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Update 14.5: Operation Cryotic Front

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Without a Hitch

Complete a Hijack mission without allowing the payload to travel backwards.

Without a Hitch0
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Achievement Guide for Without a Hitch

  • misfit119misfit119870,346
    13 Mar 2018 21 Oct 2014 15 Feb 2015
    40 8 17
    UPDATE 12/20/2014 - Apparently Update 15.6, which should be the next patch, will introduce a level 23 - 25 Hijack mission on Europa. This should be MUCH easier to win than the ones on Ceres.

    UPDATE 2/15/2015 - The newest update has brought the lower level mission on Europa and this is a much easier mission than the Ceres ones as expected.

    I don't have this achievement because I keep getting stuck with randoms who are terrible at life. However I have managed to almost solo this mission a few times so I figured I'd share some tips for it.

    Firstly Hijack only appears on Ceres as of this writing (update 14.7). That's way at the end of the game so you're going to either have to work hard for this one or get someone to bring you there.

    Secondly the way this mode operates is somewhat odd:
    - First you must hunt down a Fomorian Power Core through the stage. Once you do so you'll activate a console to get it moving along the tracks.
    - To get it moving people must stay close by to allow it to drain your shields as an energy source. Thus prepare to have low or no shields. However don't bring a low shield warframe or you risk it running dry completely at a really bad time.
    - While you're escorting the core it will generally outpace the Grineer. Unfortunately it stops at checkpoints along the way which allow them to catch up and spawn on the other side of said checkpoint door. If it gets damaged too much it will be destroyed so you must kill them quickly. Your shield will recharge while you wait.

    Even if someone brought you here as a low level Warframe you can still help out. The following are just some tips for newbie types:
    - Mag is a great help here since Shield Polarize keeps your health up while charging the core continuously. Spec for high range and efficiency so you catch more people and it's cheaper.
    - If you didn't choose Mag, Excalibur and Volt can be tweaked to have fairly high shields especially with a decent level Redirection.
    - Another great suggestion is a Loki specced for very high power efficiency and then run around spamming Radial Disarm. Enemies can't shoot the thing if they don't have their weapons so you can leap around, disarming people as you go and not necessarily worry about having to kill them all.

    For higher level characters you have a few more options:
    - Raksa Kubrow can recharge your shields with their Protect ability. They'll also distract the Grineer troops but run the risk of getting downed in the middle of a group, forcing you to either ditch the core or the kubrow.
    - On the same token a Sentinel mod called Guardian will allow your shields to be recharged when they empty. Note that the the boost is only really useful if you can get it to level 2 or more.
    - Shield Restore or Team Shield Restore consumables are an obvious boon.

    Hope this helps and if you have any questions or comments just post and I'll do what I can to help clear it up.
  • YearmanYearman182,123
    27 Mar 2015 28 Mar 2015 28 Mar 2015
    15 0 1
    This can be done on Sorath, Europa. A Shield Osprey Specter is most helpful, you can get them from Cephalon Suda for 2,500 reputation points. The mission is pretty straightforward, just deploy the shield specter, stay close to the rover and shoot the attacking enemies. I've completed this solo with my level 30 MAG. Here's the video:

  • Ne0N PrimeNe0N Prime586,192
    11 Oct 2016 11 Oct 2016
    11 0 3
    As of October 2016, with the Silver Grove update, this can be done on the Mars hijack mission - Tharsis. I easily soloed the mission using a max rank Excalibur with a rank 10 Dethcube companion. Enemy levels are 8-10 and once you reach the rover there are really only two groups of enemies to deal with. The first group of enemies will be the most numerous and give you the most problems. You do not have to clear them all. Kill the enemies that you can while trying to keep some shields. Concentrate on staying alive and moving the rover forward as often as possible. Be aware that the rover can never leave your control. The achievement is voided if the rover turns red, rolls backwards, or Lotus tells you that you have lost control. When your shield drains run away from the rover a short distance to recharge. You will not have enough time to completely recharge your shields. Once shield reaches 200 jump back to the rover to continue forward. Half way to the extraction will be a second group of enemies. Most of them are shielded and I basically ignored them as I focused on advancing the rover. If the rover takes to much damage you will fail the mission. However in my play through I never noticed the rover taking any significant damage. After that it is just a slow advance to the extraction. Lotus will continue to give you warnings which you can ignore so long as she does not tell you that you have lost control. Achievement toast should pop as soon as the mission ends.
  • Royal SnowWolfRoyal SnowWolf339,824
    17 Nov 2014 15 Jan 2016
    6 2 0
    You can do this on any Hijack mission just make sure you have high enough shield, or play as Trinity/Trinity Prime jump up on it and use Blessing then you get your shield back, if you get low, use Energy Vampire and kill the target.

    The last option is to send me an message on Xbox Live and i run the mission with you
  • Ex6Ex6244,063
    10 Sep 2016 22 Apr 2018
    3 0 0
    This is super easy if you have decent Inaros. The mission decays health instead of shields (that Inaros does not have).

    If anyone needs help with this achievement, message me on XBL and I will carry you through the mission in no time. :)
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