul 2016
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    28 Jul 16 update

    Based on the comment by Vahliya, the achievement is partially unobtainable as the official forum no longer accept new registration or sign-in if you have cleared browser cookies.


    If any body not yet won it (as me), please note below few point which need external help. (Detail Tier 1 please follow Win 8 version, it's much detail)

    1. Total Forum Thanks
    - Post yours at and ask for help at the forum thread Need forum thanks

    Note: If you got another account (not necessary Gold member, you can login to Project Spark forum and found your own post and thank and re-thank without other's help)

    2. Desert Locale
    - Require Desert DLC which costs 40,000 credits

    3. Spark Treausre Chest (The new one)
    - To match all the tiles, it should be only feasible if you're premium user which got 3 tickets per day and you can wait until Sunday which got you 21 tickets (i.e. you could flip 42 tiles which can match all tiles), also, with the latest Title update, you could get all 425G in this way

    17 Apr 15 Update: From other solution, since the gold ticket could be cumulated, normal user without premium could simply wait until 20 day (which you got 20 Golden tickets which mean 20 matches chance and guarantee to clear the board.

    Note: To get at least 7 day premium, you need either 500 Tokens which could be purchase with real money), or if you're not in rush and got a bit luck, with 1 ticket per day you may got some token each way (best is your got 25 token match on last day which is 25 x 4.5 = 113 Token) and once you could do it as fast as 5 weeks (maybe shorter if you can match other 10 tokens / 5 tokens). Once you got 500 Token, goto marketplace on Sunday and buy 7 day premium in order to got this milestone.
  • Zaro KarosZaro Karos465,400
    05 Aug 2016 04 Aug 2016
    3 1 9
    If you have all tier one milestones except for forum thanks, this guide is for you. If not refer to TH3FLYINGK0R3AN's amazing guide.

    If you're trying to sign in but you just can't, just keep trying, I couldn't sign in for over two weeks, half the people were telling me the site will no longer allow new members and the other half has been telling me that the site is up and working now, nevertheless I still couldn't access the site, I tried 10 times a day for a week and I finally got in, so don't give up, keep trying, I'll come back and thank you guys later this week. If you're impatient just send me a message via TA or Xbox.
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