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Update 14.5: Operation Cryotic Front

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Earn Battle Pay from 5 unique Invasions

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    MOD EDIT: - From the comments and is confirmed 'Looks like they changed the description to now read "Earn battle pay from 5 unique invasions." Should be obtainable now.'

    Battle pay is a specific type of currency (it is still credits) that you can get during limited activities.

    I know of two specifically, but if there are more let me know and I will update this solution.


    1.) Dark Sector Conflicts

    Dark Sectors are nodes on a planet that are typically controlled by a clan. You can find them everywhere, and are marked with the clan's icon.

    When that dark sector is in the process of being overthrown by a rival clan, it becomes what is known as a Dark Sector Conflict, and you will be asked to choose a side (either defend the current clan, or assist the rival clan). Many times, either clan may give you a monetary incentive to join their side of the fight. Whatever you earn from this conflict is considered Battle Pay.

    Personally, I got 90% of my battle pay done with 3 rounds in a Dark Sector conflict (the pay was 30k wink). Also note that you can kill two birds with this method and get this achievement as well (unless it glitches on you, which it is infamous in doing):
    WarframeDark SectorsThe Dark Sectors achievement in Warframe worth 68 pointsComplete 5 missions for a Clan that then wins a contested Dark Sector.

    2.) Infested Invasion Nodes

    Randomly on any planet, nodes will be come "infested". When this happens they will turn green, and give you a reward for completing them 3 times. Sometimes the reward will be some unique material, but other times it will be in the form of Battle Pay (typically ~25k). Do those missions 3 times (they have a counter on them, starting at 0/3, so you can keep track of how many you have done. Once you hit 3/3 you are golden), and then patiently wait a few hours for a message in your inbox.

    Once you receive the message, then the Battle Pay is delivered into your cyborg-ninja hands. Do not freak out if you complete the missions and you did not get the Battle Pay. I repeat: Do not freak out if you complete the missions and you did not get the Battle Pay. This is not a glitch, it is the reward mechanism for the infested nodes. You just need to wait for the message in your inbox and then the credits will be transferred to you.

    And for those of you that do not know, when I say inbox, I mean your Warframe inbox (cn_start --> Communication --> Inbox).

    If anyone knows of another method of receiving Battle Pay, please let me know in the comments and I will update this solution.
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