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Champions Quest

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Four of a Kind

Complete Champions Quest: Void Storm without dying with Karlsnor, Scarlett, Haakon, and Avalon

Four of a Kind0
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This achievement may unlock after the requirements are met or not at all.

Achievement Guide for Four of a Kind

  • Modern07Modern0762,628
    23 Oct 2014 24 Oct 2014
    91 10 37
    This achievement should be gotten as you are leveling up your characters. Some facts about the achievement that should help you.

    *Each character has a max level of 20, so the higher your level, the easier this achievement might be to accomplish

    *The ranged characters, Scarlett, haakon and Avalon, can help a lot with the Goblin Chieftains. They show up at 1-3 and 1-6 and are the hardest of the enemies you face.

    *The Goblin Chieftain is really only vulnerable after he's made a brutal slashing charging attack, unless you use a ranged weapon.

    *You must beat all 6 levels with each character, so that's 24 perfect rounds in all.

    *Karlsnor does not have a ranged weapon, so has the toughest time beating the Goblin Chieftain.

    *You don't have to beat the levels in order. As long as you beat all 6 without dying with each character, you are fine. Any order will do.

    *You can quit out and restart if you are not going to beat a boss or are going to die mid-level.

    *Karlsnor depletes his energy when he rolls or uses the (Y) button. To keep his health up, use rage often against normal enemies. Be aware he's also slower while enraged.

    Tips for beating the Goblin Chieftain with Karlsnor (Assuming you are level 20)
    Your first few times, you will probably get slaughtered. Stay well away from the enemy and try to get him to charge you. Do not ever try to enrage Karlsnor and engage him directly toe to toe. When he charges, dodge away. Dodge dodge dodge. It depletes your energy, but it will keep you alive. You'll never have higher than 0 Energy except after a successful hit. When it's time to make a hit, jump at him, smack him in the head, then press (X+A) to activate rage and then (B) to roll away. This all takes about 1 second, so it should be fast, (X), (X+A),(B). What this does is if you are level 20, it will send a rage shock at the enemy. Since you can never use rage anyways, might as well use it for these "shocks" this is the only way i found I could hit him more than once and do decent damage. Sometimes he stays dizzy for two rounds, sometimes he comes out of it immediately, that's why it's important to predict this move and dodge away each time after 1 hit. (And the rage if you have it). So... to reiterate, I'm not saying to save your rage, I'm saying gain the little bit of rage for your first hit, use the rage immediately, and dodge away. If you try to swing at him twice, you'll end up getting hit back and he hits really really hard. This strategy should be more than enough to beat 1-3. But 1-6 is another matter

    Beating two chieftains 1-6
    Now that you have the, (X),(X+A),(B) strategy, you should be able to take on both of the bosses, but now the stakes are different since they can pin you down between them. My strategy here was simple, use the middle pillar. I was never once in danger of dying because I stayed on the pillar 95% of the time. The middle pillar has two structures roughly as tall as the Goblin Chieftain sticking out creating and angle of roughly 90% or so between them. Do not bother standing on these, stand on the ring around the pillar that is on the same level as these two structures. It doesn't seem like you can, but you can. You can literally run around the entire pillar without falling if you practice. You can't be hit by almost any of the Goblin's attacks if you are smart and keep the structures between you and them. Wait for the Goblins to charge, and jump down and hit, then escape between the space between the pillar and the structure, and jump back onto your ring immediately. Always use (X),(X+A) and (B) to dodge away. You can even use (X), (X+A+B) I don't think it really matters as long as you are dodging away from the enemy and not trying to hit him twice. This took me about 30 minutes, but I still had half my health and never died. The enemies leading up to them may have been the cause of some of my damage, I'm not sure. I'm almost certain you could beat them both without ever getting hit once.
  • SneezeSomeMilkSneezeSomeMilk820,456
    20 Nov 2015 19 Nov 2015 25 Jul 2016
    37 5 16
    EDIT: This solution is specifically for beating the 2 Goblin Chieftains (chapter 1-5) with Karlsnor.

    Original Solution: There is a more or less foolproof way to beat the Goblin Chieftains with Karlsnor.

    Short: make the Goblin Chieftain get stuck where you came from, jump down and hope you'll hit him with X.

    Long: When the first of the two Chieftain spawns, run back as much as you can and make the chieftain follow you. After the plant that tries to hit you, you can't go any further back, as the game will auto re-spawn you close to a bridge. Make the chieftain fall down the ledge. It's pretty easy, as the way is rather small. Once he is down, the Chieftain can easily be hit with the 3 ranged characters. BUT he can also be hit with Karlsnor. But it's not so consistent. I jumped down and rapidly pressed X. Every 5th or so jump, i hit the Chieftain once. Takes maybe 20-30 min, but better than restarting the whole chapter. I never got hurt. And you can't do much wrong, as the game auto re-spawns you before the Chieftain can hit you.

    Video clip where you can see me hitting him twice:!1207&...

    -Also this way I only had 1 Chieftain to spawn. No idea why.
  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m3903,570
    25 Apr 2016 25 Apr 2016
    10 2 8
    For those of you (like me) where the achievement counter is stuck at somewhere between 80 and 95% (even though you've completed every level with each character without dying), try replaying the levels you did coop, or the ones you did solo (depending on whether you did most of them solo or in coop).

    Reason I'm saying this is, because I just found out the hidden requirement of this achievement:

    You have to complete all levels with Haakon, Karlsnor, Scarlett and Avalon without dying in coop OR solo. My achievement counter was stuck at 95%, and I replayed all the levels in solo, apart from the two boss fights with karlsnor, I did these in coop. After replaying the last boss fight (1-5) in solo without dying, my achievement unlocked. (This was the only level which I did not completed yet in solo with karlsnor without dying.

    There's 5 levels (1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, and 1-5). 1-6 does not count towards this achievement. It is also not really a level. Depending on what your achievement counter is stuck at, you can calculate how many levels you need to redo. Each level with 1 character is 5%, meaning stuck at 90% equals redoing 2 levels.
  • PoiaPoia363,379
    02 Jan 2016 02 Jan 2016 07 Jan 2016
    9 11 6
    Only for local co-op or solo co-op.

    I played with my beloved boyfriend (under torture) and I can confirm that the person who want the achievement must necessarily play with all the characters.

    But play cooperatively makes things a lot easier, also the character used by the guest will gain experience. The guest must not log-in with is profile. And must not die

    We played 4 times:
    1) Avalon & Haankon
    2) Scarlett & Kralsnor
    3) Haankon & Avalon
    4) Kralsnor & Avalon

    The first joystick (host) must play with each one of the 4 heros, while the guest can choose who he wants.

    In the fourth game, after freeing the village, I get the achievement, without having to play up to 1-6.

    Thanks to @ShotyMcFat
    You can play in solo co-op, and use the second pad to defeat the boss, while you put your first pad in a safe position. This can be really helpful for karlsnor.
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